On the Road with Dawn and Clea

Well Chels it has been awhile, the State Show to be exact, since we have written. We have been enjoying the hot summer days with other things than our favorite past time.

We found ourselves canoeing at Mohican with a great group of friends. If you are on our Facebooks, you would have seen the videos. If you are not you should friend us – they are a hoot. Clea and I both agree that this was one of, if not the, funniest girls day out day we have had in forever. I think we laughed from start to finish, even with the lost phone, debit card and sunglasses. Also this is where the charity barrel race idea was born.

Another weekend found us at a pond party at Mike and Terri Phillips. After a day of volleyball, swinging from the rope to hit the water and floating in the pond, Clea needed 4 days to recover. I on the other hand play volleyball very poorly – I can serve a mean ball and boss people around to get the ball – but dive for it? Nope can not say that is me. Swing from the rope to land smack down in the water with a thud, nope not me.  Jump from dive holding a rope swing to hit the water that is deeper than my belly button, nope not me either…. Are you getting the sense I am not much on getting in water that is over my head? Only if I had to save someone, that is it!  I will gladly float on the raft and take pics of Clea jumping into the water – which is what I did. I was exhausted from watching her. She was banged up but would do it all again. It was a GREAT DAY!

We ventured to the golf course one hot Friday – as we were headed there (a place I have never been – nor have a ever golfed) we pass this lush green course and I look over and say “WOW this is beautiful, this should be great!” Clea says, “Aaaaa yeah this is not where we are going, the balls here cost as much as the entire day at the place we are headed to. We are headed to the low rent golf course.”  As we drive by the country-club-style course and head to the ghetto I see the caution tape that is around the end of the water trap – which looked like perhaps a small sewage leak and as we pull in to the parking lot  I say, “We have arrived!” OMG we had the best time!

We ventured to West Virginia to help a friend run the concession stand at a youth softball tournament with 18 teams, 3 fields and about 9 zillion people. We had a blast.  We smelled like fries and chicken strips on the drive home but enjoyed the day and so glad we could help out a friend in need.

Kisses had 6 puppies and unfortunately we lost 2 of them, which again if you are a Facebook friend you will know that the 2 we lost are in the freezer awaiting Christmas! (Editor’s note: You two are gross!!! I don’t know how I missed that post, but I just went back and read it. Bluck! Remind me NOT to eat any frozen goods from you any time soon!)

Although we did go to one show since the State Show and that was the at the fabulous 4T Arena in Ashville, Ohio. The Theado’s are absolutely second to none and as always it was an enjoyable day. It was a one-day show and we decided to go in the morning and come home that night. It has been a while since we went to a one-day show.

The highlight of the show was our buddy Joel Henning!

Joel is one of the best and we enjoy every minute we see him and the family. Some may or may not know that the grey horse that Joel rode in the past, then was passed to Regan but now has some gate issue. Although sometimes it is easy to give up on a horse with this type of issue, Joel decided to take it slow with this particular horse – which is the smartest decision (in our opinion). By taking it slow and doing right by the horse Joel ended up winning the Warm Up at 4T’s. It was a smoking run and everyone including us could not have been happier. Showing great horsemanship Joel opted NOT to run in the open with the grey! Smart move Joel and WAY TO GO!!  Keep up the great work and remember patience is a virtue.

Regan Henning came in to win the Open on Daisy her super horse with Mary Francis hot on her heals placing 2nd.

These 2 children went to Youth World and showed over 1500 riders what Ohio has to offer.  Regan won the 2nd go of the youth and Mary Francis was 2nd in finals at Youth Worlds!  – Reserve Champion WAY TO GO MARY! –  WAY TO GO REGAN!!

So this weekend found us at WB Ranch in Swanton, Ohio. It has been since March that we had ran at WB and boy have we missed it.

We knew it was going to be a long weekend as we were taking 7 horses. 6 Open and our Blushing Bug 3 year old.  So we loaded everything up and our place looked like a ghost town as we pulled out. We had 7 horses, 2 rigs, 2 dogs and a whole lotta thoughts about running cans. Betty is in the big rig and I am right behind her with the little rig. As always she is trucking right along like a professional.

