Ready for Summer?

I don’t know about all my friends in the Northeast, but I know for sure I’m ready for summer to roll around here in Colorado. I can’t complain – the weather has been in the 60s here lately, but I’m going to be greedy. I want 80s, sunshine, swimming pools, and non-fuzzy horses. It used to be that I’d look forward to rodeo weekends on the lake at McHenry, Maryland, and barrel races at Crooked Creek Horse Park in Ford City, Pennsylvania (where there’s a reservoir to swim in).

Now I’m looking forward to being poolside after working horses all morning to beat the heat. (That is, when I’m not in a cubical working.) So I’m still drooling over all of Cowboy Militia’s bikinis, getting my hair highlighted bright blonde to get me out of these winter doldrums, and vigorously shedding out my mares.

Who else here is ready for summer? What show are you most looking forward to this summer?


(And to my friends in the working world, remember, it’s 5 o’clock somewhere!)


2 thoughts on “Ready for Summer?

  1. I am soooo ready for summer, although here in Sol Cal we have been hitting the 70’s so thats not an issue, its dealing with the winter blues like you have and Im in the same boat. I used to hurry up and wait for the weekend shows now I want to just go to Havasu Az and sit in the water and sizzle.. lol. Been working out to get into pre-bikini shape and cant wait to be able to ‘fit’, or ‘back’ into an old wardrobe.. lmbo.. :o) Thanks for the ideas, and stuff. All my horses are almost sheded out fully, I ride like you in the early am to beet not the heat, but to beet the wind. about noon the winds kick up here and its not fun to ride in when your eating all the dirt (or realestate as we call it) blowing in all directions. Have an awesome day and I LOVE this blog.

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