Junior Horse to Watch for 2011: Smashed At Noon and Amber Warren

Last spring we introduced you to Amber Warren for her win in the Fast Times series at Buckhorn Ranch in West Sunbury, Pennsylvania. This year, she’s aboard a 5-year-old gelding who she drove thousands of miles to bring home. They got a late start getting together, but they’ve been turning cans since late summer 2010 and are ready for an explosive 2011. 

What are your horse’s name, age, and bloodlines?

This year I have a 5-year-old gelding by Royal Smash out of Zippos Lady Wendy. His name is Smashed At Noon. I call him “Cool”.

How did you come to own this horse?

I got this horse from Tiffany Dornan. I liked his half brother (Smashed By Noon “Ernie”) so well, I made the drive to Texas to pick him up.

Did you do all of his training?

I got Cool last spring as a coming 4 year old, and unfortunately he was put on the back burner until mid-summer of 2010. I had my boyfriend, Johnny, mess around on him last June to see how he handled, then I took over. So far, I have done all the barrel work myself.

At what age was he started?

I believe he was started at 3. When I brought him home from Texas in March, we didn’t mess with him right away. We just took things slow. I wasn’t sure how far along he was. It was about a month later, he was trail ridden a bunch before really asking him to do stuff.

Cool was started on the barrels as a late 4 year old.

How soon after starting him did he start working on the pattern?

When I took over riding him in July, It was probably 2 months before Cool saw the barrel pattern.

What big problems did you face in his training?

I haven’t faced any major problems so far. He is still a colt, so a few bumps in the road are to be expected. Lol.

What is his best attribute?

What I love about Cool is his personality. He is such a sweetheart. Very smart. I show him something once, and he’s got it. He’s pretty neat.

Which barrel is his best?

He seems to be working all 3 barrels pretty well right now. His 1st barrel is pretty fun!

What bit do you run him in?

Right now, I work him in an O-ring.

What headgear (martingale, tiedown, etc.), if any, do you run him in?

I use a loose tie down.

What exercise has helped him most in his training?

I make sure he keeps on his rear end. I believe thats pretty important! I like to do some rollbacks to keep him snappy and do some exercises to give me his face and moving off my leg as well.

How many days a week do you ride him?

He gets rode maybe twice a week.

How many days a week do you work the pattern or school barrels of any sort?

I slow-work the pattern once a week. I don’t like to make any runs during the week, that is what I feel the shows are for on the weekend. It’s fun when you can see that all your homework has paid off!

Do you do anything else, other than barrel racing, with him?

Trail riding, and I’ve sorted cows on him.

What are your goals for this year?

My goal is to have fun and be competitive!

Of the pens you run in Penn-Ohio, which is your best pen with this horse?

I would have to say Buckhorn and Blue Lakes. Those are the only two pens so far that I’ve really asked him to work.

What other horses have you had success on?

I have had success on a few good horses. Convenient King “King” was my awesome youth horse. He won me a handful of belt buckles in Ohio NBHA. Texas Highsocks “Dallas” who won me some jackpots here and there and qualified me for Nbha Open World in 2006. He sadly started having feet problems and was diagnosed with navicular after that. MWS Rock My Zipper “B” is my mare. She finished Top 5 for Penn Ohio in Junior Horse this past year. Smashed By Noon “Ernie” helped me win a belt buckle last spring. Jammin Sportsbar “Cliff” was pretty awesome to ride last year. He won me 3 belt buckles and a top ten finish at the Congress in 2010.


3 thoughts on “Junior Horse to Watch for 2011: Smashed At Noon and Amber Warren

  1. Awesome amber!! I love that him and jada are brother and sisterrr! And I didn’t know cool was ernies half brother. That’s neat!!

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