Megan Yurko’s WBRC Preparations

Planning for one of the biggest events in barrel racing history has its challenges. Read below to see how Megan Yurko is preparing for the WBRC finals in Perry, Georgia, less than two months away.

What are you most looking forward to about this experience?

Meeting new friends and having fun!

What will your game plan be for the month leading up to the WBRC?

Well, my game plan will be to keep things routine and get Beea in the best shape I can. I just started her back 4 or 5 weeks ago so we have some work to do, she’s pretty heavy!! We may also try to enter some IPRA rodeos.

Do you think Team EAST has the horsepower to win?

I think both teams are equally stacked, it should be a great competition.

Do you think your horse will like the arena in Perry, Georgia?

Beea has done well everywhere we have taken her. She was furturied by Karla Arthur and rodeoed some by Amber Mostoller so I don’t think the ground will be an issue. Anytime we have not done well it has been my fault.


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