Update: Silver-Lining Herbs Review

I’ve been testing Silver Lining Herbs’ #29 LCR supplement since mid-January, and I’m excited to tell you about my experience with the company and its product.

I’ve said it more than a few times – I have a mare that has gut issues. We’ve struggled with them for the better part of a year. I’m lucky to have folks who want to have their products tested, and every time I get a new supplement in for testing, my mare improves. My problem is that I’ve been inconsistent, and haven’t kept her on one supplement after my testing period has been over – you know, the woes of being 23 and not exactly made of money!

So, when Chance at Silver Lining Herbs approached me about using his supplement on my mare, I jumped at the opportunity. Chance explained to me that I should switch my mare to oats (from SafeChoice), an option that was the more natural route for her gut. He also explained that LCR has in it herbs that will fight the bacteria in her ulcers and that will help soothe her stomach irritation. At this point it was mid-winter, and my mare’s coat was very dry and dull, and I was getting worried about her overall condition.

Here’s what Chance told me about the herbs in LCR:

Cascara to help with digestive activity

Chamomile to help relieve intestinal stress and promote circulation

Goldenseal as an antibiotic and anti‐ulcer agent

Licorice root as a tonic that works specifically on intestinal ulcers

Marshmallow for it’s soothing and mucilaginous qualities

Myrrh to clean and heal the stomach

Pau d’Arco as an antipyretic

Plantain as a diuretic to help eliminate the toxins through the urinary tract

Rose Hips as a healing aide and stress deterrent

Shepherds purse to regulate the bleeding

Slippery Elm to coat and soothe the intestinal tract as well as help with healing

Yarrow as a tonic and to smooth and tone the muscle.

I switched my mare  to oats, and my LCR arrived a week or so later.

Within two weeks, her demeanor had totally shifted in our daily workouts. I’ve always had to be very careful when loping and schooling barrels with her. Since she’d been off her other supplements I’ve tested, she had gotten worse – she’d throw mini fits and get hot.

With the LCR and feed switch, I was amazed. I’m not going to say I’ve seen miracle results, but I can say for sure that her personality has changed and she’s gotten much more “chill” in general. Her coat has also gotten shinier and her mane and tail are healthier.

As for going into the pen, we’ve been working for a year at limiting her opportunities to act up going into the pen, and with her personality change she’s gotten better about that, too. We still don’t flat-footed walk into a pen, but we aren’t taking 30-40 seconds to get in now, either.

Overall, I’ve been thrilled with the results. I’m looking forward to continuing (I promise this time, I’m budgeting for it!) to use Silver Lining Herbs products, and I truly look forward to working with the company’s reps for great advice on my horses’ overall nutrition.


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