Giant Installment of On the Road with Dawn and Clea

We’ll have more interviews for The Best of the Best in Ohio this afternoon! For now, we’re heading On the Road with Dawn and Clea.

Hartford County Fair, Reality Run, Henderson Arena Oh My…. Wait that is Lions, Tigers and Bears Oh My…Wait that was Canvas WV and we did not make it there this year but heard it is a great place to show.

Well Chels it has been a bit since we have sent you a review with all the happening of The Best of the Best in Ohio Barrel Race we have been a little crazy. So we are including the last 3 shows in this review – we hope you enjoy.

Croton – Hartford County Fair August 12, 2011

So it is a good weekend for a barrel race: weather is good, money is right and the horses are ready. We have only the two dogs as Kisses is home with the kids this particular day so we are a few dogs shy and that is AOK for a Friday night.

We both decide we will be staying at the fairgrounds then headed to Reality Run for the NBHA 06 show on Saturday. We rollout of the drive knowing that we are headed to a fairgrounds with the big rig…little hesitation there but none the less we wheel on down the road. As we turn on to 71 South (5 minutes from the house Clea says “Do you have the map we printed?” “Ummmmm Nope sure don’t,” I reply. We are both ok with that we have the Ipad and it has Google Maps, and hey, we should be in good shape.

We get to getting where we are headed and all is good to go with the maps right til we take a road called Lytle Road. As we turn off the main highway there is a sign NO TRUCKS and the road turns to a one lane gravel road. So we look at each other cuss out Google and say well “Here goes nothing” So as the dust is flying on the newly cleaned rig and the people in their yards are looking at us like we can not read road signs, we tool on through til we find Croton. About 6 miles of back country one lane roads, it was pretty!

We find ourselves in the middle of town with low hanging trees and parked cars everywhere but have no fear Betty Big Rigger is on it. She gets us on the right road, things are looking familiar and we can see the fair in the distance. As we approach the first gate which was gate A Clea says “ Should we go in here?” I reply, “ Nope it says gate G, lets keep going.” So we do and we get to Gate D and she says “Here?” I say “Nope it said Gate G I would keep going.” So we did and we passed a rickety Gate E then nothing else. So she looks at me and says “ Ummmm I think we are out of gates.” I am laughing saying, “I swear it said Gate G!” So we go down the road, then down the road some more and finally we can turn left, that is right LEFT onto a small county road that is, well it is paved, so long story short after driving for about 10 miles in a 5 miles radius town we end up at the fair again and I re-read the sign, you guessed it: Gate D is where we needed to be. Clea says – like any good truck driver would – “I knew I should have turned there,” and like any good navigator says, “Obviously you didn’t KNOW or you would have turned!” We laugh… Well, I laughed more than her. ☺

We start though the field and a man in a parking vest comes running over, jumps up on the running board and says “Holy Shit what am I going to do with you two?!” We say, “Park us hopefully.” So we look around they clear a path and we get parked but we are way away from the arena. We walk up and see a place to get the rig in, we scurry back to the rig, pick up the ramp, I roll in the slide as Clea is headed up towards the arena – we are trying to get up there so no one takes the spot we eye spied- I jump out of the camper and move the cones leading to the arena then start to direct her back to the parking spot. Scott Hefner comes out to offer his assistance then soon realizes he will just keep his month shut as we got this under control. Oh you wanted to bad to jump in there didn’t you Scott. LOL just kidding buddy! We finally get parked, settled and unloaded. We head up to the arena to sign up and see who all is here.

We visited with The Shirey’s and Selway’s. The Hefner’s and the Hall’s and many more. Well everyone under the sun is here to run the one time a year Hartford County Fair Show. This is a fair show with everyone from Super Stars to future barrel racers. Old and Young alike. The show brought 150 contestants and a whole lot of fun. There was fair food for all and a nice evening that would go til wee hours in the morning.

We would highly recommend running at the Hartford County Fair if you ever have the chance. You will need to plan for a long evening but you can bet the grond will be good, the warm up area is ginormous and there is fun for all ages.

Brad Shirey was the King of the Fair this night on his horse Shrek with Chris Bohan in 2nd and we are proud to say with Chili Bug coming in 3rd. We saw several familiar faces at the window to pick up checks that evening. This race paid like a slot machine. It was $1000 added and pays 90% with a $20 entry fee. Come one come all…

The night finally was quiet and all the fair goers went home as a hush came over the fair grounds we ended the night with a very good night’s sleep and a fresh start to the morning.

