First 5 Entries in The Best of the Best in Ohio Barrel Race

My cohorts Dawn Shirey and Clea Remington are now ready to announce who made the cut for The Best of The Best in Ohio Barrel Race! Here’s what these two hooligans have to say: 

OK Chels, so every one is wondering, How did you pick the Best of the Best?

Clea and I already had a list before we asked for nominations. Once we got the barrel racing community involved, we wanted to take our list and their nominations and combined them.

So it did not matter how many nominations you got – but it was great to see how many there were for everyone – but those nominated did have to qualify by our standards as one of the top 1D competitors in the state.

Once we got the ones that were qualified, then we took our list and added to them, and then took the number of wins to get to the ones that were invited – All of which really doesn’t matter because this is all about Marley Rickley (you can read about her tomorrow on The Barrel Racing Blog) and getting this race going to benefit United Cerebral Palsy. So no matter who the top teams listed below are, it is going to be a GREAT race and a GREAT evening for all.

Always Remember “There is no limit to the amount of good you can do if you don’t care who gets the credit.” – Ronald Reagan

And here we go
The First 5 Are…

Rhonda Dowell and Levi
Lisa Bowers and Chaney
Hannah Shirey and Pierre
Troy Crumrine and Hoosier
Penny Baker and Matrix

Congrats to these 5 teams! 5:30 will list the next 5!


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