On the Road with Dawn and Clea from Circle G Arena in Lewisburg, Ohio

Circle G NBHA Money Maker 06 May 20-22, 2011

Well Chels it was another fine weekend of barrel racing. We almost didn’t go as it was not raining, the sun was shining, and we thought the world was coming to an end. Oh wait it was suppose to end on the 21st according to the prophet Harold Camping. However he has decided he miscalculated that day and it will be in October now, just in time for Congress–I wouldn’t rely too much on that. We think the Good Lord has everything handled and if you are right with him, you have NO worries!

We get rolling Friday afternoon with four horses, three dogs, one Nelly Navigator and one Betty Bigrigger. On the way to the show we both agree after all the trouble with Stuck (our million dollar puppy) we are going to get Kisses fixed and stop the puppy business before it even gets started. (Keep that in mind!) We roll into Circle G and as we turn down the driveway to the arena we see something in the distance, worried we look on…we thought it was a little smoky… but here it was Hot Stuff Hefner Cooking a kielbasa.

We pull in and check out the parking situation and knowing that it has been raining for 40 days and 40 nights (according to Harold) we back in so we can get out without issue if it rains. So we back in right beside the rocks that are to the right of the driveway when you come in­–yeah you all know the place a little area called the septic tank area–well let’s just say the area was dry when we pulled in, and by morning it was showing signs of little puddles, by noon we were in a swamp. Now mind you it was not sewage just water–at least that is what we are continuing to stand by!!!! So we untie horses, gather up buckets and move the rig to a better spot, better not great because four hours later we are in the Everglades. So needless to say we moved at the end of the night once some trailers pulled out and we were finally on dry ground. So we can tell you two places not to park at Circle G… Anywhere within 50 feet in any direction of the shitter rocks or one other place we got flooded (during the MVP show) was in front of the arena barn. All the water runs off from washing the horses down the cement wash rack right out to the driveway. So that is the parking advice from the peanut gallery.

Friday night was a little turn out about 35 in the class. We ran a couple of the young horses and called that good. Later that evening we gathered at our camping area (not yet a leech bed) and enjoyed some adult beverages with the likes of our own Matt Boice, Jackie “Hotson” Dotson, our favs The Hefners, Mike Phillips, Mari Beth Guido and Margaret Bookman. We did not have a fire but it was a nice night to sit and visit and enjoy the night. Scott order pizza, which was rather good. Later in the night we did hear Matt say, “This is cold,” (referring to the pizza) and “Hotson” Dotson replys, “It is getting chilly out here.” We love ya Jackie!

Jackie finally had an actual horse there to run the cans and not just sit on the fence with a million excuses why she was not running. She even got in the money on Friday night. Great riding and good job Jackie!

Nancy Adkins was there on Saturday with her hero Critter.  Always nice to see them and it was particularly nice to chat with Nancy about the whole futurity trainer and futurity game. Being in the business as long as she has it was an educational and entertaining conversation.

Justin Theodo was there on Saturday but did not have his smokin’ paint horse this weekend, he did however at the last Reality Run show had his paint horse and did win that open! We neglected the blog that week and therefore did not tell you how wonderful this young man did. It was a perfect beautiful run that won the class. Justin is a heck of a rider and in general a sweetheart. We also had the opportunity to talk to his grandmother. It was a privilege and if you ever have a spare minute to chat with Jody do so you will be entertained and learn more about our Justin T!

Justin stopped by as we were chatting about Impact wrenches, we explained we wanted to have one for “in case” we needed it along side the road. Scott, Justin and Bob Pitts were very helpful in all the knowledge of what two girls would need to have to change a tire on the big rig. Offering up their cordless tools for demonstration it was a race to see who had the bigger tool. Scotty Too Hotty was not the winner. Stop laughing Pitts neither were you.

It was nice to visit with Chris and Bob Pitts. We found our Kelly will be married in August. We are excited for her and her new guy. We were chatting with Chris about her work and she said that she could have either been a teacher or a nurse.  She looked at Bob crossed the swamp where we were parked and said “I thought about being a teacher but I went to school with Bob and if I had to deal with someone like that I would kill them”. We laughed…

Bob says, “Chris let’s go eat.”  She says, “Where are we stopping?” He says, “We are eating at the arena.” Everyone says, “WHAT?!” Needless to say the food booth at the arena is not exactly the place to eat and hear the words “That was good.” We can recommend the pie and macaroni and cheese. Scott the food critic agrees. On a positive note Becky Dixon did say her chicken salad sandwich was pretty good.