Delaware – Reality Run August 13, 2011

We load up and head on over to Reality Run for an NBHA 06 approved show and a day that we will end with a smile on the face of several people but one in particular.

We make our way to the grounds and Clea pulls in and parks like we own the place. Oh well she with the bigger rig gets to park however… LOL calm down Cara Kaufman we are just kidding.

It was a smaller show as there were several shows going on this August 13th but there the competition was fierce to say the least. As always the ground is good at Reality Run and the food is always good from the little food cart they have there, never a disappointing order of fries or breakfast sandwich.

We decide to run the warm up and the 4D today and as we are in the warm up arena I am riding Chili and Clea is on Channing we are chatting with Maggie Cain. This little gal is something else. She looks at me and says, “When are you up in the youth?” Now I think this little gal is something else, but now I think she is tops. Clea thinks she might have a sight problem. LOL I smile and say “Oh I am not running the youth honey.” She chats some more on how she has a goal to beat Justin Theado. She is sure she can. Clea tells her “Everyone needs a goal!” We are sure she will be atop the leader board in no time. This is the little gal that figured up how much her silly bands cost her for the year and then swore off the bands as she wanted that money for horse shows. YOU GO MAGGIE!

Later that day Briget Whetnall says to me “So how did you do in youth?” Freaking cracked us up.

Regan Henning gave us all a scare when her horse when down at the first barrel she got hung up and was hanging off the side or about 40 feet and then as her horse was caught and she was being put back up on the horse she was heard saying “ Oh don’t worry this has happened before!” Kids! Bobbie Henning aged about 20 years as she was filming the run. Everyone was fine and Regan game back to place in the 1D in the Open.

The youth was a tough showing as well as the open. Justin Theado won the youth with a list of tough riders right behind him.

The Open was however one of the races that makes you know “The Best of the Best in Ohio Barrel Race” has the right riders. The top 5 – Morgan Henning, Brad Shirey, Regan Henning, Penny Baker and Jenna Shirey were the tops at Delaware and they will be top ones to watch at the September 30, 2011 race at Swanton.

Morgan Henning was our shining star for the show. She has been having some issues with keeping barrels up here and there and with her Famous Corona horse under her she is starting to get this issue resolved. Morgan’s level of confidence has jumped and she is riding like she wants it! She wants to do what everyone else knows she is capable of doing. Brad Shirey was atop the leader board with a 13.672 and Morgan knew she had to ride and ride hard if she was going to catch Brad. Brad is one of the best there is and she would have to, as Larry the Cable Guy says “Get ‘Er Done” if she was going to win. She enters the arena with a look of grit on her face and comes out with a 13.663 just enough to take and keep the lead to win the open. Congrats Morgan and Famous Corona. We are all very proud of you.

The day would end on a good note for most and a great note for other. All in all it was a terrific show put on by terrific people. Thank you all so much for all your hard work.

Henderson Arena September 2-4 2011

So it is Thursday we think we are ready to get on the road Friday about 11 a.m. as we want to get to the arena and get our fav parking spot. Surprisingly enough we got out of the drive at 11:30. Prior to leaving we did our pre-trip as all good truckers do before pulling out of the drive. All checked out well besides we added a little oil to both trucks and we are off.

I posted on Facebook 7 horses, 7 dogs and 2 rigs Jackson here we come. That should have been a clue to what kind of weekend it was going to be. None the less we hit the road with smiles on our faces.

The trip to Jackson although good roads it is a little start and stop down Route 23 through Circleville. Add some Labor Day weekend traffic, 4 screaming puppies in my back seat, 7 traffic lights and 15 motorcycles in front of Clea looking for Flea Markets and Lord it is a little nerve racking. By the time we hit South Bloomington we are calling each other to check on one another and both agree we need a drink however we pushed forward and made it to Henderson Arena without stopping.

Once we were in the drive – I am ahead of Clea – I start to the spot we are parking and I look in my rearview and see her stop and get out, then I see Doc Greuey walk over (with no shirt I might add- I know I am going to have to keep Clea under control) to the truck and they are both looking down the side of the rig and then he helps pop the hood. I know right then what happened. The oil cap has come off and our freshly washed and engine cleaned prior to leaving Peterbilt is now covered with oil. As I walk over YEP that is it. Doc shows us the oil cap and what we did wrong. – Live and Learn –

We get parked and grab the dawn dish soap and a bucket. As we are washing it about 5 people walk by and say “OMG it is so hot why would you want to wash your truck now” Clea is ready to kill the next person that walks by and says that…We get it all cleaned off and get the day started with a Corona and a lemonade.

