On the Road with Dawn & Clea

4T Arena Ashville, Ohio June 11, 2011

Well Chels, we were looking to take a little nap before we left but didn’t get to it. We were up early this morning by the sounds of Stuckaroo running through the house –grrrrrrrrrr little turd! You were thinking – those gals were out again weren’t you? – I know you think we are two wild gals, but truth be told we are asleep by 9:30 SOMETIMES 10 p.m. and up at 6:30 (that will be our little secret, k?). We are ready to roll out the drive, kids are loaded, food is packed (we thought) and we are off to 4T’s Arena.

We decide that we are going to roll into the Theados Friday to get parked and make our way across the bridge to the arena. (See photo) Last year we were at 4T’s and as we crossed the bridge to go to the arena in the little truck and trailer, and we both said, “OMG thank goodness we did note have the big rig, could you imagine?!” Well this year we are in the big rig, so we are both a little nervous. However, Justin is sure that we will be fine to get across the bridge as we have double checked and he said, “You can get your little rig a crossed there no problem.” We trust him – he seems trust worthy anyhow.

We are rolling down I-71 and Rene H text us to see where we are. We ask, “Is it raining?” She said, “Not right now. There is a 20-percent chance.” We look at the radar (see photo) and Clea says, “Tell her to look on the other side of the barn!” She texts back, “Girls I am not there yet but that is what my phone says 20-percent chance.” We send her this pic and said “20 percent? We think not.” We keep looking at the radar to try to beat it to the arena!4T Arena Ashville, Ohio June 11, 2011

We get to Canal Winchester and we are rolling through the busy area – we see an Arby’s and I look over and say to Clea, “Did you get those sandwiches out of the little truck?” …ahhhh… “Nope!” She replies… Looks like granola bars and crackers it is for the weekend!

So we are rolling about 20 MPH and we see some construction ahead so we slow ‘er down to about 10 MPH then see some RR tracks so of course we use our trucker intuition and slow to about 5 MPH so we can look both ways for any trains. We did however miss the one little sign that said “Rough Tracks” amoungst all the construction. We hit those tracks like we hit a brick wall…we flew out of those air ride seats, the iPad that was in my hand flew in the air, and Clea flew up and hit her head on the roof. I had a sprained ankle when I came out of the air and hit the floor, and Clea is sure she had a concussion. We said “Holy S&/! … Did it say there was a bump there? What the heck?” We laughed our heads off until we got to the arena, well to the driveway and saw the tree and the utility pole that we had to pass by to get to the bridge.

We made it through and the bridge that, we thought we might need a special permit to cross was A-OK and we made it over it with no problem. We made it just in the nick of time to beat the rain, too. We get parked and leave the horses on the trailer until the storm passes. We get in the barn with the dogs and everyone that was there for Friday: Hefners, Nancy Adkins, Rhonda Dowell and the Theados. Stuckaroo is in heaven running through the barn. He is in heaven until he gets outside in the dark rain and runs from Rene and is lost. About 15 minutes of looking for him outside he comes running in from the back of the barn wet scared and shaking. He has since then stayed closer to us.

We get all settled in for the night. (Thank you Robbin Selway for the use of two of your stalls that night) It is one of those nights that you can sleep with the windows and screen door open. We just get asleep and Kisses starts to growl Clea says, “Do you hear her?” I say, “Now that I am awake I do.” She stops growling, we fall back asleep then about 3 a.m. the screen door pops open. I fly up outta of bed and say, “Clea the screen door just popped open!” She says “ooooo,” and goes back to sleep. I say, “I am going down to see what is going on.” I do – nothing is there and my heart slows down to a normal beat. The next morning she says, “Why did you wake me up to tell me your were going downstairs to see why the door flew open?” I say, “Just in case I was gone in the morning at least you knew where I was last.” “Why did you wake me up to tell me Kisses is growling?” I ask. Clea says, “So I wasn’t the only one hearing it!” We giggled like kids……… So we are telling Justin this story the next morning and he says “Did you hear me come by about 1:30 from Kentucky and blow the horn?” We look at each other and say, “Nope didn’t hear a thing!”

