Making Lemonade in the Barrel Racing World

This weekend was one of those “Why am I doing this to myself?!!” weekends at a barrel race.

I went to a Mile Hi Barrel Horse Association show in Brighton, Colorado, and from start to finish it was not a good day. A lot of shows out here prefer that you pre-enter the barrel race, but this broke kid never knows if she’s got enough money to show on the weekends until that Friday night (and sometimes that Saturday morning!) so pre-entering never makes sense. So, I rolled into the show Saturday morning to a $15 late fee plus a $20 office charge, all on top of a $50 entry fee for a $500 added 4D. Now, I’m not saying the show wasn’t a great show and expertly run with awesome ground and a nice set up, I’m just saying that gets really pricey. Needless to say, I only brought one horse.

When my run went South, I packed up and headed home with a major boo-hoo outlook on this whole barrel racing thing. (It’s funny how one bad [and costly] run can make us forget the 9 great runs we had the weekend before on all three of our horses!)

I took Sunday off and did something so non-horsey that I got to see how the other side lives – I went to Water World and rode water slides all day. This was definitely the “splash of cold water in the face” that I needed.

As it turns out, my friend that I was enjoying the water park with had two-time World Champ Kelly Kaminski’s phone number, who just happens to be in Fort Collins, Colorado, for the summer. This friend suggested I give Kelly a call and ask if she’d be willing to give me a lesson. So, I did, and Kelly said to come up Monday morning.

So, I did, and I turned the $50 I’d have used to go to the barrel race again into a 1-hour (plus lots more chit-chat time) lesson with Kelly Kaminski. Talk about a good decision – I learned so much in that one hour. It gave me direction – kind of a place to start with for improving my riding and my horse’s style. AND it was a whole lot of fun.

If you’re in Colorado or anywhere close, I definitely suggest you try this awesome deal I got. Email me ( and I’ll put you in contact with her! It’s the best way to turn one bad weekend into one super productive one – making lemons into lemonade.



3 thoughts on “Making Lemonade in the Barrel Racing World

  1. How awesome is that. You keep that so when we are out that way we can do the same. You can always learn something new! Love ya girl

  2. Hey chels. Message me on facebook with how to get in contact with her. I am havin issues with my mare that no matter what I cannot get fixed.
    I know what you mean about pre entry it will drive ya nuts right. I can’t believe what some of the shows out here charge you becasue you didnt pre enter. I went to one in South dakota last year to try out a horse and they charged me $45 for late fee. I was like crapp…. Hopefully run into ya this summer. I am going to start running more then locals once i get this school paid off for my class im taking this summer.

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