Tana’s “Favorite Things”: MAXX SUNGLASSES (Plus, Yesterday’s Winner!)

Yesterday’s winner was someone who knows Verily Six Bugs pretty well – Laura Lee Thomas’ longtime friend Teresa Quay! Congrats Teresa, I’ll contact you to set you up to receive your new polos from Bar N LLC!

From time to time here at The Barrel Racing Blog, 3-time NFR qualifier and BBR World Champion Tana Poppino stops by to update us on her trials and tribulations on the rodeo road. So when I was putting together my Favorite Things Week, I thought it would be great to find out her favorite accessory for life up and down the road. Her pick: Maxx Sunglasses.

“If you ever put on a pair, you’ll never want to wear another brand,” Tana says of her favorite sunglasses. Maxx Sunglasses, who helped sponsor Tana in her successful 2010 run to the NFR, are made for the rodeo lifestyle, Tana says.

“They’re inexpensive, but I’d match them against any $200 pair. They aren’t too tight, and they never leave marks on my nose,” Tana says.

A relative newcomer to the Western industry, Maxx Sunglasses are a perfect fit for cowgirls living an active lifestyle. Tana tells us that on cloudy and sunny days, Maxx Sunglasses’ HD lenses help her see better when working horses in the arena. And when Tana’s exercising or even making a run on her two powerhouse geldings, Amigo and Goose, her Maxx Sunglasses stay put on her face.

The Sol from Maxx Sunglasses

So enough from Tana and me about our Maxx Sunglasses: Now see what the company itself has to say about entering the barrel racing industry and how it’s products are a great fit for the rough-and-tumble rodeo lifestyle.  Then, answer the question at the end of the story to win a pair of Maxx Sunglasses of your choosing!

When did your company begin, and what was the driving force behind the creation of Maxx Sunglasses? How has the company grown since its creation?

Maxx Sunglasses was established in December 2004 in Colorado, starting out in yellow tents and trailers on street corners and growing into what Maxx Sunglasses is today. Maxx Sunglasses is in over 10,000 retail stores across the country, with the mission of providing an extraordinary lens at a great value.

Why are Maxx Sunglasses a good fit for the barrel racing industry?

Barrel racers are out in the sun working with their horses or driving long distances, so good eye protection is vital. Our HD lenses cut glare and harsh light, which will cause eye strain and fatigue. Maxx Sunglasses also have many styles and frame colors, so you are sure to find a pair that fits you and your personal style.

What are your hottest selling sunglasses?

Our best selling styles are the Cinco, GT, Storm and our newest style Sport is very popular.

The Sport from Maxx Sunglasses

Who designs your glasses?

Sunglasses styles and colors are chosen by Bret Milner.

Barrel racers can be a rough bunch – we spend a lot of time on the road and working hard. How well do your sunglasses last to a grueling, hard-working lifestyle?

Our sunglasses are high quality and unlike the higher priced sunglasses, it is not a tragedy to lose or break your pair of $19.95 Maxx Sunglasses.

What are your goals for the company’s future growth?

We enjoy working with the markets we already have established and discovering different markets where there is a need for affordable quality sunglasses, such as the Western industry.

What are your plans for growth in the Western industry?

We enjoy working with the western industry and there has been a real need in many stores for affordable quality sunglasses, so we should be growing within the Western market for years to come.

Now, what you’ve all been waiting for! You can win a pair of sunglasses of your choosing from Maxx Sunglasses by answering this question below in the comments section beneath this post. You might have to look back in earlier editions of The Barrel Racing Blog to find the answer. Remember, subscribers who answer the question correctly are entered twice to win! You’ll have until midnight EST tonight to comment, and we’ll announce the winner here at 10 a.m. Thursday morning! We’ll use random.org to draw the winner.

Name any one of The Barrel Racing Blog’s “Penn-Ohio Junior Horses to Watch for 2011.”


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