On the Road with Dawn and Clea – Part 3!

Last day of the usual review, and we’ll have a bonus day tomorrow! Enjoy!


So we are getting ready to walk up and see what is going on so we know when we are up and we draw the names for the gas cards prior to strolling up to the arena. We get the cards ready and head on up. There is Becky Johnson at the wash rack – perfect timing –we walk over and give her the card. She says, “Ohhhhhhhh a sympathy card for the crappy seniors run I just had!”  We laugh and don’t tell her what it is. We say see ya at the next show and she wished us luck. Later when we are in the holding area waiting to run she comes up to us and says, “Girls thank you so much but I really thought it was a sympathy card!” We all giggled. She is one of the nicest ladies you will meet. If you ever have a chance encounter with her or her family it will be a blessing.

It was also nice to see Sandy Hershberger at the show. Many may remember her accident a while back that caused her a back injury. Nice to see you again Sandy.

So as we start to go close to the arena Mike Millward stops me and says, “You might want to check and see if you are allowed to wear that shirt.” (It was a long sleeve t shirt type one) He says, “I think you need a collar” CRAPPER! I buzz up there and because it was of western motif – I am good. Thank you Mike for looking out for me.

We just miss Brads run with a 15.6 he is winning it at the moment. We roll back to the trailer by way of the shoot area and as we walk by we see a grey streak going acrossed the pen, IT IS MARY FRANCIS on THE GREY (as everyone calls him) She finally has a smokin run 15.5 and a good one it was. Mary had been having great runs all weekend but this one had a little extra gas to it. She is holding the lead with the 15.560. We go back and ready the horses – Clea and Shawn are in and they have a nice run but if this time holds it will be yet another Ritz time! I am next up on KC Jane and she is fired up and ready to roll. She lounges a little as she turns the corner and we are off kilter headed to the 1st a little but her speed can recover some time but as she gets around the back side of the 1st she trips – as Brad says “it took the wind out of her sails.” She finished the pattern great though and we run a 16.417. Now I know someone has to run a 4 and a low 4 at that for us to get in KC Jane. Hey it can be done!

We take the horses back get them taken care of and come up to watch the rest of the race. It is going to be a tight one!

We make our way over by the 1st barrel and watch as there for about 5 more 16.4’s ran. Now you know as well as we do everyone who ran a 16.5 or lower or in the 16.4’s are now waiting to see if someone can run a 15.4. We are hoping for a 15.411 to be exact. It is hotter than the bajeebees in there but we are not leaving until the last horse runs.

Barbara Jimison is on deck and everyone is ready for her to roll through the timer. Her mom is perched on the holding pen fence, we are leaning over the rails and here she comes. She races up the shoot in her red shirt and black hat. Her and CC round that first barrel like champs, she flies to the second without ever losing a step of momentum from when she left the shoot – they turn the 2nd and just as she is leaving it the ground gives way just enough to have CC’s hip slightly hit the 2nd. Barbie pulls up after she rounds the 3rd and eases home. She said later after the first that CC gave her she didn’t even want to know what her time would have been. Her Mom was heard saying as the 2nd barrel fell “Nice try Barb – there’s always another race!”

Kerry Greuey is up – again anyone who ran a 4 is waiting to see what this cowgirl can do – she has a stellar run on Smart Doc Daler that will put her 6th over all in the open. Great run Kerry!

Bert Thompson is up on Terry Willey’s horse Rarely Blue. If you know Bert then you know she can rock and roll with the best of them. She flys in to the first like she is floating on air. Rounds all 3 cans and ends up 4th over all in competition. Still waiting on that 4!

We know that Lisa Bowser, Jenna Shirey, Nancy on Critter and Anne Johnson are yet to run. We are sure there may be a few others out there that can lay down a 4 but these last 4 are known to us.

Enter Lisa Bowser – we watch her from the back shoot – around the corner and away she goes. ……….One right, two lefts and hurry hurry hurry as Pete Scott would say! 15.624………..Good enough to drop Brad’s 15.630 to 3rd and leave her in 2nd place. Leaving us IN THE CRACKS!!

