Kickin’ Off My Favorite Things: COWBOY MILTIA

You probably could have guessed it – I definitely wanted to start off my week-long party of giveaways here at The Barrel Racing Blog with some of my best friends in Western fashion, the great people at Cowboy Militia. We’ve been working with them almost as long as The Barrel Racing Blog has been in existence. This company stands for everything that rodeo and barrel racing stand for: Competing to Defeat, no matter what the odds.

This year, the company has rolled out a new logo, loads of great new hats, a line of jewelry, bikinis, and lots of more awesome tops that Cowboy Militia has made its name designing. The company’s line of bikinis has sold like crazy, with a uniquely Western but still modern and fashionable look.

Not only is Cowboy Militia one of the hottest young national brands, the company is also a huge supporter of the Western lifestyle. From sponsoring top rodeo athletes to promoting emerging musicians, Cowboy Militia can’t seem to go wrong. Their awesome customer service and innovative fashion puts Cowboy Militia firmly in my Favorite Things. Learn more about the company through the words of CEO Jason Trosper and Warehouse Manager and Accounting Extraordinaire Kristen Oakley. Then, find out how to win a t-shirt or hat sent straight to you from Cowboy Militia!

Cowboy Militia has grown a lot in the last few years. What has sparked the growth?

Cowboy Militia's Armour Women's Tee

We noticed a need for a cross over action sports brand in the Western market in 2004. We fill that void.

What does the Cowboy Militia brand represent?

The core ethics of the American Cowboy are about honor, heritage, and tradition. It’s about being the best you can inside the arena and outside the arena. Compete To Defeat!

Tell us about the inspiration for your newest logo.

Action sports has influenced the Western market in a big way. We wanted a logo that would be accepted in any sport. Little known fact: The original logo was created on a napkin by CEO Jason Trosper.

What is the inspiration behind your 2011 men’s and women’s line?

We wanted to integrate the new logo with our original logo – the new logo is geared toward youth as well but is school friendly

What are the goals for the company’s growth?

We want to continue creating apparel for the customer that carries the Compete to Defeat attitude. No matter what life throws at them, they always give it all they have.

You’ll soon be coming out with Trevor Brazile’s line of Relentless tees. Why do CM and Trevor Brazile go so

The Fallen Angel Bikini

well together?

Trevor is truly a living legend; his core values have made him the champion that he is. Trevor exemplifies everything that Cowboy Militia stands for and was founded on. Life is about working hard for what you believe in.

What types of Western events does CM sponsor?

Horse shows, bull riding, cutting, roping, barrel racing, country music.

How does your style fit into the lifestyles of barrel racers across the country?

Barrel racers are competitive, and work hard at achieving their goals.  Cowboy Militia represents that lifestyle of hard work and dedication.


Now, what you’ve all been waiting for! You can win a shirt or hat from Cowboy Militia by answering this question below in the comments section beneath this post. You might have to look back in earlier editions of The Barrel Racing Blog to find the answer, but we’ll start with an easy one to kick off the week. Remember, subscribers who answer the question correctly are entered twice to win! You’ll have until midnight EST tonight to comment, and we’ll announce the winner here at 10 a.m. Tuesday morning! We’ll use to draw the winner.

Question: Which barrel racer claimed both the IPRA Barrel Racing Championship and Rookie of the Year honors in 2010? (Hint: After her big win, she did a multi-part interview here on The Barrel Racing Blog!)


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