On the Road with Dawn and Clea from the MVP Show at Circle G

MVP Show – April 8, 9 and 10. Over $7000 added and Awards!  Saddles – Brent Puhl’s Photography – and Jackets!

Well Chels wish you were in Ohio for this one!  Simply put “Nice Show!” This show was a great way to start the show season in Ohio and for those of you who missed it… We hope to see you at the next MVP show!

Troy Crumrine and Hoosier Fame were the big winners of the weekend. | Photo by Puhl's Photography.

Friday morning starts us out early as we are rollin’ into the show in the big rig! Clea is driving and I am riding shotgun on this trip, three dogs in the back seat and 4 horses following behind. And away we go…

We pull in about noon and see that there is a lot of parking (Thank God) to start we head to the right when we pull in but stay clear of the “Preferred Parking.” Mr. Heath Boucher is the king of that parking area, and we did not want to upset “The King.” We get all unloaded and everyone settled, get the rig parked, the awning out and the slide slid!  We are ready to ride – right after Clea has a Coors Light of course!

The trailers start rolling in one after the other and a good turn out is evident. We kick our feet up under the awning enjoying the beautiful weather and our neighbor Jackie Dotson and Renee Hefner sits down for a little visit. Then Troy Boy (you will here more about him later) stops in for a beverage while perched upon his steed. It is so nice to have great weather and great conversation to start the weekend off right.

It’s that time to get the horses ready to get warmed up to roll on in there tonight for the first big run of 2011. We are stalled by Roger “Mouse” Gibson who is always great to see, talk to and watch ride. The Wyants (Charlie & Renae) from Pennsylvania were across the aisle from us with Renae’s smokin’ roan Blue and the best little stud you could be around SHF Kiss This “Newt” that Renae’s daughter (Bailey) rides and rides very well. Charlie and their son were there for moral support, videographer and overall help.  Mari and Morgan Guido (you will hear more about Morgan later) were around the corner.

We had a blast sitting with The Hefner’s, Kelly and Jesse Meeks, Mari Guido, a new acquaintance Mickey Brown, The Henning Family, Jackie Dotson, Nancy Adkins and whomever we may have forgotten. We love to cheer (some would say yell) for everyone running the cans.  There are 2 that come to mind immediately.  Kelly and Troy. They are like Reba there is no need for last names but for those of you who need that…

Kelly Bowser and Troy Crumrine. The riding skills of these two men are never ending. All the young riders should take advantage of being able to watch 2 superstars in the barrel racing world right here in our backyard!

Kelly Bowser can turn the first barrel and look right at the stands smile say hello and fly to the 2nd round it fly to the 3rd round it and wave on the way home and still win a barrel race! The man has skills and that is talent! Good lookin’ talent too!

Troy Crumrine can pick up the first barrel that was sure to be a knock stay upright round the 2nd head to the 3rd at a high rate of speed and turn on top of the can with his inside leg on top of the barrel and win the barrel race! Both are beautiful to watch and deserve all the respect for their accomplishments in their careers.  If you have a chance watch them run and enjoy!

6:30 PM and the show is ready to start. We are both up early and after all our runs all went well. No knocks, good times and now we just have to wait for all 190 horses to see if we stay in the money.

The food booth was awesome. MVP took over the food both for the weekend and our own food connoisseur Scott Hefner gave it the thumbs up! We enjoyed a taco salad – it was delicious.

It was great to see The Hall’s at the show on Saturday. Steve and Tana both had great runs and came in the pen to win the barrel race! Great first show out guys!

Rene Hefner was feeling a little frustrated this weekend with her new horse Bella but by Sunday she was riding like a champ and we think her attitude change was much needed and showed with her improved riding and keeping the cans up no matter what… Now of course Clea and I felt the need to help her at the 3rd barrel.  So as we are in the barn we hear her name being called and run like crazy to get to the 3rd barrel (both of us out of breath) so that Rene will ride past it and not tip it.  The entire time before her run we are telling her we are going to do this she is saying, “No you don’t have to be there, that is fine you will distract me.” As usual we don’t listen and we are there waiting for her. As she rounded the 2nd we are yelling, “Right here, Keep riding, All the way!” Rene is coming at a high rate of speed eyes like saucers and she makes it around the 3rd.  We are stoked – but still out of breath – We get to the warm up pen and she is “Girls I almost went off OMG I was watching you two. We said “You looked great you were fine, AND THE BARREL WAS UP!” And she did!! It is just the beginning of the season Rene! You will shine in 2011!

The Henning Girls were there to take home some money. Morgan had a little trouble here and there keeping up the barrels but on her run at the finals I told her I would be at the 3rd barrel like we were for Rene and get her around it. She pulled it through in the finals to place and took home some cash. Reagan was right behind her in the finals to get some cash as well. Both of the Henning girls are the future of barrel racing and they each have 2 horses that can blow the timer up at anytime as Morgan showed a Ruggle’s Arena the week before by winning the Open on Famous Corona!   Morgan is showing with all her hard work and persistence she is a force to be reckoned with in 2011.