After the horses are fed and Clea is having her coffee and we are admiring Scotty Too Hotty in his rubber boots and Hawaiian shirt out the trailer window, we watch as he decides to move 4 feet to the right from where he was parked because it was wet there and this new spot is higher ground. (We did just have a huge storm but him and Rene still swear there was only 20-percent chance.) As he strolls around the truck and trailer debating the exact spot to move, he deploys his moisture stick for a correct reading then gathers his instrument up, gets back in his truck, moves 2 more feet and back out of the truck in rubber boots, moisture stick in hand for another reading. Here we go again REPEAT times 5! As we come around the corner he says, “Were you two watching me? Are you making fun of me?” We laugh and say “Not us!” We all laugh. He really just moved about 10 feet with a well executed move but it was funny to watch from afar.

We get our morning going to get to the arena and get the horses in. There are a few trailers starting to pull in and we are not sure if the show will be a good turn out with the weather, but as it turns out there were 102 in the Warm Up and 145 in the Open. Mr. and Peyton Theado were absolutely the best hosts anyone could ask for. Thank you for all your help.

The show starts out with great ground as usual when Mr. Theado does the ground. He had a great helper in his son Justin. Although Justin did spend most of his time on the tractor with some brunette. (see photo) Of course when he was not sitting on the John Deere thinking his tractor was sexy he was running around helping others who needed help and gathering his Mom’s home made salsa for Clea and I to enjoy. Jody we still need the recipe. It was so good. Thank you Justin for getting that and the cold ones from the frig for Brad.

The show is getting ready to start, and we are talking with Dreama (Jenna Shirey’s Mom) and her mother. We are playing with Nina and waiting for her to make her debut with her Dad and Mom in the Pee Wee class. Clea is armed with the iPad to video her and of course we are all yelling and clapping. We all meet up at the third barrel to chat and say how cute she is then I realize that the Pee Wee class is over and the Warm Up is ready to start I am draw 6! The Goldenboy is saddled but he needs to be warmed up if he is even going to think about running…… Well here is the result from No Warm up……….No Run. If you will listen closely you will hear Ellen McKee yelling at me through out the run! This video is entitled HOW NOT TO RUN A BARREL PATTERN OR WHY YOU SHOULD WARM UP YOUR HORSE.

The day turned out to be a beautiful day and the race was done by 8 p.m. at which time Joel Henning decided to stop over for a little chit chat with us and the Theado’s at our trailer. We heard a truck idling in the distance and thought “Where is Bobbie? Where are the girls? ” Just then you hear the horn blaring………..honkkkkkkkkkkkk honkkkkkkkkkk Joel ignores the entire situation and continues to chat. honkkkkkkkkkkkkk honkkkkkkkkkkkkkk. Clea says, “Are they waiting for you?” Joel “I think so!” not to be interrupted by the horn he continues with his conversation. We were cracking up then we hear a voice “JOELLLLLLLL!!!” And he is off to the horn honking truck that awaits to take him home. It is always nice to see the Henning’s and see what trouble Joel can get into. (Hence the Facebook picture at Hannah Shirey’s party.) We wish them all the luck at the Youth Show in Mississippi on the weekend of the 25th! Go get ’em gals.

Throughout the day we had the opportunity to chat with Brad about horses and riding in general. It was a nice way to spend the day and to absorb some new knowledge. We were both impressed with the horse that he just bought and won the Warm Up on. He had a beautiful run on her!

The Halls graced us with their presence this weekend as well. It was nice to see them out. We all know they have been tied down with moving and everything so seeing them was a pleasant surprise. Daryl Daryl and his other brother Daryl (Ron) were there. Ellen came to run the grey and announce – she looked great as always – Robbin brought her hubby Ron to the show. ALWAYS nice to see the two of them and thank you Ron for the compliments on my runs on KC Jane – they were very much appreciated. Becky Dixon showed her presence with a couple of fantastic runs. Eddie Gibson was there to make a couple of runs and work his horse with his grandson by his side.

Our apologies to Mike Jones. He usually has his beautiful wife with him and when he did not we offered to help with his 3 horses so he could run the seniors on all 3 and not feel hurried. I said I will be over when the class starts… Welllllllll we got to yappin’ with Brad and about 10 horses in I go running over. He said, “I got it handled, this old boy still has it!” And he did. He had them all warmed up and ready to roll. Sorry about that Mike we owe you one.

Dustin and Brandy had some trailer issues with their wheel but it looked like Dustin had it all under control shortly after getting to the show! It was nice to meet some new people and visit with friends.

