On the Road with Dawn and Clea – Part 1!

A show as big as the Ohio NBHA State Show couldn’t possibly fit into one day’s post. So, this week, we’ve got a special barrel racing treat. You’re going to get not one, not two, not three, but FOUR days of nothing but barrel racing with Dawn and Clea! Get ready for a whole lot of fun and laughs. (Go ahead, we’ll wait while you change your pants after reading some of this ; ) )

 NBHA OHIO STATE FINALS JULY 4, 2011 weekend Circle G – Lewisburg, Ohio

Well Chels it was a loooooonnnnnnngggggg weekend but a great one. It all started on Thursday and we are happy to say it ended on Sunday with runs in the finals.

We are happy to announce that the 2 gas cards worth $50.00 that were given away went to Darci Kilgore and Becky Johnson! Congrats Ladies see ya at the next barrel race!

We knew it was going to be a long weekend so we started to get everything together a little early in the week. We made sure that we had all our food and the trailer packed as much as possible by Wednesday night so we could roll out Thursday early afternoon.
We had a plan… get up early Thursday, bathe the horses, finish packing and leave at 1. OK, plan delayed by – yep you guessed it –one hour. We rollout of there at 2 pm. Cletus and Stuck are sleeping already and Kisses is comfortably laying on the floor with her HUGE belly – puppies will be here at the end of July – Just saying!

So as everyone knows if you wanted to pull in before 2 pm you needed to have a sponsor of $200.00 or more and if you wanted to pull in after 2 PM and before 9 PM you needed to pay a $25.00 fee. After 9 pm you were fine to pull in and get situated anytime. Now we were like all of you – this is a bunch of bulls^%$ – now you all know that you were doing the same thing. Then as you thought about and especially if you were like us and tying out some and stalling others – you’re thinking, “Well maybe it is worth it, nah bs that is a bunch of crap.” Then you think, “Well but it sure would be nice to be there in the daylight to get situated and not have to unpack for a 4-day weekend in the dark.” OK we will pay the $25.00 as we both say grrrrrrrrrrr again UNTIL we knew what the money was going for. The money collected for the parking was going directly to the show awards/sponsor money items. If you were there you know that this money went to something great. The awards that were there for the taking were absolutely beautiful and well thought out. It has been rough on the sponsor end for all shows and for all associations so if people are willing to give the money for parking then you should feel good about sponsoring a small portion of the awards that were given out. I know we are glad to say we did.

So we get to the end of the drive and we see from a distance all of the trailers and we are sure that there is no tree line left for parking but there is some toward the corn field. Becky Johnson, Josh and Crystal are there when we pull in Clea lays on the air horn then Amy Snyder and Nate! (who are getting married soon – Congrats!) are waving so there goes the horn – we have arrived. We pull to the back to park and as we pull in 3 men come out to park us. Tee tee hee hee we don’t need that we have the “Dear Baby Jesus Prayer.” Eddie Gibson offers his opinion on the parking and Clea says to Eddie (as she so often does) “Eddie I ain’t never whipped a preacher man’s ass before but I’m ’bout to!” Cracks me the heck up everytime. Betty backs it in like a professional and we are set.

Bonnie Gruery comes up to say hello and tell us where the stalls are. It was so nice to see her and Doc. We were just mentioning them the other night wondering how they have been. They both looked great this weekend and watching Doc run is always a joy. Bonnie always has the camp all set and ready to feed all the kids and adults a like. Their granddaughters and daughter in law Kerry were there and they showed everyone the skills the Gruery’s come to win with. They all had beautiful runs. Congrats all.

The Hefners, The Phillips, The Gibsons, The Halls, The Watsons and The Bakers are all our neighbors. We get the horses unloaded and tied. We are waiting for Lessie to bring the 5th one before we settle them into the stalls or tied to the trailer. The dogs are running around like banshees and we are settled in for the weekend. It is rather hot so we wait to go up to exhibition.

