Meet the Best of the Best in Ohio: Natalie Davidson

Natalie and Jeter

What would the Best of the Best in Ohio be without the 2010 IBRA 1D State Champion? We’ve got Natalie Davidson and her horse, Ninnekas Jet, right here on The Barrel Racing Blog to tell us about their history together. Her little sister, Macie, will be featured in a few days! This is just one of the sisterly duos that will be competing in the Best of the Best in Ohio in Swanton, Ohio Sept. 30! 

Tell us about the horse you’ll be running in The Best of the Best in Ohio Barrel Race. (Name, bloodlines, style, age, owner, any other fun details.)

His name is Ninnekas Jet aka Jeter, he is 14. He is out of Ninnekah Bug which is a own son of Bugs alive in 75 and Kitty TE which is a own granddaughter of Azure TE. On the bottom side hs goes back to Top Moon. In October 2006 I bought Jeter from from Pam Bowersock who was hauling him at the time. He was raised and trained by Robin Weaver. Jeters style is crazy, hes not exzactly a push style horse or a free runner, heis kinda a in between, but he loves to get into a turn and get out. I defintly wouldnt be where I am today with out him.

What is the biggest race this horse has won?

I would have to say the biggest race I have won with him would be at NBHA state Finals a few years back the first go we won! I was tickled to death.

What is your biggest win as a barrel racer?

My biggest win would probaly have to be winning the 1D saddle for IBRA OH in 2010.

Have you ever run at the WB Ranch before? (If so, what did you think of the facility and the ground, and how did your horses work there?)

Yes, I have ran at WB before. A few times actually! Both times Jeter worked really nice there! He likes big pens. The ground was always good and the facility was amazing! Good parking, nice stalls, good food, and awesome people.

Tell us one little-known fact about you or your horse. 

In the 5 years I have owned Jeter he never has had a bit change, cause if ya do try to change it, he will buck you off !

This race is all about charity – What’s the biggest cause you believe in and why?

The biggest cause I believe in is St. Jude Childrens Reasearch Hospital. I think this is a great cause not only because they are trying to make a difference but because they are trying to make a difference in a childs life and their family. This organization is truly incredible and a lot of families couldnt have made it without them.


4 thoughts on “Meet the Best of the Best in Ohio: Natalie Davidson

  1. Go Nat and Macie !!!! The Guido girls will be there yelling and cheering for ya!!! Not sure if you will hear us over Momma Davidson but we will try !!!!! LOL
    What a great race this is going to be. Thanks again Dawn, Clea, and Chels for all the fun everyone is having with this charity event !!!!

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