Billie Ann Sexton on Mental Toughness in Texas Rodeo

Imagine  you show up to weekend jackpot, pull  your horses off the trailer, and see 10 NFR qualifiers saddling their horses at their own trailers. The thought is intimidating, but it’s a site that Billie Ann Sexton sees week in and week out as she adjusts to life in Texas. But intimidated Billie Ann is not. Today you’ll find out how she adjusted her mindset to already become a rocking force on the Texas rodeo scene. Plus, she’s making a name for herself as a trainer capable of transforming young horses into consistent performers. (Email her at for more training info!)

What differences are there in the rodeo/barrel racing life in Texas?

There are barrel races every single night of the week within 30 minutes of where I am living in Texas. In Florida you can’t find any jackpots or rodeos in the middle of the week.The rodeos aren’t spread out as much as they are in Florida, which saves a lot in diesel. Also, there are many more entries at each rodeo.

How has the competition changed?

It’s gotten much tougher. In Texas everywhere you go no matter if it is a barrel race, amateur, or pro rodeo, there will be multiple previous NFR qualifiers. In Florida you don’t see much of that.

What have you had to adjust in your mindset before a barrel race?

My mind set hasn’t changed much. Just a little more aggressive in every run.

What are your goals for 2011?

I would like to win Rookie of the Year for the WPRA, but that is a big goal to achieve. I am just going to see how things keep going and go from there.

How often do you run your horses?

I try to pick and choose where I run by the arena condition the horse prefers. One horse can get ran 1-4 times a week. I have given Barracuda 2 months off because most winter rodeos are smaller indoor coliseums and he prefers outdoors with deep ground. So hopefully he is rested up for the summer rodeos. Horses deserve breaks.

Who helps you the most with a training question?

Lacey Donegan or Dallas Dewees

What is the greatest lesson you’ve learned since moving from Florida to Texas and running at bigger rodeos?

No matter what the conditions are go for first. If you don’t, you won’t be in the money.


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