Slipping in Our Last 2 Invitees

The committee voted (us) and it says YES!  Let them Run!  After all it is all about Marley and it is all for a great cause.

We are adding 2 more teams to The Best of the Best in Ohio Barrel Race, that would be Anne Johnson and Show Me Some Glory and Haley Patterson and Vail.  Both of these young woman sent their invites back priority mail – which they misinterpreted our meaning of in the invite.  

We must mention that we have had  calls and text supporting these 2 and seeing is there anyway they can run.  These are from the other invitees.  A special thought goes to one of the other invitees that was already on the list.  They were willing to give up their spot to run because well … That is how big their heart is.  We could not one out for the other in a race that is all about giving and making sure that we do our best for others.

SO Ladies!  Get your horses ready to ride on Sept 30, 2011!


6 thoughts on “Slipping in Our Last 2 Invitees

  1. Please let me know if there is anything you need from me. I can help if you need me to do anything on the 30th. Good luck to all who are running. This really does show how good Ohio Barrel racers are.

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