Meet the Best of the Best in Ohio: Troy Crumrine

Troy and Hoosier making a winning run at Circle G. | Photo by Puhl's Photography.

This is the first time the number one rider of the decade has been interviewed on The Barrel Racing Blog. Troy Crumrine, Ohio’s own top dog, is making a trip to The Best of the Best in Ohio in between major national races, and we are honored! And we’re excited to see Troy and Hoosier go head to head with the state’s best. So, learn a little more about Troy and Hoosier Fame right here!

Tell us about the horse you’ll be running in The Best of the Best in Ohio Barrel Race. (Name, bloodlines, style, age, owner, any other fun details.)

Hoosier Fame: He is a Dash Ta Fame, out of Time To Perk by Dash For Perks. Jan and Mike Dahlen purchased him in the OKC sale as a 3-year-old. He was on the track but didn’t run real fast. They bred a couple mares with him and then cut him. Paul Martin then got him in September (3-year-old year) to break for barrels. I had seen him a couple times when Paul had him in training. Sherri put him in the sale and I rode him for her and Paul in the demonstration there. Dahlens were looking for a prospect, so they bought him. He was kind of a fluke to the barrels, he loved learning and wanted to please you! He loves what he does and tries really hard for you!

What is the biggest race this horse has won?

The biggest race Hoosier has won would probably be Old Ft. Days his futurity year! And then again this is his last derby year there this year as a 6-year-old. (The “jockey” had some problems his 5-year-old year). Hoosier is like an overgrown dog!

What is your biggest win as a barrel racer?

The biggest race I have ever won would be the slot race with Mulberry Canyon Moon for $100,000. Probably the race that meant the most to win would probably be the first time I won Old Fort Days in 2000, on Sissys Little Coin.

Tell us one little-known fact about you or your horse.

A little known fact about Hoosier would be he has made it back to every finals since he was a futurity horse except in 2010 at the BFA Derby. Also, he is like a big dog. If there is something for him to grab and play with, he will! He also pouts if he doesn’t get attention, like getting rode, he goes to the corner of his pasture that butts up to the arena and watches every horse rode! He gets mad if he doesn’t get loaded in the trailer too! He has been a super horse to have around! Me and my family have gotten very attatched to him, he is like a part of our family!

This race is all about charity – What’s the biggest cause you believe in and why?

Probably the biggest cause I believe in is Cancer Research! I have had so many people I know and love affected by cancer.

This is a great thing that Dawn & Clea are doing! It is an Honor to be invited and be a part of this!


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