On the Road with Dawn & Clea from Waynesburg, Penn.

May 14, 2011 Greene County Fairgrounds IBRA-approved show put on by Lora White and crew

Well Chels it is is another rainy day in Ohio on this 14th day of May 2011 (does that sound familiar?). Big Rig has new wipers THANK GOODNESS as we needed them all weekend. The weather this day was about as rainy as we have seen. This left us wondering at the end of the night – drenched to the bone – Why did we drive four hours in the rain to go to a show where it was to rain all day??? Hummmm, why we ask? Because it is what we do, it is what we love, it is our passion! Barrel Racing.

The fairgrounds are off of Exit 14 of the Interstate 79 in Waynesburg, Penn. Lots of area to park but of course it is all on a slope as it is Pennsylvania. We wheel in and Mari Guido is there to welcome us to her home turf. She jumps up on the Pete hangs on to the drivers side door and rides the running board to our parking place. Of course we do the parking prayer of “Dear Baby Jesus let us find a good place to park and get the rig in without looking like a fool – Thank you Baby Jesus!” Prayer works everytime.

We let the dogs out and of course they run like banchees. Stuck has become a little devil to catch when we are on the road. If anyone sees us in the future trying to catch him, feel free to help out. We get the dogs rounded up and we are hustling for exhibition and of course the rain starts. We round up the four horses and head to the arena. There we find lots of room for the horses to be undercover because of the rain and plenty of places to tie your horses IF that is something that you wanted to do.

We see a few people that we have not seen in awhile and a lot of new people. Bert Thompson was there with seven head of horses along with her mom. She was to say the least a busy busy girl. Her mom ran the seniors and although she caught the 3rd barrel she looked great on her horse. Betty and Billy Krindle were there for the show and Betty looked great as usual and Billy’s colt had a beautiful run with a few boggles and had a 14.6 with a 14.1 winning it. It was great to see Tori Becker and also Dee Hanna at the show. Dee’s horse Scoot is almost back to where he was before his illness and that is a wonderful thing. Shirley Blauser was there with her nice horse Honor and as always she was looking and riding great.

We had our young horse Homer there for the first time at a show and exhibition was a little bit of a train wreck for him. We thought good Lord we have Homer entered in the Warm up this should be good. So Homer is in the warm up and we’re thinking Homer’s run will be a waste of $10, then he actually went in and worked great. He is a 4-year-old gelding that is broke to death. He has a great pattern on him and is starting to add more speed. Oh and he is FOR SALE!

Eye Catcher of the show is…….

Shirley Blauser and Honor. This part is not really about a 1D team or a certain level of team. This is about the person or the team who you should take a minute and watch run or stop and say hello to. I personally have known Shirley for about six years and Clea has had the pleasure of knowing her for about a year now. In the time I have known her she has always been an inspiration to me and the more Clea knows her to her as well.

Anyone who knows her knows she will tell you like it is if you ask her and sometimes even if you don’t (please see below). But rest assure if you ask for her opinion and she gives it to you DON’T be pissed that it is not what you wanted to hear. She will do anything for you if you ask and she is capable. She is ALWAYS dressed to impress and as Clea tells her “Ms. Blauser You look HOTTT!”

Here is a little Shirley story for ya: (One of many I can tell you and one of just a start that Clea will be able to tell you in the future.) This particular show after I ran Sparks “The Goldenboy” and pulled over the 3rd barrel as I came out – not even with time to catch my breathe – she says to me as riding by on her horse, ” That was all your fault!” As I wanted to pull her off her horse and pull her hair I politely said, “YES Shirley I FREAKIN’ KNOW!” but I did say it with a smile. So as she was running her run in the same class she to pulled over the 3rd. Clea yells “Mrs. Blauser that was your fault!” before she even crosses the timer line.  I bellar, “Shirley that was all you!” She was laughing the whole way out. I said, “See payback.”

Of course I then go in on KC Jane 10 horses later and loose my reins headed to the first barrel and pull over the 3rd. Again payback! What comes around goes around! We all had great runs in the Open!

We were talking about our draw numbers and Clea was draw 29 Clea said “My age” and Shirley said Yeah Right! Then my draw 54, is my age. We then go to talking about our age and riding and how long we will be doing this. Clea asked Shirley, “Did you ever think at this age you would be still barrel racing?” Shirley’s answer: “Yes I always knew I would be, as I plan on dying on my horse.” Clea replys, “Not today, right??” We all laugh and Shirley says laughing, “Nope not planning on it today.”

Her riding skills are better than many and she probably has forgotten more about horses and some of us will ever know. Not only does she run the cans but she has been known to run a pretty quick set of poles. She rides Honor, Change and still runs Skeeter if the other two are on hiatus. Oh and have we told you she is a mere 67 years of age!?

We love ya Shirley! Can’t wait to see ya again.

