Billie Ann Sexton: Making It in the PRCA

Two years ago we all got to know Billie Ann Sexton, who at the time was 17 and living in Destin, Florida. She was coming off a

Billie Ann and "Frenchie"

go-round win at the IFR, and was already a dominant force in youth barrel racing.

She told us then that as soon as she turned 18, she was hitting the road to fill her PRCA permit, with an ultimate goal of qualifying for her first NFR. Over the next three days, we’ll learn how Billie Ann’s plans are going, where she is, and what all-star horses she’s hauling right now.

When we first interviewed you in 2009, your goal was to get your PRCA permit when you turned 18. How is your progress towards that goal?
It went as planned, I bought my permit and filled it within a few rodeos.

What horses are you currently running (name, age, bloodlines)?
Dash A Miracle – “Barracuda” is a 10-year-old gelding by Dash for Cash and a Streakin Six mare.
A French Dozen – “Frenchie” is an 8-year-old that is an own daughter of Frenchmans Guy.

What is it about these horses that makes them tough rodeo mounts?
They both have an exceptional amount of try and love their job, which I think is the #1 factor you want in a rodeo horse.
Why did you relocate to Texas?
I have always wanted to move to Texas. Its “Horse/Cowboy Country” and that’s where a girl like me needs to be.



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