Enter Dustin Whitesel he actually beat us to our spot but that is ok there was plenty of room. He said hello then was the first to tell us about Dave getting his finger cut off. He was very explanatory which at the time was TMI but overall by the end of the weekend Clea was giving Dustin “The Shocker” hand sign and quoting the phrase …well you know if you were there. Dave we wish you a speedy recovery.

The trailers are pulling in left and right it is sure to be a huge show and a good one at that.

We decide to wait til later in the evening to ride as it is 93 degrees and we are sweating like crazy. We make our way back to the camp after visiting with everyone at the entry booth and the arena. Horses are settled, dogs are in the air and we are going to sit down and chill a bit. We enjoy some time with Terri Phillips and Joel Henning at the trailer before thinking about riding.

And the weekend begins…

I get the dogs out – yes all 7 – for a walk and Clea is going to get our 3-year-old Whitey out to ride. So we are parked next to barn 5 and there is about 15-20 feet between the barn and the rig. I am sitting with all the dogs playing with the puppies and Clea saddles and goes to get on Whitey. This is where pure pandemonium ensues. As soon as her foot hit the stirrup Whitey decided she do a little fancy foot work – yes toward me and the 7 dwarfs – Myself and the big dogs start scurrying I am trying to pick up puppies as Whitey decides she is a little scared about her surroundings. After she calms down we took her to the outdoor for Clea (no not me) to get on her and then we rode her to the arena for exhibition. Pandemonium Pure Pandemonium!

We exhibition all the other horses and decide to call it a night we are all beat and it is going to be a long weekend.

Saturday would bring more heat and a generator that is over heating therefore not staying on. 7 dogs and no AC is NOT a good thing. That was an on and off thing all weekend and very frustrating grrrrrrrrrr but we survived. At one point we ran an extension cord to the barn so we could run a fan to the trailer. As I was getting the fan down when the bungee cord came around and smacked me in the mouth knocking 2 of my teeth – yes the front- loose. THANK GOODNESS FOR JENNA SHIREY! She was at Walmart and was able to get me a mouth guard for the weekend until I could get to the dentist this week. Thank you Shirey’s you are the best! (Dental report: They are loose but not cracked should heal in about 3 weeks)

The Show

The Pee wee’s would start the day off and then the warm up would bring 200 head of horses to the arena and a great race to get ready for the big added money open class.

The Youth was a Tough Class all weekend bringing the below riders to the pay window.
Youth Results (Click here for results!)

If you see any of these youth riders tell them congratulations that were running with the big dogs and they all did a heck of a job!

The Seniors were rockin the house with some dynamite runs from the likes of Ralph Bicknell, Mike Jones, Becky Dixon, Larry Saling, Danny Byrd, Ellen McKee, Sam Lewis, John Ridenbaugh. and our own Shirtless Doc Greuey. Several other riders turned in great runs to get in the 2D and 3D and also to just be out of the money. Robbin Selway ran beautiful all weekend but was just a little shy of getting some mola. Keep up the great riding Robbin.

Clea and I enjoyed watching the Seniors as we sat at the 3rd barrel with Kyli Horn who is the daughter of Hollie Horn. She is a barrel setting fool. Clea and I volunteered to set the 3rd barrel and Kyli decided to help us. As we get ready for the class to start we go up and find chairs to relax on. As we sit down we notice two gentleman in those comfy lounge chairs that are all layed back and they are sawing logs. Clea and I giggle then Kyli says they are like the man on the tractor (Ben) with his feet up CHILLAXIN That is the word for the week! Kyli thanks for all your help and doing a great job.

The Open would bring a level of competition that everyone who comes to watch a barrel race loves to see. With the likes of Sara Boucher, Brad, Jenna and Hannah Shirey, Crystal Haskins, The Henning Girls, Katie Mc Grain, Anne Johnson, Laura Lambert, The Theado Duo and many more it was a day complete with tough competition.

As you will see from the results it was a tight race both days. Sara Boucher and Happy blow everyone a way on Saturday and they were fixin to do the same on Sunday when a downed 3rd barrel stopped that process. (Click here for full Open Results!)

