Finishing It Off Right: SILVER LINING HERBS (Plus, Yesterday’s Winner!)

The winner of yesterday’s JR Wenger Custom Tack headstall and reins is Michele Dibert! Congrats Michele, I’ll contact you to get your address.

This is the last installment of my Favorite Things, and we’re finishing it off with a bang. If you remember, I recently wrote a product review of a Silver Lining Herbs supplement I tried on one of my mares, and the review was great. So I contacted Chance Schuknecht, distribution manager at Silver Lining Herbs, to see if he’d like to be a part of my Favorite Things week, and he jumped right in. 

Chance represents a company that is truly dedicated to keeping horses healthy. The representatives for this company have an all-around understanding of equine nutrition, and they’ll spend the necessary time with you teaching you about how to optimize your horse’s health and in turn maximize her performance. With years of experience in the industry, Silver Lining Herbs has become a trusted partner to some of the top barrel racers today – including WPRA World Champion Sherry Cervi and Brenda Mays who pilots Jethro, 2010 AQHA Horse of the Year. Read on to find out what the team at Silver Lining Herbs can do to help your horse feel great and work great, too.

When was Silver Lining Herbs founded, and why?

Silver Lining Herbs, the business, was founded over 10 years ago by Mickey Young to help the horse and dog, although the Silver Lining combinations have been around for over 30 years.  Mickey’s Father, Lavern Young, was a cattle rancher and range rider for the Bureau of Land Management for over 20 years. Lavern grew up in close proximity to the Navajo Indians, from whom he learned a great deal about medicinal herbs and their beneficial uses for both human and animal. All of these life experiences came together to form a commitment to seeking health naturally, a commitment shared by Lavern’s wife Ruth Young, who became an herbalist in her own right, respected throughout the community for the quality of the herbs and advice found at her store.

Growing up on his family’s ranch, Mickey saw firsthand the powerful effects that herbs can have on humans and animals, and learned how to blend the right combinations to support various systems in the body. When he became a rodeo champion and then rodeo stock company owner, he applied his knowledge of herbs to over 200 head of horses and bulls, and proved the effectiveness of his choices over and over again as they remained healthy high performers in the face of a heavy travel schedule. Mickey was so successful in keeping his stock in optimum health that he provided over 60 head of rough stock to the National Finals Rodeo.

Now retired from the rodeo stock business, Mickey still team ropes, and works to build Silver Lining Herbs. The next chapter of Silver Lining history is being written now, as daughter Shayna has taken the reins as CEO, and new growth opportunities arise. But wherever the future takes Silver Lining, you may be certain of one thing: providing the best possible resources for natural health will always come first. Every horse and dog deserves to have the best health possible, and that’s what Silver Lining is all about.

Why are Silver Lining Herbs particularly helpful to the barrel racing community?

Silver Lining Herbs are very helpful for barrel racing horses as they support the horse to have a healthy body.  Herbs are the purest forms of vitamins and minerals and the easiest assimilated at the cellular level.  Therefore, the horse recognizes our products as food and they go to work right away.  Silver Lining’s product line has products for every issue a barrel racer might see with their horse from our #32 NoLasix that would support a bleeder to our #39 Endurance that supports the heart and lungs of a horse.

If someone has a question about which combination of herbs will be best for their horse, how can he or she reach Silver Lining Herbs for help? How will you evaluate each horse’s needs?

Silver Lining Herbs has a Health Hotline, 866-543-6956, that is there to help the horse and dog owner match the proper products with the issues the owner may be facing.  You can also go to our website, and look through our horse issue and product reference chart. We know if you put the right products with the right issue you will see positive results 100% of the time.

What is your best-selling product?

Our best selling product is our #37 Kidney Support. We believe this is because of the education we have given to the horse community. One of the jobs of the kidneys is to cleanse the impurities out of the water system and assist in blood purification. If this is not happening those impurities have to go somewhere else, like the joints, muscle fibers, tendon fibers, attach to a bone causing deposits, etc.  Therefore, a horse could benefit from our #37 Kidney Support if a horse is stocking-up, tying-up, sore over the loins, has arthritis, calcium deposits, hard time collecting itself, hard time stopping, is running past a barrel, milky urine, and the list goes on.

Which professional barrel racers do you sponsor?

We are very proud of the barrel racers we endorse. Especially the fact that we had Benda Mays’ horse, Jethro, and Sherry Cervi’s horse, Stingray win AQHA Horse of the Year and Reserve AQHA Horse of the Year respectively. Both these horses have been on Silver Lining Herbs since birth. Their success, soundness and health is no accident. We also have Add Waddell, Sheena Robbins, and recently signed Cassie Moseley to our team.

In what ways do you give back to the barrel racing community?

We are always supporting trying to support barrel racers with sponsoring several barrel races across the country.  Additionally, we are educating barrel racers on a more common sense way of approaching horse care by holding seminars at barrel races and barrel clinics.

What are your goals for the growth of Silver Lining Herbs?

Our goal from the beginning has been to help the horse and dog.  We know that we can’t change the life-death process, but we can make the quality of life as good as possible.  Silver Lining Herbs believes we can achieve the highest quality of life by providing high quality natural products free from chemicals. Also, we are constantly working to make it easier for our customers to get our products through their local retailers, as we are stocking new dealers weekly throughout North America.

Silver Lining Herbs recently launched a line of new gels to help improve your horse’s health. One for arthritis, one for tendons and one called Peak Performance, you can win your choice of one of their new gels by answering this question below. I’ll draw tomorrow morning for our final winner of the week!

Question: Comment with the title of your favorite story from The Barrel Racing Blog’s archives.


20 thoughts on “Finishing It Off Right: SILVER LINING HERBS (Plus, Yesterday’s Winner!)

  1. what if you dont have a favorite I think all the blogs Ive learned something from each and everyone.Education with horses is so important and the day you stop learning from others is the day you should give up riding.I think you can never get enough knowledge and you can take from each and everything you learn and apply it to yourself and your horses.

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    I LOVE GYPSY TAILS! so glad you found them, because if not, i wouldnt have!

  3. Want to know the story behind 8 year old Regan Henning? What a great post to share with my 8 year old. She really enjoyed it

  4. I was a fan of the” Junior horses to watch” series. 2011 Penn Ohio…

    I have been using Silver Lining for years what a great product line and Mickey Young is a wonderful person!

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