We take the turnpike, as it is the fastest way to our destination.  It is however an expensive travel route. Holy Crap the little rig was as much as the big rig. With the new toll changes being for axles and not weight the little rigs are gonna be expensive when you are traveling the pike… Start saving your pennies for the tolls for the September 30 showdown of the Best of the Best in Ohio!

We roll into WB about 5:30 and get the rigs settled in and parked. Horses are tied to the trailer and settled, dogs are running like banshees and we are headed to the arena to see what is going on.

On our venture to the arena we find Lisa feeding the horses, Mason Penland (more about the Penlands shortly) schooling his horse Sara and Tana Hall exercising her horses. Not to many there at the time but boy did that change. We knew it was gonna be a big show as all 160 stalls were sold out and some additional ones in the personal barn. By the end of the night the parking lot was full and it was fixin’ to be a great start to the weekend.

After getting all the horses through exhibition we fed settled in and decided to go visit with The Penland’s and Becky Johnston and Helen!  As we stroll by Becky’s trailer she is clearly having an enjoyable evening with her friend Jose’.  Her, Helen and Señorita Margarita all has such a great evening. The Pendland’s as always were so nice to visit with. This particular evening they were in a singing mood…..(Listen to the video – While there’s no video, just audio, I think you’ll thoroughly enjoy Beth’s leadership.)

We found out that Beth used to be a camp counselor for around 4,000 kids. (OK so not 4,000 – Beth said 400 but Kent said 40.) regardless of the number we can tell you that Beth knows the camp fire songs from when she was a counselor and she can lead the group in any song. We sang and laughed the evening away with the Penland’s and The Guido’s. One other trait we found out about Beth is that she can have her own conversation when everyone else is in another.

SO, Kent, myself, Clea, Mason, Beth and Marisa are sitting around the fire and Kent and Clea are having a conversation with Marisa, Mason and myself listening. Then there is Beth who with every 5th word Kent says Beth chimes in with some other sentence that is not even related to the conversation. I am trying to keep up with Kent while listening to Beth and as no one is acknowledging Beth she gets louder so someone is sure to acknowledge her.  Kent now is saying “Beth Shut Up” with every 8th word he speaks. Clea and I start laughing like crazy with the entire situation. I stop the whole chaos and say “OMG Beth you are cracking me up!!” Mason jumps in and says, “She does that all the time.”  Kent is still having his conversation and Marisa says, “OH was Mom talking? I didn’t even hear her, that is how used to that we are.”  We all laugh and Beth says, “OK so I was saying”  Great way to start the weekend……Beth we would not have you any other way but to be yourself!

Saturday brings a beautiful morning and the start to a busy, wet, rain-soaked day. The trailers are pulling in left and right as they did Friday night up til about 1 a.m.  Yes that is right 1 a.m. we are becoming such party animals. LOL

Hope and her crew had the arena ready, the entry booth manned with Kelly, Kelsie Jesse ” Superstar” Meeks, Laura and Ben Lambert, Ellen McKee,Hannah (the quiet one) and her husband then Hope’s Dad and her husband Jimmy.  Everyone did a great job and we THANK YOU for your hard work!

It was nice to see some new faces and some old friends at WB. The Altman’s and Guido’s made the trip from way over Pennsytucky way!  My home state.  Also from PA were Kelly Jones and her daughter were there and shaking some moves around the barrels. Danny Dunn and Kelly Branberry came from down yonder. Kelly, Matt and the gang were there.  It was nice as always to see Kelly’s parents in from Texas. They both looked great as always. The Michigan group was there as well.

The Weather…..OH Lord the weather. Well it was what one might call a down pour. It rained in sheets off and on. Just when you thought it was done, IT was NOT!  We each went through 3 pair of jeans 4 shirts and 3 pair of socks. Good Lord thanks goodness we had the trailer packed heavy.

The Show

Everyone is drenched from the rain. Although Clea and I felt like the only 2 drowned rats as we looked around but none the less we were ready for the show to start.

The show started with the Pee Wee barrels which is ALWAYS a joy to watch. Our future barrel racers are ready to roll and primed for the future.

