On the Road with Dawn and Clea – Part 2!

Ready for a wild Friday night with the barrel racing ladies? Hold onto your hats folks. Plus, keep reading to find out all about the Youth competition at Circle G. 

Everyone gathers at the holding area of the arena to finish watching the youth class. The kids go running in and we are all cheering for each youth to have a smoking run. When we say everyone – The Whitesels, The Shireys, The Bouchers, The Hennings, The Phillips, The Gorsouchs, Nancy, Rhonda and Jackie, The Scotts and many more. We are all having a great time and enjoying a few adult beverages. Mike brought some hard lemonade and Corona came along for the ride. After the youth we all retreat to the camping area and Lordy Lordy if you were there you will know that the laughs never stopped.

Dustin was calcutta’d and Brandy Whitesel was the winner of the jackpot. Brad Shirey was the auctioneer and got the bidding up to $250.00. Dustin was the recipient of the grand prize. He never knew that jewels could be lit up like that.

After the Dustin and Brad lazer show somehow I ended up driving the golf cart with Clea riding shot gun, Brad in the front facing Clea and myself, Dustin in the back with another couple we still don’t know who they were. This road trip (just around Circle G ) was for Dustin to go to Nancy Adkins trailer to see if she had a pair of leg boots for him to borrow. Yes that is what it was leg boots. He strolls up to her trailer and as we are sitting on the golf cart Brad says to us, “Did you girls get your tickets?” Now keep in mind he is facing us sitting on the hood of the golf cart. I look at her and say “Did we need tickets for something this weekend?” She says, “Hell I don’t know?” We both look at him at the same time and Clea says “Tickets for what??” Brad says, “The Gun Show!” as he points to his ginormous (stop laughing Jenna) bicep! – We are still laughing about that one – Brad did not disappoint us with the last name Shirey he knows how to make ya laugh and he can sing Convoy with the best of them Breaker 19 Rubber Duck.
There were about 25 people in the area that we are sure laughed until they cried.

Although we would love to relive the entire night through this story we will simply say – If you ever have a chance to sit back and listen to any of these guys it is worth your time to do so. We remember a post on FB from Nancy Adkins last year from a show at Henderson that said how funny Brad and Dustin were. That is an understatement. Until you have experienced it – you really have no idea. We must say the Brandi and Jenna are 2 great wives for knowing how these boys are and being able to handle them accordingly.

We do remember Dustin saying before he went to his trailer, “Whatever you all do, don’t wreck the golf cart!” Well it was in tack at 1:30. 1:30 AM YES in the morning I said to Clea, “Do you know what time it is?” Clea says, “No” I say, “1 freaking 30!” Holy hell we know at this point we are needing to go to bed if we are even going to function tomorrow. Everything was still going on when we hit the hay but it was a good time by all. Everyone had a great night and laughed a lot.

The sun would bring a bright Saturday morning and me up at 5:30AM. (This is a must for me if I am partaking in a little lemonade the night before.) I get everything underway with morning chores and clean up. Clea is sleeping (that is a must for her if she has been into the lemonade) so I mosey up to see the youth and seniors run for the 2nd go.

Sitting with the Theado’s and the Henning’s and visiting with them while the youth is going on. Now I am feeling really good and about 5 people come up to me and say, “WOW what are you doing up already?” I just smile. However I know I am going to be screwed this afternoon – right about run time – because following an early morning I need to have an afternoon nap. (I did not get one.) After a few photos for prosperity sake I return to the trailer and Clea is up and about ready to roll as she is the first one up on Kisses. This is a bout 12:30 and I am starting to think I NEED A NAP. She gets her run in and has a consistent run same time as Friday – we know it will probably be a crack time but for her first show we are happy with that and they looked great.

At this point have I said – I need a nap – I just get settled on the couch and Clea says, “You are up on Chili in about 20 minutes.” Awww crap I pulled a Robbin Selway on the numbers and thought I had more time. I drag my butt off the couch and get ready to roll. Waiting for my run I am trying to psych myself up to have a good run. I did have a nice run but caught the 2nd with her hip coming out. CRAP of course now I am mad because I did not ride like I should have. Clea is up on Shawn next and does the same on the 2nd, down it goes! OK so we both look at each other like “Hey Dumb butt lets kick this up a gear!” So KC Jane is next I am ready I already told myself “Ride like you want to win.” I start out from the holding pen and KC lunges and whirls – her headstall comes half off –Penny Baker is right there an I settle KC down and Penny puts it back on for me and I am ready. I hunker down turn to the right and away we go towards the first. My initial thought was “Well she is running.” She turns the first like a champ and then the 2nd and 3rd to run a 15.8! It was awesome. I am all smiles but we were not counting our chickens yet but we are pretty sure that will get us back to the finals and IT DID! Clea high fives me when I come back in the holding pen with a smile a mile wide. I get a few more high fives and nice runs and all of a sudden I don’t need a nap. Funny how that works.

