On the Road with Dawn and Clea from Wauseon, Ohio

I’m always so thrilled when Dawn and Clea stop by with a review! They are busy ladies, so I’m so grateful they take the time to write show reviews for everyone. Tonight I’ll post this review from two weekends ago, and tomorrow night we’ll have their review of the Waynesburg, Penn. show they went to this past weekend. Enjoy!

May 6-7, 2011  Fulton County Fairgrounds OGBRA Spring Spectacular!

Well Chels, it is is another wet day in Ohio on this 6th day of May 2011, but we are seeing the sun shining through so we are hopeful for this trip to Wauseon, Ohio, that the weather Gods will have a little mercy on us the rest of the day.

Big Rig is loaded and out the drive with the 3 kids (Kisses, Clet and Stuck) in the backseat and the other 4 in the trailer. Running the big road in the big rig seems to be this year’s theme. I am Nelly Navigator again as Clea or Betty Bigrigger as I call her has become pretty comfortable driving the rig!

We are headed to the The Spring Spectacular in Wauseon, Ohio, at the Fulton County Fairgrounds. We were there last year and really like the show and the ground so were happy when we saw we would be able to get a chance to run there again. This is a Friday Night and Saturday show – love running at night!

The fairgrounds are off of Exit 34 of the Ohio Turnpike – you can not miss it. We however almost turned to soon. Traveling without a map (no we do not have a Garmin) and going only by memory, we almost took the exit before we should have however……….my swift navigation skills directed Betty Bigrigger back onto the turnpike in the nick of time to get to the next exit. I have however downloaded Google Maps on to my Blackberry for future emergency use.

When you get off the exit you can not miss the grounds. Lots of area to park and a couple of entrances for getting onto the grounds. We wheel in like we own the place and of course do the parking prayer of “Dear Baby Jesus let us find a good place to park and get the rig in without looking like a fool – Thank you Baby Jesus!” Prayer works everytime. Let me hear an AMEN!!

We get parked and just step out of the truck and this gorgeous black Ford comes rolling in with this blue eyed handsome gentleman…Oh it is Scotty to Hotty our food critic. He is letting us know about the stalls (that were really nice) and giving us the scoop on where they are. THANK YOU SCOTT! We get unloaded and walk up to see what is going on at the entry booth and sign up for exhibition. Along the way we see Renee who is ALWAYS nice to see.

The sky’s are not looking so good. The parking prayer worked but the weather Gods were not as forgiving. A chill hits the air and the rain storm moves in. Everyone runs for cover under the covered arena and we all make it in the nick of time. The winds blow and the rain is pelting all of us but it only last for a short time and then the sun resurfaces and everyone is a little happier.

Matt Boice is there for the evening and not sure if he will make it back Saturday (but he did with Julie and his adorable kids) but it is always so nice to see him. Amy Riley is there with her horse Blue and of course her pooch. Our neighbor lady (Gayle) was a sweet lady and loved the dogs. Stuck was showing off his “you can not catch me skills,” which he has gotten really really good at.

We see that Blue eyed Scott again and he tells us he has already been to the food booth – which was located in the entry booth –see where this is going – and that they have GREAT popcorn… they also have a chicken soup that would make your grandma cry. Ms. Lorain Rupert with the help of her wonderful husband Mark made a great homemade soup. It was a chilly evening so it was the perfect food for a Friday evening.

Lisa and Kelly Bowser were there for the weekend. Kelly was looking a handsome as ever. Strayer Saddle Company was set up and had some beautiful tack and items for sale. We met John Strayer and his wife this weekend and it was a pleasure. Mark and Lorain Rupert were also new to us. Mark or as he is known “Rupert” was kind enough to provide us the a little Keystone Light and some good comic relief. We hope to see him and his family again soon!

Word(s) for the week

No new words in the works this weekend. Although I did teach Clea a little CB Lingo on the drive out. Breaker 19 how bout a radio check. Breaker 19 how bout ya east bounder Breaker 19 anybody know the location of the Kojacks with a Kodak! Gina Murdick will tell you of my CB savage abilities! LOL

Eye Catcher of the show is…….

Lisa Bowser and her daughter Cheyene. They were consistent and a joy to watch. Lisa’s poise and riding ability has diffidently been handed down to her daughter. Lisa won the Open Friday night and was in the top on Saturday! They are a pair to watch always and in the future.

The Review

Competition was tough. This show was OGBRA approved and put on by this association. These gals come to win. Penny Baker and family, Kelly Bowser, Matt Boice, Jeff Myers were there as well to name a few.

With 110 entries in the Open the Winner of the big added money 4D was BARB JIMISON and her great mare CC. She had a smoking run and took it all!

Randy and Jan Colson took care of the ground and getting the arena ready. The ground was good. Friday it was a little slower –we thought – then on Saturday but all in all they did a good job. They had barrel setter and the announcers kept the show moving quickly.

The food – there was not much there BUT they did have a local place to get pizza delivered, and the food that was there was AWESOME: Thank you Mrs. Rupert.

The vendor Strayer Saddle Company had great items and great deals and worked with you on pricing. They will be at the Circle G Arena on the 20-22 for the NBHA 03 Money Maker Show! We missed Brent Puhls Photography this weekend.

The Fulton County Fairgrounds is an awesome facility. Large outside warm up pen, lot of places to ride and then the covered arena and warm up area provides ample area for puttin on a great show!! The stalls are nice and big. They are safe and lots of air flow. If you are looking for a new place to to show we would recommend this place. Thank you all who are there for us barrel racers.

We got in had 8 runs no knocks and 2 checks. If that Barbie girl would have just stayed in the 5’s we may have had a couple more! LOL. She was awesome, and we are so proud to be able to see her run!

If anyone ever wondered if lovin’ on your horse and becoming your horses teammate ever pays off, I am going to answer that with this person’s opinion:

This weekend Barb Jimison ran her 15.400 to win the class! After I observed her cooling out her horse, giving her treats, loving on her as if to say “Thank you – Thank you for doing so well for me.” I am a bit sappy as it is, but that made me think about how if more people would just take that extra minute and a little attention to their arena teammate, they may have a better day at barrel racing. These horses work hard for us!

We think that warming up and cooling down your horse is so important as well as making sure you give them that extra little treat to say THANK YOU! Making sure they have ample water after a run and all day when tied to the trailer or in a stall at the show.

What is that EXTRA SPECIAL THANK YOU you do for your horse? PLEASE COMMENT BELOW!!! Your input is greatly appreciated.

As always thanks for reading the blog and thanks for everyones thoughts and comments. They are appreciated. And THANK YOU TO CHELSEA TOY for allowing us to write about these shows! We love it! (Editor’s note: Of course I sincerely thank Dawn and Clea for all they do for The Barrel Racing Blog! None of us are making a dime from this, so it’s great to have awesome volunteers to keep this blog up and running!)

We are off to Waynesburg PA this weekend for another new arena for this dynamic duo.

Until then “ Get your pet Spayed or Neutered”
Clea & Dawn


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