After Pee Wee came poles. Clea did not have Joker there for poles but she had the privilege of riding Mari Guidos horse Cracker. Now keep in mind our saddles were soaked and when Clea went to get Cracker who was – yes tied to the trailer saddled – in the pouring rain Clea had to get on a wet seat. We are waiting for Clea to enter the arena for the run on Cracker and Mari tells her “Whatever you do hang on at the end turns and trust him.” Clea rode like a champ and placed 2nd out of 40 head of pole horses. After the class someone said, “WOW we thought she was going off on the end pole!” She must have thought that too. She looked like she might have peed her pants…. LOL we got a kick out of that! NO SHE DID NOT PEE HER PANTS! LOL

After the Poles came the Warm Up. They had 109 entries and everyone was ready to roll. Youth and Seniors followed the Warm Up for the big race with $2000 added money and 190 head to run. The show went smooth. Hope had all her ducks in a row this weekend and made a great showing for NBHA District 08 Ohio. All the hard work that goes into these shows is much appreciated and if you see a district director or anyone involved on putting on the shows please say THANK YOU. Without their hard work and efforts we would all be trail riding.

The Open was a race to the end with riders Judy Hess and Kelly Bowser having high draw numbers we knew the show was not over til the last horse ran. Katie McGrain set an early pace on her 8-year-old Maggie with a blazing 16.038. If you are Facebook friends with Katie McGrain you can see her run on Maggie. Don’t blink. See more late about Katie.

With the time of 16.038 everyone knew they better come in that arena to win. Kelly Bowser came in flying on Snoopy with a 16.192. Judy Hess came in on her first horse Speeding Ta Fame. Trust us she would have received a speeding ticket had the po po been there. She came into the first barrel like a lightening bolt. She caught it leaving went on to turn the 2nd and 3rd like a pro rodeo rider and coasted home with a 16.211. boooo hisss boooo . But she came back on horse number 2 Streakin Pacific Bar and ran a 16.512 placing her 4th over all GREAT JOB Judy and great to see you and the family out and about. Katie Overholt and Kim Kegler both finished in the top 5 of the 1D – If you knew you could get a 16.5 for the 2D you better be riding. Loren Altman from PA came in with a 16.563 that would prove to be a money making time winning the 2D. KC Jane did not let us down with a 16.578 good enough for 8th out of the 190 head that ran. There were a lot of great runs and some competition that anyone would be proud to run against.

The Ground

As always the ground at the WB Ranch is excellent. It seemed to be deep for some horses but over all it was absolutely flawless. The Alley way – if you have never been there – is a mile long and for some horses, like Beth Penland’s Cat horse, it is just what the doctor ordered.

The Food

The kitchen at the WB is ALWAYS very good. They have breakfast, lunch and dinner and it is all yummmmmyyyy.

Eye catcher of the Show

We will have to say that Loren Altman and her horses Docs Hancock Dash and Smart Plan for Her are sure to be superstars. Anyone who know Loren knows what a hand she is and the ability she has to come together with a horse and make a team to remember. Some of you will remember just in the last week that Loren’s horse Kramer carried Mia Shaffer to 9th place at the Youth World show. These are the caliber of horses Loren is capable of putting out and making shine like superstars! Loren also does farrier services, equine massage service and training. Great Job Loren and thanks to your Dad for getting you and your Mom to the show at WB. Great to see you! You can read a little more about Loren here!

Word/Phrase for the weekend

Dog Days of Summer – Well Friday I woke up with a cold sore on my lower lip, 2 broken nails, then at the show Shawnee bit my arm as I was in front of her – man that hurt – I cracked a tooth on Friday night and had a snaggle tooth all weekend, we were both drenched all weekend and the humidity that was high and low, then I bite my lip yes of course right on my cold sore…. at that point I said to Clea, “These are the dog days of summer,” referring to the hot sultry weather, the cold sore and all that had happened within 2 days… She said, “Huh – What do dogs have to do with it?” For all you young’ens out there. Here is some info on that phrase http://wilstar.com/dogdays.htm. It was a great weekend and we will take these dog days any day of the year.

