Junior Horse to Watch Update: Big Weekend for Carters Hickory and Mason Penland

Mason Penland and Carters Hickory winning the Junior Horse at Venango County. | Photo courtesy Riggin Bag Photography

Carters Hickory (a.k.a.Viper) and Mason Penland had a huge weekend over Memorial Day, winning the Junior Horse at Tri-State Saturday, the Youth at Tri-State Sunday, and the Junior Horse at Venango County Fairgrounds Monday.

We caught up with Mason this morning and got his reaction on his 4-year-old gelding’s jaw-dropping performance.

How happy are you with his recent performance?

I am so excited about Viper. He is all business and just loves barrel racing as much as me.

Have you hit any walls in his training or any problems you’ve needed to fix lately?

Well he has a little trouble with dropping his shoulder, but he is getting better. He also doesn’t like to stand still, so I just need to teach him some patience.

Why do you think he did so well in these big outdoor pens?

I train him in an outdoor, but he has a lot of rate, and I think these outdoors have just allowed him to open up and really run.

Stay tuned for more great news from Viper and the rest of our Junior Horses to Watch the rest of the year!


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