Meet the Best of the Best in Ohio: Cheyenne Niekamp

Cheyenne Niekamp is one of our outstanding youth competitors that’s earned a spot in today’s Best of the Best in Ohio Barrel Race. Cheyenne and Tink have been a force to be reckoned with in youth and open competition, and they aren’t limiting themselves to just barrel racing. Cheyenne has rounded out her horsemanship in other areas, and will be using all of her riding ability today in Swanton. 

Tell us about the horse you’ll be running in The Best of the Best in Ohio Barrel Race. (Name, bloodlines, style, age, owner, any other fun details.)

My horse’s name is MP Sugar Baby a.k.a. Tink. She is by Brays Moon Bug and Tammys Okie Starlet. We got Tink from Doug Chaney as a 2-year-old, and my dad, Kevin Niekamp, trained her. She is a push-style horse and makes up her time around the barrels. Tink is 9 years old and I have had the joy of riding her for most of her career. My papa, Earl (Jr.) Bowser owns Tink.

What is the biggest race this horse has won?

The biggest barrel race Tink has won is probably the youth at the 2011 IBRA State/Perferred show, but she is always a high contender whenever she runs.

What is your biggest win as a barrel racer?

Mine is the same because Tink is the best horse I ever rode, and my first at that.

Have you ever run at the WB Ranch before? (If so, what did you think of the facility and the ground, and how did your horses work there?)

Yes, I have ran at the WB before, but only a handful of times. I think they have a nice facility and good food. Tink and I didn’t do very good the last time we were there, but she surprised me at how fast she shut the clock off.

Tell us one little-known fact about you or your horse. 

A little unknown fact about Tink and I is that I took her to the Auglaize County Fair this year for the second time. She did great! We got 4th in trail, reserve champion in speed and control, 3rd in cones and barrels (barely ran), reserve champion in poles (that was her second time running poles), 2nd in the ribbon race, and 3rd in the egg and spoon.

This race is all about charity – What’s the biggest cause you believe in and why?

I support Relay for Life because everyone knows or has known someone with cancer. I’m a part of this club at my school and we always have a lot of fun raising money for it. My favorite fundraiser event is the Polar Plunge, where we get people to donate money so we can jump in cold water. Thanks, and Good Luck To Everyone!


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