Weekend Review: On the Road with Dawn and Clea: Reality Run Arena, Delaware, Ohio

We’ve got a huge week in store here at The Barrel Racing Blog, with all-local weekend reviews, Junior-Horse-To-Watch updates and one big-name interview! We’re kicking things off with one of your favorite segments, On the Road with Dawn and Clea! Hear these two ladies’ hilarous take on all-things-horse-show!

Well Chels, it has been awhile since we have last wrote to you and The Barrel Racing Blog. We have been on barrel hiatus since Thanksgiving. We have made a couple of trips to friends in Oklahoma in a snow storm and made it back home safe and sound. We took a trip to Key West to escape the winter blues and had a blast. It was a great escape but we certainly were ready to get back to our home with the kids – not the snow though – And this weekend made us remember our passion: Barrel Racing.

So we arrive at Delaware, Ohio, on Saturday morning the 12th of March and the place is packed. Everyone is parked on the south end of the property because of the mud and standing water. So we have the little rig at this show and find parking with no problem.

Exhibition is getting started so we unload, roll on down to the arena on the north end of the property for a couple of exhibitions and only to find some one is lookin a little stuck in the mud – Now think about this: In the past 2 weeks we had 17″ of rain but yet Brad Shirey thinks he can get his single wheeled DODGE RAM – YES DODGE RAM – with his 6-horse trailer and rather large living quarter trailer in tow through the property where NO ONE ELSE is parking. The closest is about 50 feet from him. As he has his foot to the floor and mud is flying everywhere there are about 4 horses tied to trailers that are literally at the end of their rope when Matt Boice happen to be getting some of that Shirey Mud on his rig as Brad was heatin’ up the Dodge with his foot to the floor.  Brad merely stated “Don’t worry that is just collateral damage.0”  None the less he was all smiles as he got through the swamp, His wife Jenna and baby girl Nina stood back in NON AMAZEMENT as she said “That’s Brad!”  Nina will be doing the same someday I am sure.

We put the horses up from exhibition and went in to watch some runs and visit with friends we have not seen for sometime.  It was nice to see everyone out and about on a beautiful sunny day and see some faces that we had never seen before but hope to see again.

We spent the early afternoon chatting the The Phillip’s who were there only to have their little girl run Pee Wee and have Terri (mom) say (after her daughter gets around the third barrel safely) Denim it is a times event!!  The Boucher’s Heath shared his fries and Sara was looking as cute as ever, as always. The Hall’s who only came to visit had no horses but as always were a hoot to talkt to. Jackie “The Bullet” Dotson who was there to visit and help in the announcers booth (she did a great job of course) Mrs. Payne (Hey where was Mat?) who was kind to video Clea’s run on Channing that was great even with a bad first – once she gets that first barrel look out Brad Shirey and you Henning girls!  The Henning’s – well we visited with Joel and cheered for the kids. Of course Regan was her charming little self and Morgan – The good child was there!  They all had great runs!   Frank and Jane – remember use the spurs on that big red horse – LOL  Matt Boice as usual is always nice to see!  The Shirey’s Jenna and Nina were looking great and Nina is getting so big. The Hefner’s were home from Florida and Rene was rockin and rollin on her 4-year-old Bella!  Scott was there “our food connoisseur” just as handsome as ever and a bit healthier since his heart surgery . We are certainly glad that Rene takes good care of him. Clea missed him. Then there was Ross “The Hound Dog” Sovich, He absolutely made our day. Oh the stories that man can tell…

We loved seeing everyone and we hope 2011 will be as great as this first show!!

So we think well, this is an uneventful wonderful show we had the horses unsaddles getting them loaded and THEN from out of nowhere there comes a Little Bay Horse all saddled and ready to run EXCEPT — No bridle or rider.  So right behind him was Eddie Gibson chasing down his horse.  Some of you may remember Eddie from the Henderson Arena and running Tom Cox up on the fence not once but 3 times……. So we got a chuckle out of that and knowing we are sure to see Eddie, his horse and the wiffle ball bat in 2011.


What show did you attend? (Who sanctioned, etc.)

Reality Run Delaware, Ohio, March 12, 2011

IBRA Approved

What was the competition like? Big names there?

Honorable – There were some great runs for the first spring show.  Brad Shirey – Regan Henning – Morgan Henning and some others we did not know.

How was the warm up pen?

A little one that is attached to the arena  They opened the arena up for 10 minutes before each class for warm up because of the mud outside.

How was the alleyway?

Good – long enough to get going to the first and enough to get stopped straight.

How was the parking?

Lots of it – Wet this day but so was everything from all the rain we have had.

How was the ground?
GREAT!!  It was consistent and ideal for any horse.

How did the show move along?

Moved right along. Stopped exhibition on time to get the show started on time. We were out of there before dark   There were 91 horses in the warm-up and 100 in the 4D with a good number in the other classes as well.  NICE NICE TURN OUT.

Your overall impression of the arena/conditions/vendors/food/etc.

Great place – Ground was great – There is a concession vendor there each time that has great food. Of course we always talk to our food connoisseur – Scott Hefner – On a scale of 1–10 we give it an 8.5  They had a photographer there, which was great to see at such an early show. It is great to get to take those memories home in a photo.

How did you do?

We each ran the 4D and had nice runs for the horses being off since November. Thanks to our personal videographer we had our runs taped and you can view them on our Facebook page. (Yes Clea finally has one.) You know, if you are bored or something! LOL

Well we are headed to WB next weekend – we love that pen. We hope you have enjoyed our “On the road with Dawn and Clea” for the start of the year.  We hope you all enjoy this as much as we enjoyed our day!

Until next week – Clea and Dawn


7 thoughts on “Weekend Review: On the Road with Dawn and Clea: Reality Run Arena, Delaware, Ohio

  1. Great review of the show at Reality Run. The show was great because of the work put into it from the owners. I hope Brad remembers it is the owners (Darla Frake and Billy Fling) who have to fix the ruts. His actions were thoughtless and inconsiderate.

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