This is a little lesson in “Practice what you preach.”

It’s a beautiful Saturday and the trailers are rolling in so it’s looking like the show will have a nice turnout. We are at the trailer Clea, is around the back of the trailer watering the horses and I am inside straightening up when I walk out the door and about have a cow. I yell, “Clea Clea get over here!” I couldn’t believe my eyes–there was Kisses and Cletus locked up. I am in amazement that he was “locked” for that long, just then Clea comes around the corner and says “How in the &$@!!” Omg for the last year and a half the dog could not get the job done and this weekend wham!! Just as Clea says that and I let out a couple more OMG’s Kisses runs under the Pete and knocks Cletus to the ground. Ok so now we are laughing but only at that, not the fact that on or around July 16th we will have more puppies. They will be for sale. Renee H will be the first on to get one of these female puppies…….Put your order in now PLEASE PLEASE! So kids, lesson learned. Get your pet spayed or neutered!

We also had the pleasure of visiting with Eddie Gibson, which is always a joy. He thought he was educating us at the finer points of trucking but little does he know that Nelly and Betty are pretty educated on that subject. I think we educated him with a little here and there. But thank you Eddie Always look forward to seeing you.

Eye catcher(s) of the weekend

Well in this case one was the winner, one had a knock and the other had a smoking run–this is The Shirey Family. Brad, Jenna and Hanna. (Madeline and Nina will be catching them some day)

Jenna and Fashion ran a 15.8 but knocked a barrel. Hanna and Pierre ran a 15.9 but the Daddy (well hubby to Jenna) of them all and my boy Brad and Shrek ran a 15.6 to win the open.

This family is on fire right now. We all know the horses that Brad has produced in the past so it is no surprise to see him doing as well as he is but to have his wife and daughter right on his heels with such nice runs must make him very proud.

His horse Shrek is no ogre. When this horse was 4 he had a little accident with a snaffle bit being lodged into the top of his mouth causing him to miss the rest of his futurity year (he was sixth at Lance Graves futurity prior to this accident) and be laid up for sometime. It has taken over a year to get this boy back to running but it has been well work the wait. We look forward to seeing the pair run at Great Lake Nationals along with his family.

The Review

Ground is always great and Dennis and crew will always take care of everyone there. Entry booth was smooth sailing as usually with this crew.

Competition is fierce as it always seems to be at Circle G. Brad Shirey, Jenna Shirey, Hanna Shirey, The Hennings, Barbie Jimison, Rene Hefner among others.

Food well ………..see above!

The youth had 101 entries and a lot of great runs.  The greatest was Morgan Henning on Corona with the winning run to take home all the money.  See the video of this winning run.

The open had 145 entries and some spectacular runs that were breath taking.  Our boy Brad Shirey was for sure the smoker of them all.  I do not have the video from this run and the view we were sitting but it was wicked fast. CONGRATS BRAD

There is another MVP show at Circle G on the weekend of the 18th of June. If you have never been there go to the website www.circlegarena.us and get more info on the show. It is worth going.


Be kind to others you never know what kind of a day they are having or what they are dealing with in their life.

As always thanks for reading the blog and thanks for every ones thoughts and comments.  They are appreciated.

We are off to Gifford, IL, this weekend for a road trip out of Ohio!

Until then “ Get your pet Spayed or Neutered”  Seriously Please Do

Clea & Dawn


4 thoughts on “On the Road with Dawn and Clea from Circle G Arena in Lewisburg, Ohio

  1. Wow fun blog my first time to read I enjoyed it. Keep up the good job.
    Sure good to see everyone at Grate Lakes Ill this past week end our first show.

  2. Great posts. I love reading Dawn and Clea’s reviews. Maybe do a blog with background information on them so we can get to know them better??? Keep up the good work!

    • I agree Brooke, we’re working with Dawn and Clea to get them to write up something about themselves! It’s always harder to talk about yourself, though, than it is to talk about others! But these two aren’t shy or quiet so I bet we’ll get something out of them soon!

  3. Hysterical as always. Did you get all the septic water washed off of your outside mat? LOL !!! Acres and acres of parking at Circle G and somehow we end up on top of the overflowing “gray water” area !!! At least we hope it was just gray water.

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