Adding a Little Color to My Favorite Things: GYPSY TAILS (Plus, Yesterday’s Winner!)

Beth Penland is the winner of our Maxx Sunglasses! Beth, head over to and pick out your favorite style, and email or FB message Chelsea with your address and favorite style!

One day, I was zipping around Facebook (as I so often do : /), and I saw one of my friends added something called “Gypsy Tails” as a friend on Facebook. I clicked on it to see what Gypsy Tails were, and pretty soon, I had sent the link to every other horse-loving girl in my office. Within minutes, we were all obsessing about which colors we wanted to put in which horse’s tails, the next event we could wear them to, and how, just how, we’d get a hold of some of these awesome tails. 

Before the day had ended, I’d spent 2o minutes on the phone with the fabulous Amber Ebers, the mastermind behind the colorful phenomenon that is Gypsy Tails. I got myself three “poppin’ pink” tail inserts that totally rock on my black mares, and I got a batch of tails in to sell to my friends. From my friends that run barrels to my friends that do eventing, we all love Gypsy Tails!

Even NFR qualifier Angie Meadors (who rode a Mulberry Canyon Moon, trained by Ohio’s own Troy Crumrine, to three NFR go-round wins in 2010) loved her Gypsy Tails when she rocked them at the NFR last December.

Now only today can you get a $50 gift certificate for any Gypsy Tails of your choice! You’ll work directly with Amber to come up with your very own awesome Gypsy Tail creation. Just answer the question at the bottom of the post in our comments’ section!

Where did the inspiration come from for Gypsy Tails?

In Hair School we had a hair extension class – it spurred an idea. With my horse show background, the light bulb turned on and then I just kept playing with different extension ideas until I reached where I am today.

When the company started, who was buying your tails the most?

Mostly barrel racers.

Were you expecting this idea to grow like it did?

Not at all! Every day, I am very grateful. I enjoy meeting all the great people that cross my path along the way.

Now, who buys the largest percentage of your tails?

Barrel Racers, Drill Teams and Rodeo Queens. Trail riders that want some fun when they ride have also become great customers!

What Gypsy(s) do you have selling your tails in the Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia areas?

I have a lot of girls selling all over the United States.  Chelsea Toy (at The Barrel Racing Blog!) and Amber Warren are from that area and know that region the best.

Of all the Gypsy Tails you’ve ever made, which has been your favorite? (What was the color, combination, design, etc.?)

Each day I make new designs and each day I like that one the best! But, I am always attracted to the bright bold ones; the ones with the most stripes, the ones that are tie-died or the zebra tails…..

What has been the most exciting moment for your business so far?

I have two moments that stick out. First is getting to be in the Horse & Rider magazine because as a kid I always read that magazine. Telling my family that the magazine was featuring Gypsy Tails was pretty exciting! And second, was Angie Meadors using the tails at the NFR. While watching it on TV, I called my sister at midnight every night… we both screamed every time we saw them! WOW that was FUN!!

What are your goals for your company for 2011 and beyond?

We have a lot of fun new ideas that I am excited to see unfold. A new website is in the works, and new designs and color. Our custom orders are always so creative, so you never know what could come up next!

Now, what you’ve all been waiting for! You can win $50 worth of Gypsy Tails by answering this question below in the comments section beneath this post. You might have to look back in earlier editions of The Barrel Racing Blog to find the answer. Remember, subscribers who answer the question correctly are entered twice to win! You’ll have until midnight EST tonight to comment, and we’ll announce the winner here at 10 a.m. Friday morning! We’ll use to draw the winner.

Who owned owned Congress Sweepstakes Champion Story Tellen Flower before 8-year-old Regan Henning?


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