Junior Horses to Watch for 2011: Smashs Jaded Lady and Kasey MacInnes

Kasey MacInnes and Smashs Jaded Lady had their ups and downs during “Jada’s” 4-year-old year, but when they were hot, they were hot. Trained by the great hand Tausha Schneider, Jada is becoming a consistent force in the Penn-Ohio Junior Horse standings. The mare’s quick, slap-back style and free running nature set her up to be more than just a great junior horse but a future open contender. Watch this video of Kasey and Jada, then learn more about this duo in Kasey’s own words below.

Kasey and Jada wrap a second barrel at Simmons Equestrian Center last summer.


What is your horse’s name, age, and bloodlines?

Her papered name is Smashs Jaded Lady, but it’s Jada for short. She was born May 30, 2006. As of January 1, 2011 she is considered 5 years old. Her daddy is Royal Smash, who is out of Easily Smashed, and her momma is Pines Rosey Diamond.

How did you come to own this horse?

I got out of riding for a couple years, and when I was able to get back into it, I knew the Schneiders were the people to ask if anything was for sale. When I purchased Jada, she was owned by Bill Skipper, but being trained by Tausha Schneider. I tried her out one day at Simmons Equestrian Center and bought her a week later.

Did you do all of her training?

No. Tausha Schneider trained Jada. She had her running about a 16.6 down at Simmons at the age of 3.

At what age was she started?

Jada was started on barrels at the age of 3.

How soon after starting her did she start working on the pattern?

Tausha started working her within days of getting Jada, and started hauling her different places within 2 months of training.

What big problems did you face in her training?

I don’t really have any problems with Jada. I think the biggest thing is her and I clicking and working as one, which hopefully happens this year. Once we are together completely, I think we will be quite the team.

What is her best attribute?

Jada is a sweetheart! She has so much love and she is quick on learning. And I think thats what I love best about her, is she wants to learn and knows what I’m asking for quick.

Which barrel is her best?

That’s a funny question, Haha. Since I’ve owned Jada (July 09) I would have changed the answer to this question three times. Right now, I would have to say her first barrel. Her second and third are nice too, but I need to work with her just a little more.

What bit do you run her in?

At first I ran her in an O ring and then a junior cow horse bit. However, now I am using a loomis gag bit and I LOVE how she is working in it right now.

What headgear (martingale, tiedown, etc.), if any, do you run her in?

I do not use any head gear on Jada. She doesnt need a tiedown and I’ve always thought tiedowns slow horses down because they can’t stretch out completely. Occasionally I will use a martingale on

Kasey and Jada before a show this summer, sporting a Cowboy Couture headstall from Bar N LLC.

Jada during training.

What exercise has helped her most in her training?

This past winter I’ve worked more on getting control of her body. I pretend I have imaginary poles set up in the arena and make her bend each way. I think that’s helped a lot. I also trot circles around each barrel separately to get ahold of her head.

How many days a week do you ride her?

Now that I’m going to start getting her in shape, I will try to ride her everyday, or at least five days of the week. I am boarding at Simmons Equestrian Center, so it’s nice to have an indoor pen to work her in.

How many days a week do you work the pattern or school barrels of any sort?

Probably three times a week. I usually don’t do more than a lope. And there are also days where I do the barrels out of order and just work with her on each one.

Do you do anything else, other than barrel racing, with her?

No. I’ve played around with poles on her, but I’ve never really been interested in them.

What are your goals for this year?

My goal this year is for Jada and I to become a team and become more consistent. I would also really enjoy placing in the Top 5 Junior Horses for the Penn-Ohio Barrel Racing Association.

Of the pens you run in Penn-Ohio, which is your best pen with this horse?

I would have to say Simmons Equestrian Center, but I board there so I consider it my home pen. I also liked how she worked at Armstrongs Saddlery Arena.

What other horses have you had success on?

I rode many different horses growing up. Seipers Creek, Encores Trick, Jets Smash Em Up Doc and Thinman Theodore. Each one of them gave me a different experience and I learned something new from each of them. I was most succesful on Thinman. I purchased him from Troy Crumrine, and him and I became quite the team. In 2004, we were I.B.R.A Ohio State Youth 1-D Champions. I also won the buckle at Tri State Boot and Saddle Club that same year in the youth. In 2006, we discovered Thinman went navicular and he was not able to run anymore. He is now owned by my shoer Ben & Tammy Clark.



5 thoughts on “Junior Horses to Watch for 2011: Smashs Jaded Lady and Kasey MacInnes

  1. Congrats on Applying yourself to what u Love! Keep up the Great work & Continued Success!
    ~ Sweet Al Freeman~ Barrel Racer~ Red Bluff,California~

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