Videos of the Top 5 Riders of 2010

March’s issue of Barrel Horse News listed the Top 25 highest earning riders of 2010. The top five, Jolene Montgomery, Lance Graves, Kassie Mowry, Marne Loosenort, and Chris Coffey, all ran multiple outstanding horses in 2010, and each had at least one recent dynamic run captured on YouTube. So, without further adieu, here’s your barrel racing eye-candy for the day.

1. Jolene Montgomery on Return of the Bully, Cowboy Capital 5D 2010

2. Lance Graves on Famous Silk Panties, WB Ranch Futurity 2010

3. Kassie Mowry on Missjbrunninwithfire, Pac West Barrel Nation Tour 2010

4. Marne Loosenort on Zero Spirit Jet, NBHA World Championships 2009

5. Chris Coffey on No Pressure On Me, Sho Me Futurity 2010


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