Clea is up on Channing next and she is 100% jacked up on Mountain Dew Holy Cow! Clea gets her under control and flys in there like a jet. They are clicking and have a great run but chances are it is going to be a cracker time. It was! ARGH now after 2 goes we have 2 back in the finals. One each.

Hennings and Theados are headed out to supper and ask if we want to go. Although we would have loved to go with 2 of the best families going – we both figured we would fall asleep at the dinner table. We decline. Joel is as sleepy as we are as he was out and about Friday as well but he sucks it up and out to dinner they go. Thanks for the invite gang! Next time for sure.

We are so tired at this point that we are sitting at the trailer and look at each other Clea says to me, “I will give you 10 bucks if you take the horses to the stalls?” I say, “I will pay you 20.” We both laugh and say lets just sit here and think about it for awhile longer. 20 mins later we look and the horses are still at the trailer. Well so much for willing it done. We manage to get everyone settled in and with a couple more dinner offers and invites to sit by the camp fires we digress. Lisa and Cheyenne stop over for a little visit and share some stories about her Mom and Dad who we both adore. Then in comes Chase Marshall and Heath Boucher (two of our favs) for a little visit. Always nice to chat with these boys they can bring a smile to your face. Every one departs and we are in bed at 9:30 and we can tell you a bomb could have gone off and it would probably not have awakened us. We slept like Rip Van Winkle.

Cowboy Church letting out Sunday morning

Sunday would bring yet another beautiful morning and we awake to the words “Testing Testing” and the wonderful voice singing “The old Rugged Cross” and the strumming of a guitar. We know at this point the morning is going to get started right as the beautiful notes from the guitar and the vocals are coming from Eddie Gibson – our own truck driving preacher man – We love to see him a the shows and love it more on a Sunday morning.

We get the horses all situated and coffee on for Clea’s morning go go juice. We snap some photos of the Cowboy Church goers and a little video of Eddie doing what he does best. (see insert)

It is such a pleasure to hear Eddie tell of his past and how now he has the Lord to follow and always gives everyone a chance to follow with him. He gives a sermon that makes you raise your hand, say Amen and be so thankful for this wonderful life that we have. We know it makes us appreciate each other, our family, friends and the love of our animals and we are very thankful for the Good Lord letting us do this wonderful thing we call “Barrel Racing.”

It is Circle G so a review is always the same on the food and the grounds etc… We have been there alot this year! LOL But what we will tell you about this show is the COMPETITION was a little different. From Young to Old – no offense Seniors – to the racers of all ages it was a race to the end.


Jody, Justin, and Peyton Theado

Justin Theado won the Youth at the State Finals on his smoking fast paint horse. It is a pleasure to always see him run and we congratulate him on a job well done.

WOW what can we say besides TOUGH, AGILE, LIGHTWEIGHT, FEARLESS these children are unbelievable and when they come running in, they are running to win. Although we would love to mention every youth that runs through the timer we always try to focus on a few each show. Ones that stand out for different reasons.

Peyton Theado and Morgan Henning

These 2 girls are on their way up the barrel racing ladder and they are headed for Mississippi Youth Worlds at the end of July.

Besides being best of friends they are a dynamic duo at the shows. We called them the woulda shoulda coulda girls this weekend for knocking barrels but they know it was all in good fun and to push them to keep up the cans. By the end of the weekend it helped!

Morgan Henning has been hit or miss over the past year. With the introduction of new horses this youth has really done well all things considered. Her Mom and Dad have given her the opportunities to travel the United States to run her two horses, Famous Corona and Perks Routine. Morgan has placed and won at Congress and won several Slot races around the country. We are sure you can look for her in the future magazines with out a doubt.

At State Finals she had some knocking issues that prevented her from the prizes at hand but we know that she will make sure these problems are solved when she hits – or should I say arrives in – Mississippi.

Peyton Theado is another rising star. She had a couple knocked barrels but after we talked to her and told her to ride that horse up into the pocket and stop messing around she did just that. She made the Youth and the Open finals. In the youth although she had a nice run she was a cracker. In the open she was the same but she did have a bright side. When we ask how she did she said ” I won’t get in with what I ran but I beat my brother so that is ok” We laughed. Hey at least she is looking at the bright side of things.