Enter Darci Kilgore – Darci was in charge of the Electric at the show this weekend. Of course where we parked was in front of the electric pole that housed electric enough for 6 trailers. Now when we parked there we knew that we could get other trailers in there. 4 to be exact as we already parked a couple to the right of us. Darci made her way around the trailer and was eyeballing up the rig when she say “You may have to move,” Clea and I look at each other and said “Aaaaaaa NO.” We knew we could get other rigs in there and by the end of the night Darci – or as we now call her, The Electric Nazi – was seeing things our way. While not sitting a barrel or trying to get her shirt buttoned she could be found all weekend driving around in the little red Circle G truck with her dog Sophie. For additional conversations between Darci and us please see our censored version of the blog. LOL just kidding.

Darci is one of the funniest people we met this weekend. Although she can have very colorful language we find her funny as all get out. She is the director of District 03 and the last show at Circle G was organized and put on by her district and was co-approved with District 06. Great job Darci on always putting on a great show.

Thursday night brought an early night to bed as we had been up since the crack of dawn (That cracks me up when we say that!) and we need our sleep. You know us wild party girls – who are in bed by 10 pm most every evening or 9 pm some nights.

Friday morning brings a beautiful sunny morning and great weather. Life doesn’t get any better than this. Noon starts the first go of the finals and with 328 barrel racers in the Open it will be a long day but a great one to see these horse and riders make their try at the prizes and money in arms length.

Friends until the end

While waiting on Clea to make her run on our 4 year old Kisses we hear the announcer – Draw 230 Ron Kreiling, 2nd call Ron, His buddy Gene Schaaf is holding his horse and says, “I don’t know where he went I knew he was up to run so I got his horse out and ready for him.” They call his name again. Clea and I look at each other – of course thinking where can we start looking – this ain’t good – the announcer, “Last call for Ron Kreiling ok he is a scrat ohhhhh wait here he is.” There comes Ron running like Bruce Jenner with his buddy Daryl Karnes helping him on his horse – hat on crooked – feet not even close to being in the stirrups and down the alley way and around the corner and up the shoot he goes. Goodness talk about calling it close. He ended up with a half decent run all things considered. Watching these men brought a smile to our faces to see the friendship that they share is heart warming.

My Daddy always said that if at the end of your life you can count all your true friends on one hand you are doing really well and are so lucky to have that. We would have to say without knowing these gentlemen except at the horse shows that they probably count on each other and will at the end of their days have at least 3 fingers accounted for. We love to see these men and how they take care of each other. In the future we hope that this little piece of barrel history will make you smile when you see the friendship of these gentlemen. (see photo)

With our runs under our belt we headed up to the watch the remaining people and see where we ended up. Clea got in on Shawn placing 6th in the 3D I was a cracker on KC and Chili and Clea was a cracker on Kisses and Channing. 1 out of 5 the first go OK we will take that.

Mike Phillips and Joel Henning stop by to chat with us while Terri makes a run to the store. Those two men are two of the best! We get everything taken care of and the kiddos all fed, watered and comfortable – that is our job you know to make sure our animals are happy! As we are getting ready to head up to the arena to finish watch the seniors and youth run Dustin Whitezel and Heath Boucher drive up on The Whitesel mobile (gulf cart).

This our friends is the start to a shocking Friday night!

Just wait until tomorrow to read all about the rest of the weekend!


9 thoughts on “On the Road with Dawn and Clea – Part 1!

  1. OMG you two are toooo much…. Hmmm can wait to see how each day played out for all of us,,,,it was a great time!!! Thank you Dawn.. we hope to have a special day on the 23rd!!! Nate well we hope to keep him in line!

  2. Wow you two are the best how you come up with all this stuff I will never know but sure fun to read. Keep up the good job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  3. The rest of this story is going to be interesting. There are a few blanks in my mind from late Friday and early Saturday. Then I had a touch of the Flu on Saturday. I wonder if anyone else caught it. I think Terry Phillips had alot to do with the spread of it.

  4. Can’t wait to hear the rest of the story because from what I heard Friday night was a real humdinger 🙂

  5. Those three guys are always a hoot, and there usually at least one or two more guys you can usually find along with them!

  6. What?!? Joel – i simply took your all’s order . . . . and there were a few orders to fill Friday night. They all needed ice, everyone . . . . (Corona, Corona Light, Coor Light and OH! ice)

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