“It’s All in the Details” with Barrel Racer Deena Fries

It’s the smallest fragments of time that separate the good from the great in the barrel racing world. Trainer Deena Fries has figured out the secrets to cutting those thousandths of a second off her time to make her one of barrel racing’s greats. We can all learn something from Deena’s attention to detail, and below she’ll go over some of the little things that help make her a top contender in the barrel racing arena and the training pen. Thanks to Deena for being a great sport and answering ALL of my many many questions all week! Next time you see Deena at a show, stop and say hi!  

What vet do you use for your horse?

Currently using Dr. Nicole Drummond, from New Bethlelem PA., as the primary provider. She is very progressive and into learning. She is able to do Accupuncture when needed (trained at the Xi Institute) and isn’t afraid to use or recommend alternative therapies when they would be appropriate.

What veterinary maintenance do you do to keep your horses healthy and sound?

Not much – I will inject when needed but with the therapies my husband does, I don’t need too very often.

What other maintenance do you do to keep your horses running?

I am very lucky here in that my husband is very interested and very good at holistic therapies – he does massage, MicroCurrent, adjustments and now has the ability to do Infrared Thermograpy (infrared pictures that show hot and cold spots) – Equine Therapy by Dave Fries (on facebook)

How many days a week are you on the back of a horse?

Typically 5-7 days a week – I might not ride every horse every day – but it depends on the training needs and goals, and show schedule.

What do you feed your horses?

Whole Oats and Flax

What supplements do you use?

Animal Element and Dynamite products

What splint boots do you prefer to use?

Classic Equine

What is your favorite saddle to ride?

Currently riding in two Roohides – but always looking for the best fit for the horses.

What is your favorite saddle pad?

I’ve been using Saddleright pads for the last 18 years or so – I think they do a great job. Another real nice thing about them is the lifetime guarantee.

What is the one rule you live by in the barrel racing world?

There’s a barrel race next week, forget about what happen this week.

When you’re not barrel racing or riding horses, what are you doing?

Harassing my husband to work on my horses, and searching the internet.


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