Meet the Best of the Best in Ohio: Mikayla Conklin

We’ve just got reigning champs of major associations everywhere we turn in this barrel race! Mikayla Conklin is our current IBRA Ohio 1D Youth Champion, and she’s riding one of the few Paint horses in the race. She and Junior have built a reputation as a top horse and rider combo in the state, and they’ll look to continue their outstanding season here at the Best of the Best in Ohio Barrel Race! 

Tell us about the horse you’ll be running in The Best of the Best in Ohio Barrel Race. (Name, bloodlines, style, age, owner, any other fun details.)

The horse I will be running is a 7-year-old Paint gelding by the name of Docs Painted Treasure. He is a grandson of Treasured. My mother owns him. We got him late in his 5-year-old year. My mom spend that following winter and spring training him on barrels. I thank my mom for producing this nice horse and giving me the opportunity to ride him. Junior is his barn name. He has quite the character. I call him my major ADHD child. He always has to be figiting with something and you may have to do things a couple of times with him before he’ll learn 🙂 but I love him!

What is the biggest race this horse has won?

The biggest race I’d have to say Junior has won would be going 3 for 3 last year Thanksgiving weekend down at Henderson’s Arena. We won the youth, ladies, and open class that day.

What is your biggest win as a barrel racer?

This year we were the IBRA Youth 1D Champion!

This race is all about charity – What’s the biggest cause you believe in and why?

The charity I believe most in and would like to give to is St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital. It’s internationally recognized for its pioneering research and treatment of children with cancer and other catastrophic diseases. I feel no child should have to go through any life threatening illness alone. And I hope for a cure someday in the near future.

Thank you Dawn&Clea for this opportunity to be a part of this great barrel race!


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