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We’ve got lots brewing here at The Barrel Racing Blog. And before I even go into the details, I’ve got to thank the two ladies responsible for it all – Dawn Shirey and Clea Remington. They bring us our On the Road with Dawn and Clea, which have us all rolling! But more importantly, they are the eyes, ears, and public relations arm of The Barrel Racing Blog. While I’m a little, errr, removed, from the barrel racing world back home, they keep me in-the-know when it comes to all of the local happenings, and for that I’m eternally grateful!

So, with that said, Dawn and Clea lit a fire under my butt to get rolling with some Barrel Racing Blog merchandise. Our fabulous designer Jessie Ford sent some awesome logos over last night (I’m not revealing the final choice just yet!), and that logo will go on t-shirts for The Barrel Racing Blog, as well as some other fun stuff we’ve got planned that will help make your nights just a little bit more wild and crazy at the horse shows and rodeos.

Stick around for lots of new goodies and news about all of the fabulous changes going on at The Barrel Racing Blog!

And stop by tomorrow for an interview with Dave Fries!


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