One Drunkin Night at Loma Linda

Well if you wonder where Katie and Maggie came from wonder no more. This 8-year-old Straw Fly mare came from Danielle and Kelly Bowser and ended up with Katie after a drunken night with Danielle and the gang. Kelly ran Maggie as a 4 year old and then she went to Canada and then back to the US. Maggie had a couple of jockies until she found her permanent jockey with Katie. When I ask Katie, “How did you end up with Maggie?” She said, “I got Danielle drunk and she sold her to me.” I said, “Works for me!” (Editor’s note: Dawn, be careful. I’m going to get you drunk at Swanton Sept. 30 and buy KC Jane!) and whatever or however that all happened it is definitely a plus for Katie. We wish her continued success and nothing but great barrels!

First Ever “On the Road with Dawn and Clea” Invitational Charity Barrel Race

Keep in mind September 30 – October 2 is another huge show at WB Ranch in Swanton Ohio – NBHA District 07 will be putting on a fabulous show with lots of added money. Stacy Hartman has been generous enough to allow us to have the First Annual “On the Road with Dawn and Clea” Invitational Charity Barrel Race in conjunction with her show. This race will be Friday Night after the Open 4D. For more details on the 07 show go to http://www.nbhaoh07.com/Oct1.doc

We hope you come to join the fun, watch a great race and participate in making the donation to The United Cerebral Palsy Charity a Success.

A Special Thanks

This is going out to Abi and Julie Ringer and Nate McCartney for noticing my back passenger side tire on the little bloomer was going flat. They called me to let me know which avoided a road side tire change. A thank you to The Penland’s for stopping with us to make sure we got the fix a flat and air in and on our way. You ALL ROCK!

To Close

Our question for you is…
What kind of tire changing equipment fro you have in your vehicle if you get a flat tire on your towing vehicle or your trailer? Your comments are always helpful and interesting to everyone reading.

Be the Melody in the Symphony of Your Life.
– Jonathan Lockwood Huie-

We are headed to the Croton Fair on Friday and then Reality Run on Saturday. Fair should be fun and Reality Run is always a nice show.

Until next week “Have your pet Spayed or Neutered”

Clea and Dawn

P.S. Make sure and nominate your favorite Horse and Rider Team from Ohio for the Sept 30th Barrel Race. You can do this by going to http://www.thebarrelracingblog.com and commenting until Friday at noon (EST).


4 thoughts on “On the Road with Dawn and Clea

  1. Great post, love it. I wanted to tell you about my tire changing equipment since I have had a few especially when Madison was a baby. My dad made me a tire ramp which I love. Bryan my husband put an electric drill with sockets so all I have to do now is start the generator and change the tire so easy. I can show you the tire ramp at WB. We are finally planning on going to a show this year. We can’t wait to see everyone there. Have a great day!

  2. dawn & clea, your stories of the penlands around a campfire r so true….i lived that same night a few weeks ago at a penn ohio show at the armstongs arena. when everyone started to sing i was like “WHAT?” troy my 9 year old son looked at me….priceless….i am still laughing about it….but it was alot of fun!! beth is priceless!! next time u r with them watch how much pepper mason puts on his food & eat loud with him…..really bothers him if u eat like a cow 😉 hahahahaha

  3. Thank you Dawn and Clea for the compliments! (Your monthly check is in the mail!! LOL) You guys are so much fun, I love reading all of your crazy stories. I’m on my way to Lexington, VA to the Colonial National Show (Mom is driving, YIKES!!). Dad stayed home for this trip but he did make his appearance at the North Washington Rodeo with us last night! As far as tire changing equipment, I hear stories of an electric impact gun, sockets galore, and just about anything else my dad could stuff into the compartments of my truck that we might need, but I have never actually seen these things (maybe because it’s packed so full you don’t even want to think of looking for them unless you absolutely need them!). Anyway, thanks again for the nice things you said about me and have a great weekend!!!! Loren

  4. Great blog as usual girls! The laughter never stops with these two clowns! I am just glad that it stopped raining when it did at WB because I can’t swim and Sydney was too busy digging holes to save me with the Doggie paddle!

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