A Trailer-Load of Great Ones

Yesterday you met Bert Thompson and got to know how she became one of the most dominant riders in the region. Today, you’ll get to meet and watch videos of some of Bert’s amazing mounts. You’ll learn their styles, their attitudes, and much more.

Talk about the current horses you’re running. How are they bred and how old are they?

Currently, I am running Shesa Huricane Bay or “Amber.” She is an 11-year-old Quarter Horse mare, who is out of Cassidy Brookhill and a mare called Shesa Gooder. She has been my most dependable and honest horse. Week in and week out she gives her all, which usually ends up well for us. She has many accomplishment to go with her.

Shesa Hurricane Bay

I have next Special Justice, a 5-year-old gray Quarter Horse stallion that we are standing. He is out of Special Leader and a daughter of Judge Cash. He placed at the Congress and won the WV IBRA State championship this year!


Special Justice

Next on the trailer is Rarely Blue or “Blue.”  She is a 7-year-old Quarter Horse mare by Justins Rare Fuel and out of a One Slick Mare. She is the only left-handed horse I have right now. She has been a very solid mare for me this year taking the NBHA Ohio Reserve State Championship, won the New Years Spectacular and was 3rd at Congress in the Senior Barrels.


Rarely Blue

Next is AAA Right Turn a 5-year-old Quarter Horse mare who is out of a stallion called Rare Jet Jimmie, whom is Amber’s half brother and our Cash Treat mare that placed at the Congress.

Next is Rollin Honor, a 12-year-old gelding by Bugged Honor and out of a Truckle Feature mare. He is a very solid 1D horse who has placed at Congress three times. *He is for sale along with others!

Rollin Honor

The rest of the horses that get to go are usually colts. They are sired by Vf Moonfire, Special Leader, Confederate Leader, PC Mannywood.

Talk about your current horses’ styles. What types of pens and ground do they like, and what are the biggest challenges in running them?

Amber has a drop style. You hold her square in your hands and release her when you get to the barrel. It’s a little more front ended than most, very fast, and pitches you forward which can be difficult at times.

Blue has a stand up style. She plants her butt and scoots around a barrel. It’s very smooth and honest.

Special Justice uses his his whole body and really wraps a barrel.   He is 16.1 hands but can maneuver himself like a 15 hand horse.

My horses tend to have a drop cutting horse style. I like for them to use all of their body. Traveling a lot allows them to be able to adjust to different types of ground. They get very sure-footed and comfortable with themselves.

You won the Congress in 2009 aboard Amber. Was that the best run she ever had? If not, tell us about her best run.

The Congress run was not Ambers best run, although it was pretty good. She stepped by the first a little but really snapped the next two. Her best run was probably at Circle G when she won both go’s of  the IBRA State Championships.

How long did it take you to get with Rarely Blue?

Rarely Blue was very easy to get with.  I believe the 4th time I ran her I ended up 2nd in the Ohio State Finals.  She’s a very worky mare that allows you to trust her easily. You just have to be able to follow and maneuver with her.

What young horses do you have that you think will be tough in the coming years?

I have a Special Leader filly I like real well. So we will see how she progresses. We have some nice prospects coming up but it’s hard to tell at this point.

What are your plans for running in 2011? What big shows will you go to?

I will head out to Circle G for some of their big shows, the NBHA and IBRA state shows, some futurities, OKC World, and some local shows.


5 thoughts on “A Trailer-Load of Great Ones

  1. Bert is the greatest daughter and rider . Bert also trained my horse Whistle Me Sunfrost who placed 4th at Congress last yr.

    • She’s great to work with, too! And she’s helped me figure out problems with my own horse, too. You’ve got loads to be proud of Autumn!

  2. I have known Bert since she was a “kid”. Great, great girl and Autumn and George made her that way !!! Wonderful to see her getting the publicity she deserves !!!! Yes Jeff Michaels you too !

  3. I’ve never met Bert, but have seen her run her horses, and they are impressive. She’s a great rider, and it looks like there are lots of positive things going for her in the future. These blogs about her have been very interesting!!

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