While making her run in the 2nd go to make the finals she about came off at the 3rd barrel. We waited for her to come out and congratulated her on her run and said “Way to Ride” She said ” I was going to fall off before I hit that barrel” Determination will get you a long way in life! Way to go Peyton.

We wish both of these girls the best at Mississippi. Go get ’em girls.

The younger ones and the elder horses that take care of them!! 

Denim and Madeline

This weekend was one of the most enjoyable weeks personally for us because of the kids. We watched as 2 little girls showed us how in the past few months they have come into their own with riding their trusted horses.

Denim Phillips and Missy

When we first saw Denim ride it was at Reality Run arena early this spring. This was her first trip on Missy and although not exactly magical it was memorable. She was this little blond peanut atop this huge mare that was just getting the job done. Mike and Terri were as nervous as could be that first run and as Denim rounded the third barrel you could hear Terri say, out of pure nervousness “this is a timed event”. Clea and I still laugh about that and tease Terri every chance we get.

We ask Denim how she was gonna ride and she said FAST, leaning forward with her reins pitched towards the horses ears, and I am riding up into the pocket. We said “Thata Girl” It proved to be a winning combination as she won the 3rd Division in the youth. As she came out we took a picture of her and said let us be the first to get the picture of the 3D winner (we were guessing at that time of course but we knew she was in the hunt) she sat up and smiled like the Super Star she will soon become in the barrel racing world. Winning the 3D took her back to the Finals for the youth were she had another stellar run. She was to fast for the 3rd Division but had a beautiful run and shined with her pretty smile and big blue eyes.

About Missy – as told to us by Terri (AKA Mom) – a dear dear friend, Gerald Piatt found Missy for Mom about (oh my gosh!) probably close to 18 yrs ago. Piatt – known, loved and missed by so many in the horse world a.k.a. Sunny, found many of Missy’s kind for so many of us (yep, Red too) over the years. Missy is a grand-daughter of Go Man Go and out of a Dash for Cash mare. Explains her spry spirit ~ which seems to be a perfect match for Denim.

And Denim – as told to us by Terri (AKA Mom)- she was riding bareback on bomb-proof-Super-Star with Mike and I leading her around when she 2. She took the reins around about 3. All the while taking any chance to reach up and hook a ride with Mom or Dad. I used to have to sneak down to the barn when I was pressed for time. . . . from Star she went to Flash and the need for speed took hold this year. We pulled Missy out of the field after 13 years and Denim has truly worked hard to get Missy in the shape she’s in. My lil’cowgirl is now 9 yrs old.

Madeline Shirey and Chief

Madeline has some big shoes to follow with her sister Hanna and of course her Dad, Brad and Jenna Shirey but this little cowgirl is getting a great start to doing just that.

Madeline ran in the Open and in the Youth this weekend and made it back to the finals in both.
She placed 2nd in the 4D with her horse Chief to make it back in the and

The morning of the finals we were walking up to the arena to watch the kids run when Madeline stops us at the warm up pen and says ” Have you seen my Dad?” We say no but we will go find him. Is there something we can get you. “No, I just need my Dad” ok and we start looking for Brad. About 5 mins later she is in the holding pen asking “Have you seen my Dad” I said No but Clea is looking for him. I said ” what do you need” she looks down from her steed and says ” I need him to tell me what to do with Chief so I can have a good run” Made me smile. I told Clea and we both thought that was so sweet. Just then Brad came around the corner and gave his little gal a couple pointers. Pointers that panned out as she went in and had a nice trip getting her 6th in the 3D. Way to go Madeline.

We have watched as this little girl has become more aggressive and talented as the year has gone on. She says Chief has helped her so much. 🙂 She won the pee wee at 4T arena just weeks before state to boost her confidence that much more. Her and her faithful companion Chief are and will continue to make their mark in the barrel racing arena and she will keep him going until her little sister Nina takes over the reins.

About Chief – as told to us by Jenna (AKA Jenna) – My parents bought him for me when he was three he was my first horse! We learned everything together and worked our way up to winning high point at the local fair more than once! He is very special to me and I let Madeline ride him when she was six, and he has taught her so much, he is just as special to her as he is to me and one day Nina will get to ride him too! Once in a lifetime horse and he will be with me forever! We have won hundreds of ribbons and plaques and I hope he does the same for Madeline. I just love him!!

Stay tuned for the Open run-down tomorrow!


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  1. nice article.. you gals have such a great time barrel racing!! it’s always a pleasure to see you at the races. sounds like you all had a great time,lol..

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