There were some western Pennsylvania/eastern Ohio people in for the barrel race.  MacKenzie Miller and Deena Fries were there along with Chris (Kinzie Grandma) it was such a pleasure to see them and we were so excited to see how Kinzy has grown and improved in her riding. Cannot wait to see her this year and watch her grow with her horse.

Kelly Jones and friends were there for a weekend of barrels.  It was wonderful to see her out and see her friends with her after the loss of her father “Jack Schweiger.” Personally he was one of the best men I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. If you did not know Jack you can read “A Chip off the Boulder” at www.pennohiobra.org for a sense of who this man was to his daughters and friends.  He will be sadly missed but never ever forgotten.  Thoughts are with you Kelly and your family.

Eye Catcher of the show is…….

BARBARA JIMISON on MISS SECRET MEMORIES.  Barb won the open on Saturday night and was 3rd in the finals.  She made a name for herself in Georgia at Southeastern Arena in February this year by winning the $10,000 Open. We are sure she will be making marks in 2011 that we would all be proud of. Great job Barb ­– keep up the great work, you are a joy to watch run the cans.

What not to do…….

If you are sober as Pope John Paul or 3 sheets to the wind you probably should not ride bare back into an open arena after the barrel race on a horse that has only been to a few shows and then dare someone to take off the halter……That can not end up good oh wait it did not.  If you happen to see Kelly Meeks and want a play-by-play ask how it felt to hit the ground running then have to ride Sat and Sun. We are sure Black and Blue will be in his story.

Word for the week – this is another new item!

This weekend Clea learned a new phrase…….Making time.

How it was used: We are at our stalls and from our own Scott Hefner, Clea hears him say, “I was making time with your woman” as he walks away she looks at me says “whatever that means” I giggle and tell her what it means, she says, “That must be an old saying,” I quickly stop the giggle and feel old. Being 39 ain’t easy. (Editor’s note from Chelsea: Dawn, you’re alone on this one, I don’t have a clue what making time means either!)

The Review

Competition:  TROY, TROY, TROY need we say more….. He was a superstar for the weekend and we loved to see him do so well.  Here are a few other teams that were there to watch and see who was going to win…

Troy and Hoosier making a winning run at Circle G. | Photo by Puhl's Photography.

Kelly and his steeds, Nancy and Critter, Morgan and Famous Corona, Reagan and Vote for Chicks, Barb and CC, Sarah and Happy, Janet and Digger, Stevie and OJ, Paige and Jet, Renae and Blue, Bailey and Newt, Morgan and Cowboy and many more ………………

Everyone loves to see these teams run and if you have never seen them look for them in the future.

At the FINALS everyone was running into the first barrel to win that race. The 120 that ran the finals were excited from start to finish. Right down to the last team of Bailey and Newt. Congrats to Troy for winning it all and to all who placed.

All in all the ground was great, the food was delicious, vendors Nikki Cowden, Bar N L.L.C  www.Bar-N-LLC.com had great items, Brent Puhls Photography was there and provided the photos for us in this write up………..Circle G is always a great place to show. Dennis will always have the ground safe for horse and rider.  Thank you all who are there for us barrel racers.


As an additional point we must add a word about putting on shows and appreciation.

The show was put together for the barrel racers to come enjoy their passion and hopefully be the one to take home some money and if lucky awards. But of course the most important thing is that we all leave for home the way we came in healthy and safe.

Dawn and Clea send a big THANK YOU to the MVP Staff for a great show! | Photo by Puhl's Photography.

MVP Management puts on these great shows not because they are just awesome people but obviously as a business to make a profit.  They keep our fees as low as possible and the added money abundant. Here is a prime example. Circle G charges $35 a stall for MVP. MVP charges us the barrel racer $40. There are no processing fees and if you did not pre-enter the late charges were very minimal as opposed to other shows. So you do the math……Oh and did we mention the $1000 a day arena rental?  They are not making much for all they do and for all the added money. So when you are complaining about this that or the other thing please remember people…THEY DON’T HAVE TO PUT ANY SHOWS ON! Also if you have never put on a show and have no idea how much goes into it PLEASE keep your complaints to yourself.

What is your thought on this?

How far would you travel for a 4D or 5D barrel race with $5000.00 added money.  That is $5000.00 added to one barrel race not over 2 or more classes?   Please comment below.  Your input is appreciated. We will see you all at WB or Reality Run on the 23rd!  Stay dry and enjoy the sunshine when it is out!

Until then “ Get your pet spayed or neutered!”

Clea & Dawn


8 thoughts on “On the Road with Dawn and Clea from the MVP Show at Circle G

  1. Great review and great point about “THANKING” those folks who work so hard to put on shows. If not for these folks we would have nowhere to run. THANKS MVP staff and all those who try their best to put on barrel racing shows !!!!

  2. The MVP show is one of our favorites of the year. Great show review. I couldn’t agree more about Kelly and Troy. Troy attends most of the same shows as we do, and I am constantly amazed by his riding abilities. He and Kelly keep making winners year after year. Barbara Jimison and her Mare are running as tough as it gets. I realized at the MVP show that when Barb gets her run,the rest of us are going for 2nd!

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