OK Well maybe Jenna Shirey – here she comes looking fashionable on Fashion Jenna comes burning into the first barrel like Fashion’s butt is on fire. She was going for it and looking great——-the ground gives way and down goes the first. She is out. You would have had it girl!

Now for Nancy and Critter. Nancy has been working on getting a first barrel on Critter since the beginning of the year…..Work no More She got it! Then to the 2nd and her 3rd OMG it was awesome! She pulls out a 15.676 taking 5th over all

We have one shot left…………Anne Johnson and Show Me Some Glory……. They call her name to enter the arena again we all stand and if you are reading this and you have a 16.4 of any kind you know you were hanging on the fence with us yelling SHOW ME SOME MONEY to heck with the Glory………. She comes in to the first as fast as we have seen a horse run into that barrel for awhile if ever. She slides around the first and is headed to the 2nd holy crap the place is going wild…………..Come on Anne Come on Anne you can hear from the crowd……..She is getting ready to round the 3rd and ……………you guessed it, down it goes……….with a huge sigh from the crowd all the 16.4 people (including us) hit the dusty trail.

Mary Francis Gorsuch and Pay Stroken Memories take home the title of STATE CHAMP and Ellen and Max McKee are smiling as much as the Gorsuch’s. It was not an easy race to win and the lead could have changed at anytime. Mary runs against some of the toughest horses in the country. Mary should be proud to say she won this championship as it was a tough barrel race and she can thank her trusted Grey horse for giving his all on this particular day!

It is nice to see some teams clicking now that the season is in full swing. So many times we see a team that you know can get the job done but sometimes they just don’t click like they can. Mary and Grey did some clicking this weekend and on the final day that really mattered they went together like a Frostie and Sea Salt french fries! Congrats Again Mary Francis Gorsuch!

For all the results for the weekend you can go to http://www.ohionbha.com


Remember :
“Experience is not what happens to you; it is what you do with what happens to you.”
~ Aldous Huxley

What are your thoughts on the question below? Please comment on the blog below. Your input will win you prizes in the future! We are watching who comments on our blog!

What do you think the electric bill was for the weekend at Circle G? Tell us who your favorite team was this weekend (Horse and Rider) and then send in your guess below to the electric question and the closest person without going over will win a gas card!

Have your guess to us by July 22nd to eligible.

We are off to 4T Arena on the 16th for another weekend of great races!

Hope to see you there

Until then “ Get your pet Spayed or Neutered”
Clea & Dawn


10 thoughts on “On the Road with Dawn and Clea – Part 3!

  1. Circle G electric cost $1,333.00
    My favorite team of course is Cara & Stroker and Marry Francis & Willie
    Good job so exciting as always please keep up the good work we look forward every week.

  2. My favorite team every weekend is Morgan and Buck or Morgan and Cowboy, whoever is cashing the checks… HA HA !!! Electric bill guess would be $900. Thanks for another laughter filled blog, where is the unedited version though??? LOL

    • I will guess $3277.39 for electric. Barbara Jimison and CC are my favorite to watch after my own kids, Morgan and Regan on their horses.

  3. hmmmm my guess for the electric for the weekend was 1,695.26

    And my favorite team for the weekend was my mother Patti Jimison and Doc. They had a great weekend but some tough luck on her runs. =)

  4. I will guess 3000.00 for electric. I enjoyed watching the young youth riders riding for the first time at the state show.

  5. My Guess on the electric bill is $2,550.00

    My favorite team at state this year was Reba Runkle on Peppy Sans Thunder…

  6. My Circle G electric guess is $2967. My favorite teams to watch of course are the ones I fund! lol Megan Sparks and Red Rings the Bell and Little Red Rocket. Wishing them luck at NBHA Youth World.

  7. You girls do a great job– how you remember each detail– amazes me– when you get to be 50 we’ll see it was fun reliving the weekend with your blog– see ya soon!!!!!

  8. I’m guessing the electric bill was $3565 for the weekend. I wasn’t able to make it to the show so I can’t choose a fav horse and rider. Thanks for the review. It was good reading as always!

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