On Saturday Peyton Theado was atop the leader board for sometime with her 16.195 run on Tucker. That was changed up by only 7 other riders as Peyton ended up 8th over all out of 300 head of horses! That our friends is pretty darn good for a little girl who didn’t think she could who now knows she can.

On Sunday Brad Shirey held the lead from draw 42 with a 15.770 and everyone was counting there division wins until draw 176, Morgan Henning and Famous Corona came through the gate at a blazing speed and changed the leader board to a 15.701.

See the results on how it all ended up for placing. If you got in or didn’t get in, no matter what division no matter what place you ended up if you tried your best and had a good time you are a winner.

The Best Friends Weekend

This weekend belonged to Morgan Henning and Famous Corona as well as Peyton Theado and Tucker. These 2 young ladies who not less than a month ago were knocking on every tin can they went by are now in the running for saddles, awards in their district and can proudly say they RODE this weekend! Everyone knows these 2 and their horses have what it takes to get the job done and when you run in NBHA District 06 you better have something as these are some of the toughest horses around. Now add in Districts Ohio 00~01~03~04~08~WV02~WV03~KY07 and you are talking mega competition.

Clea and I are looking forward to seeing Morgan competing at The Best of the Best in Ohio Barrel Race on September 30, 2011 and looking forward to Peyton cheering on her best friend and everyone else competing on that race. We will look forward to Peyton and Tucker getting their groove on so they might be one of next year’s invitees.

Congrats to both of you girls you both had and awesome weekend and we are proud of you.

So at some point in the Open Enter Heath Boucher.

Heath Boucher armed with a helmet, a whip and a horse that may or may not turn the first. Earlier in the week Heath had a little accident ended up getting a CT Scan and was told perhaps you should not ride. Heath being the man he is said, “I am riding–I am scared to death but I am riding” As Clea and I sit at the end of the arena by the enter booth we see “THE HELMET” we are both cracking up a little, not because of the helmet but because of the earlier conversation with Heath.

So enter Heath in to the arena, well trying to enter the arena after a few trips through the warm up area a couple whips and a lot of people climbing the fence he heads to the 1st (going left) His horse almost gets there and around the 1st and ooops heads to the shoot. Then he gives it he whip and tries it again…and again… not to be discouraged he gets done what he can and leaves the arena. He does not leave the warm up area instead he decides he is going to sit in the warm up arena and school his horse. Imagine this. Perched upon his horse with his whip in hand he periodically picks his whip up and taps his horse on the head as if to say ” I am still her MO FO I am not going anywhere” From afar we are cracking up at Heaths actions and if you know Heath he is absolutely one of the best guys you could ever meet and has this sparkle in his eye and a sound to his voice when he talks to you that makes you love the guy. At least it does us! Heath thanks for the giggles. WE LOVE YOU!

We want to get the “Hell Yes” award to:

Marcie Sheasby and Miss B

We saw Marcie at Henderson riding her butt off and not too long ago she was at Croton. It was there this pair took a spill at the first barrel that would make anyone say “Hell No I am not doing this again!” But Marci managed to get through a freak out moment at Reality Run the following day to get back to chasing cans. AS we sit in the warm up pen up against the shoot panels at the end of the Alley at Reality Run I am on the right of Marci and Clea is on the left. I look over and Marci is having a break down – we at this point have no idea what is wrong – She then tells us about her spill at Croton and I say “Hey if you don’t want to run today , don’t.” Clea says the same and we both tell her it is ok either way. Dave Burgess comes up and Marcie says “Dave ride my horse.” Dave says “Marcie get in there and ride you will be fine.” She says “But Dave!” he says MARCIE get in there. She sucks it up and rides. She places in the 2D and was happy. She is back to whipping and kicking and riding like a champ. Way to go Marcie – Clea says “Darci.”

