Meet Alaina Houpt from Equisport Therapy

The acuscope machine

What’s this Acuscope thing you hear people (often top area barrel racers) talking about? It’s a treatment that is relatively new to our barrel racing world, but not new to the medical community. It’s been FDA-approved since the 1980s, and it’s catching on like wildfire across the horse world. One local woman is leading the charge in the Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia barrel racing communities, and she’s here at The Barrel Racing Blog to tell you all about how this treatment could very well help your horse. 

What IS Acuscope?
The Electro Acuscope Therapy System is an FDA-approved non-invasive microcurrent instrument that has been proven effective in providing pain management, accelerate the healing process of injuries by 50% or more, and also to optimize performance. The Acuscope normalizes the electrical current in the cells. The Acuscope works through the central nervous system.

How was it developed and how long has it been around?
The instrument was invented by Dr. Anthony Nebrinsky whose knowledge also assisted with the invention of the EKG, EMG, and U.S. Missles. In 1976 the first human calibrated Acuscope was born and the FDA approval came in the early 1980’s. The animal calibrated Acuscope came in the late 1980’s.

How does it help horses?
The Acuscope can help with a variety of equine issues. For instance: nerve damage, bone/tendon/ligament issues, pain management, and accelerated healing of injuries. It works amazingly well to help the horse heal itself with navicular syndrome/symptoms, strained/bowed tendons, any inflammation, healing of open wounds (you can see a difference in 24-48 hours), back soreness, arthritis, and laminitis, among many other issues.

What do licensed vets think of Acuscope? Is this something vets are skeptical of?
I have provided a few local vets with live demonstrations. The vets are familiar with microcurrent therapy but they have not seen the Electro Acuscope Therapy System in action. Some vets have welcomed it, while others have not yet opened up to outside therapies yet. Vets who have seen the benefits are Ruth Haislip DVM, Allen Schoen DVM, and Karl Yurko DVM. I am available for demostrations to any equine/small animal clinic.

How long does Acuscope take?
The Acuscope is first done with an initial series of 3 consecutive sessions within a 72-hour window. It is needed because the cells initially hold a charge for 24 hours until they are taught to hold a charge for longer, which results in the 72-hour window. The first of three treatments takes approx. 1 hour and it includes a hands-on evaluation, an Acuscope evaluation, and a treatment. The second and third in the series are all treatments and can range from 1-2 hours. Follow up appointments range from 1- 1.5 hours, depending on the horse.

How many times should you use Acuscope?
You should Acuscope according to your horse’s numbers/readings. The numbers/readings are retrieved by the instrument’s biofeedback system. The readings are the conductivity level in the cells reading the resistance, impedance, and chemistry of the cells. On my instrument you want the numbers to be between 98-118 to be a healthy reading. Low numbers are unhealthy, too high is hyperactive. A good rule of measure for how often to treat is after the initial series, we evaluate, and can treat again as early as a week or move out 3-4 weeks.

How much does a treatment cost?
The initial series cost is $150 (that’s all 3 treatments!) and follow up appointments are $55. Trip fee is modest and based upon location.

Are there any negative side effects of Acuscope?
There are not really any negative side effects with the Acuscope. The Acuscopes goal is to achieve a balanced healthy state. The instruments biofeedback modulation protects the horses cells from overstimulation. Sometimes a healing crisis may occur. That is where the issue gets worse before it gets better. But a healing crisis is something to work towards and treat because the horse’s body is healing itself.

How can someone get in touch with you to find out more?
I can be reached via cell phone: 724-504-2280.
Facebook: Equisport Therapy


2 thoughts on “Meet Alaina Houpt from Equisport Therapy

  1. LOVE this therapy! I started with Alaina because I had a small accident and was in severe pain and asked if she could help me. Believe me I was skeptical but was in pain and needed help. I also scheduled my horse for the same time. After the initial third treatment, the results I had on myself were truly AMAZING! Now I can’t wait to ride my horse! My shoer came out after a month and my horse has been treated 3 different times in that month and he wanted to know what the heck I did because his front feet have never looked so good in the two years he’s been shoeing for me! Another proof positive in my book! BUT! I think Alaina made my horse TOO fast and I’m falling behind! LOL

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