Top Hand Deena Fries is On the Record with The Barrel Racing Blog

Do you remember reading about Ed Henle and his great horse SF Who Shot Doc? How about Lisa Barone and her awesome mare Hears The Deal? Both of these top barrel horses who’ve been featured on The Barrel Racing Blog came from the awesome training program one Western Pennsylvania trainer has perfected. That trainer is Deena Fries, a woman who has consistently been atop the local barrel racing ranks for more than the last decade. This trainer and rider knows what it takes to win on her own horses and to make those horses keep winning under other able hands. Over the next four days you’ll get to know more about this top hand than ever before! Today is just a teaser, so stay tuned for much more this week.


Talk about your first great barrel horse. Who started him/her, what was his/her name, what did the two of you accomplish?

Mister Te Dandy – I got him Feb. of his 4-year-old year from Matt Boice. Matt had him started well and ready to go. We won a lot together, 3x Congress Sweepstakes Finalist, Penn-Ohio BRA Champion, BBRA Champion, Speedhorse Average Champion, Congress Reserve Champion Jr. Horse, and numerous Pro Rodeo and Open shows wins and placings.

Which one of your horses would you consider your greatest?

I have had the pleasure of riding several great horses Bugawsome Aggie, Hears The Deal, Impress Me Ms Jackie, SF Who Shot Doc, De Great Pass, Sissys Panama, Modan Fancy. But Mister Te Dandy was in a class of his own I lost him to colic in 2002.

What are your proudest accomplishments as a competitor?

I’d say that I have won on so many different horses and that most of those horses are now winning for someone else.

What are your proudest accomplishments as a trainer?

My proudest accomplishments as a trainer are when I see a horse that I have trained or sold continue to do very well for the owner.


3 thoughts on “Top Hand Deena Fries is On the Record with The Barrel Racing Blog

  1. You have picked another great local girl to showcase Chels. Glad to see Deena being recognized for her talents! Mister Te Dandy, Joe B Jammin, and The Super Sport. 3 of my all time favorite barrel horses !!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Great interview. Look forward to hearing more. If and when we ever can have another horse, Deena has always been a trainer that I’d love to purchase from. They all have such a fluid style.

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