Never buy sandals with cushy bottoms and where them to clean stalls, hose off horses, and in general get them wet. We are sitting at the arena on the bleachers with The Hennings and Shireys and a few other people just chatting and I get a whiff of this stinky horse poop/feet smell. I was like “to myself” WHOA! You all know that smell will gag a maggot. We continue to chat and watch everyone go through the barrels then I get that smell again, now keep in mind it was 94 degrees and everyone is sweaty stinky and needing a shower. Again that smell hits the air. I am like Holy Crap as I look over a Joel as he is the only man there at this point and I KNOW it is not me or Clea (our feet DO NOT stink)- We continue to chat with anyone’s movement in the bleachers I get a little nauseated. We decide we are going to call it a night and head to the trailer. As I walk away I think Lord that smell is enough to gag ya. On the walk back to the trailer and I say to Clea ” Did you smell that horse poop/stinky feet smell?” She said “hell yes” I said must have been Joel God! Poor Bobbie! THEN… I kick off my WET cushiony sandals and I say “WHOA” “OMG those are my sandals.” Clea said ” Holy Christ woman” Needless to say they went in the trash that night ($25.00 Nike sandals I might add) and I wanted to tell Joel Sunday- Sorry Dude- but never got a chance. Even though he never knew I was thinking it was him in the first place. Sorry about that buddy!

What better way to lead into the Food at Henderson…

The Food

What can you say about the food except DELICIOUSIOSO

The Ground

The ground at Henderson is always good but not often the same. This weekend we saw a lot of horses struggle on the ground but there was never a danger of slipping or would be consider it “bad ground” It was as always on Labor Day safe and consistent but it is never the same from one show to the next. Ben. Tom (with a broken leg) Justin Dustin and anyone else manning the tractor all weekend THANK YOU

The Alley Way and Warm up Pen

The Alley way and warm up area is always dug up and roomy however the box at the end of the alley way is not always a favorite of everyone’s but it is what it is and Henderson Arena is a great place to run no matter what they date!

A Special shout out to

The Announcers! Everyone who pitched in to help the 06 gang keep the show running we thank you.

Dustin your announcing was remarkably entertaining, as he tells the senior class “Come on people you have been doing this long enough when the tractor shuts off you should be out of the arena” We laughed!

Ben – As always you are a joy to listen to and make the classes more exciting then they usually are.

Nancy and Ellen – you gals are tops!


Thank you everyone who purchased a T Shirt for the United Cerebral Palsy Foundation. As of today we have approximately $900 to give to UCP just on shirt sales alone! Thank each and every one of you for your part in making a difference in a child’s life.

A few T Shirt stories

Mike and Debbie Jones- Thank you for the purchase of your T Shirt for your grandson. Mike thank you for the story you told us on how your grandson ask you what the T shirts were for. After a description of the cause Mike’s grandson – who has always wanted to be a scientist said “ I will work hard when I get older to cure this disease.” He is a special boy and you both should be proud. Thank for sharing Mike.

The concession stand girl who left her window to make sure she found us to get a shirt. Thank you!

John Hanning gave us his last $15 to support the cause.Thank you John and thank you for shaming Pete Scott into a T Shirt. Just Kidding Pete, thank you for the purchase Pete we will look good on your chest.

Jhonda and Tom Cox for running us down, in the pouring rain to make sure they got a shirt before they left on Sunday. Jhonda you touched our hearts this weekend.

Betty Jean Roby Thank You for telling us people where looking for shirts at the end of the show.We are sure you did this out of pure kindness and not because you felt you had to return the favor after we pointed out (because Mr. Shirey did not), as you sat on your horse in the warm up arena full of riders that your zipper was down. As Betty Jean said “It is a good thing you had a pretty G string on.” Thank you again for letting us know about the T Shirts!

To all who purchased THANK YOU

All in all Chels it was a great weekend despite the Oil spill, the generator not working in 94 degree weather, the horse pandemonium, the bungee knocking two of my teeth loose and Joel Henning’s feet it was a great weekend!

In Closing

Please remember all the people who lost their lives on Sept 11, 2001 and the families they left behind. Keep them in your thoughts and hope their dreams come true, whatever that might be for each of them after living such a nightmare.

Every dream is different through another’s eyes …A child on a farm sees a plane fly overhead and dreams of a faraway place. A traveler on the plane sees the farmhouse and dreams of home.
– Carl Burns

We will see you at the next can chasing event. Our plans are right now to be headed to Vail Meadows and then Simmons on Sunday.

Until next week “Have your pet Spayed or Neutered”

Clea and Dawn

Remember to get your stalls for The Best of the Best in Ohio Barrel Race before they are all out! Contact Stacy Hartman at or call 419-307-1039


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  1. Love the commentary and reviews on the shows 🙂 I totally know what you mean about the Croton fairgrounds gates. I did that the first year I went there….I thought it was bad enough turning around in my little 2h, I can’t imagine in the big rig! 🙂

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