The Review

Competition was tough. Pennsylvania and West Virgina riders are out for blood. Although we can not list the names of the riders as we didn’t know alot of them you could tell who the favorites were when they went running in the pen!

With 138 entries in the Open the Winners of the big added money 4D are 1D Julia Castelli 2D Bailey Angelo 3D Mari Beth Guido 4D Jessica Dury!

The ground was safe but different throughout the show. Lora White did a great job of rounding up a great ground crew. Because of the facilities limited watering abilities they have to water the ground heavily at the beginning to hold through out the show, and that it did. So if you ran the classes before the open the ground was a little sticky versus running in the open where it got faster and lighter. We thought it was good throughout the entire show just not consistent. THANK YOU LORA WHITE and CREW for putting on the show.

The show moved along quickly and was well organized.

The food – although we did not have our food critic, Scott H, there the consensus is that it was delicious. It was all home and a good variety.

Nikki Cowden was there with all her great tack and items. You can see her exquisite items at www.Bar-N-LLC.com. She is always great to see!

The Greene County Fairgrounds is your average fairground facility . There is a track to warm up on and a large outside warm up pen, lot of places to ride and then the covered arena where the arena is had room to warm your horses up at a walk (ground in that area is hard).

We had 7 runs 3 knocks in the warm up class but came back in the Open with clean pretty runs no knocks. KC Jane had a smokin run with a 14.418 and a bad 3rd. She was 7th out of 138 ! They paid 5…..Oh well and this is why I work! Clea and Shawnee had a great open run for the first run in 2011 with a 14.8.


The showbill was a nice short and to the point showbill which was great. A short showbill has its drawbacks to though. If you want to run the Masters and the Open and they are back to back it might be a little too soon for your horse. This weekend we ran Sparks in both classes and in the Open he shut down a little which may have been caused but running him to close together. Our question to the readers are

What are your thoughts on the question below? Please comment on the blog below. Your input is important to us!

How many runs do you make a day on your horse? If more than one how long (minutes or hours) do you usually want between runs?

We are off to Circle G – always a great place to run cans – for the Money Maker NBHA Ohio 03 – If you are there say hello so we can get to know all of you.

Until then “ Get your pet Spayed or Neutered”
Clea & Dawn


14 thoughts on “On the Road with Dawn & Clea from Waynesburg, Penn.

  1. 2 runs in a day and 3 in a weekend are ideal,4 max.Usually by Sunday morning,our horses are looking tired.By the time they run their 4th run, it can get pretty hard to have a clean run.
    I love reading Dawn and Clea Reviews. I think they could have their own cable show like the WPRA barrel racing week in review. Coors Light could be a Sponsor. Dawn could showcase some of the great runs of the week and Clea could add her bleeping thoughts to the week that was.

  2. You are so right about Shirley but you have to love her!
    She is my “away from home” Mother and has been a super good friend to me! It was nice seeing her mentioned, she is one tough lady, and excellent rider! If I can ride half as good as her in my 6o’s, I will be pretty dang excited!
    Love you Shirley!

    Sorry I missed seeing you Dawn & Clea!

  3. Hey Girls, Thanks for the kind words but I really think you told a little more than was necessary. I liked the idea of people THINKING I was 54 rather than KNOWING I’m 67. Actually I had liked to keep people guessing but it looks like that’s all over now. Oh well, all good things must come to an end, huh????????????<3<3<3<3

    • Oh Shirley you know everyone thought you were 70 as your son has told everyone that! LOL If I were you I would be proud to say I was 67 and ride like a 29 yr old and look like a 49 yr old! You Rock girl!!

  4. You two are entirely too funny, always an amusing time. Joel, I love your idea especially if Clea can get Coors Light as a sponsor. Michelle, you didn’t miss me ???? I see how you are. Shirley rocks, no other way to put it, she is my hero !!!!

  5. hahah wooowwwzerssss! lol you two r crazy! As for Shirley damn girl you do look good and would you be called a GILF

    • Hey Nat, up until last weekend I didn’t even know that word existed. So with that said, I’m gonna have to say NO. LUV all the compliments though. And that’s ALL I’m gonna say. LOL!!! Hey Dawn, just remember “paybacks”. 🙂 🙂 Sometimes they can bite really hard. HEHEHE!!!! There’s paybacks and then there’s paybacks for paybacks!!Luv ya anyway!

  6. Chels,
    Dawn and Clea travel so don’t ever think you are toooo far away for them to visit or give paybacks !!!!!

  7. love your reviews_always good for a chuckle or two! Two runs in one day is my limit-like to have an hour between if possible. That being said, I’m all for the short, sweet and to the point show bill. I must be getting old (not quite caught up to Shirly yet!), but I’m all for having the show over with by 9 or so in the evening. Start on time and move along!

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