The Review

Competition: Well let’s see… Do the names, Shirey (Brad and Jenna), Henning, Baker, Johnson, Hefner mean anything to you!? Each race was a race to the finish. The Open was down to the last 2 horses to see where everyone would be placing. Earlier in the Open class Regan Henning runs a 14.400 to set the pace. The Warm Up was won by My Boy Brad Shirey with a 14.504.

About half way through the race the 14.400 by Regan Henning is winning it and then there is a 14.5 by Rene H, a 14.6 by Rhonda Dowell and a 14.7 by our own Cara Kaufman on her black jet Stroker! Then enter Anne Johnson on her red mare. She comes flying around the corner and lays down a smoking 14.275 the place goes wild and there you have it THE WINNER or so we thought. I am right after Anne and KC Jane lays down another smokin run of a 14.446 I am sitting 3rd – I will take that, we were so proud of lil KC Jane. Then Jenna Shirey she smokes a 14.408 so now I am sitting 4th. We are at the 3rd barrel watching the rest of the race thinking who is left to run. We know Brad has Fashion left to run so we are thinking, KC Jane is in the money if Brad beats my time we are at least 5th. But wait we are not done…….in comes this blonde and as she rounds the 2nd barrel Clea and I say “Who the hell is that? I don’t know but she is getting a run” As she flys to the 3rd we see it is Penny Baker. SHE RUNS A 14.225! IT WAS AMAZING! WAY TO GO PENNY That lady always has fasttttttttttttttt horses. So now we are sitting 5th. They are paying 6 places so Enter Brad Shirey on Fashion – I am rooting for him but in the back of my mind I am thinking don’t beat me don’t beat me he does…..He runs a 14.377 and he was riding for all he was worth! It pays off! Like I told Brad I will be happy to be second to Brad Shirey anyday, well that was in the warm up I was 3rd to him in the Open. All in all it was a great barrel race. TOUGH is an understatement.

The show moved along quickly and was well organized. Thank you to NBHA 08 00 and 06 for the show and all the barrel racers who came out for the support. Ellen McKee was the bomb with announcing.

The food: They had some home made cooking there and later pizza…. All was really good. Really glad they had a food booth since ours was in the back of the black truck 2 hours away.

The 4T Arena: “The Theado’s” is a fantastic facility for a barrel race. Lots of open parking, Lots of outdoors to warm up in and stalls as well. The alley is not long but you can come in from either side for a straight shot to the first barrel and run out straight.

The ground was safe and held up great. Tom and Justin did a great job as the ground crew. THANK YOU THEADO’S for hosting this show and for taking us to the Texas Roadhouse. Great food for dinner and breakfast. Clea said she was a little under the weather at dinner but she looks forward to the next time out.

For your 06 points you can go to http://nbhaoh06.homestead.com/June_11_4T_2011.xls

We had 7 runs 2 knocks – (well one of those knocks were 3 barrels 🙂 )KC Jane had a smokin’ runs getting 2nd in the 1D in the Warm Up and 6th in the Open Class in the 1D. The other kiddos were crackers but worked well. (Except for that video that you saw) LOL


Remember: Never let your fear of striking out keep you from playing the game.

What are your thoughts on the question below? Please comment on the blog below. Your input will win you prizes in the future! We are watching who comments on our blog!

Do you like to stall or tie out on a 2 day show?

We are off to Circle G – always a great place to run cans – another MVP show- should prove to be a great one.

Until then “ Get your pet Spayed or Neutered”
Clea & Dawn


5 thoughts on “On the Road with Dawn & Clea

  1. Funny review…as always 🙂 I had to miss 4T that weekend unfortunatly, but am planning on going in July. For 2 day shows, I def prefer to stall my horse. I just think he is more comfortable, and gets more rest when stalled. Plus, that’s our routine at home – out during the day, and in his stall at night. Keep the reviews coming!! 🙂

  2. I’m like Beth trying to cut a few costs here and there when I can. Although sometimes tying out can be destructive to the “rig”. I had a colt that tore a manger door up a few years ago, somehow the colt didn’t get hurt but the door hinge had to be replaced!!! KNUCKLEHEAD horses sometimes!

  3. Another good job you two are just the best there could ever be telling your stories and keeping everyone in stitches while telling it. I sure enjoy your blog so much.
    I like to stall if two day show better for the horses and me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The Good Old Days you never had stalls and tied to trailer for three day shows through rain, wind whatever!!!! O how spoilt we are and love it!!!
    Keep up the good job and have safe fun winning runs!!!!
    See you at the Ohio NBHA State Show!!!!!!!!!!!!1111

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