Meet the Best of the Best in Ohio: Regan Henning

Regan and Daisy receiving their Congress awards.

You’ve met this little dynamo a few times before on The Barrel Racing Blog, but here 9-year-old Regan Henning is again to talk all about her and her awesome mare, Story Tellen Flower. And of course, check out the video of this team below! 

Tell us about the horse you’ll be running in The Best of the Best in Ohio Barrel Race. (Name, bloodlines, style, age, owner, any other fun details.)
Name: Story Tellen Flower “Daisy”
Bloodlines: Sire: Juanito Flower Dam: Story Style
Style: Push Type
Age: 19
Owner: Joel Henning
Other fun details: When she is outside, the only person that can catch her is me!

What is the biggest race this horse has won?

The biggest thing that we have ever won on her is the Barrel Racing Sweepstakes at the Quarter Horse Congress in 2010

What is your biggest win as a barrel racer?

It was neat to win the 2nd go at the 2011 NBHA Youth World, but the Congress Sweepstakes is by far the best!

Have you ever run at the WB Ranch before? (If so, what did you think of the facility and the ground, and how did your horses work there?)

We have run there a few times, the ground has always been pretty good!

Tell us one little-known fact about you or your horse. 

I had a borrowed horse that was taken back and Daisy was just an old broodmare that was to get me through the winter until I could find a replacement.

This race is all about charity –– Tell us the cause you believe in the most.

The biggest cause I believe in is The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. The Light the Night Walk! My Paw died 3 year ago from AML Leukemia at the age of 59!


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