Best of the Best in Ohio Winner Anne Johnson

Anne and Jules during the calcutta (Congrats to Mari Beth Guido for her winning bid!)

Anne Johnson smoked the competition on her breeding stock Paint at the Best of the Best in Ohio Barrel Race, after she won the Open that same night. We’ve got her here on The Barrel Racing Blog to talk all about her awesome run, what the competition was like, and even some of her secrets to success! Stay tuned over the next two days. Plus, we’re busy counting all the money raised for United Cerebral Palsy, and we’ll have those figures ASAP! 

Why did you decide to run the Open Friday night?

I have never ran at the WB before and I really wanted a chance to get in the arena to check things out before the big race. And the more runs Jules makes the faster she gets so I knew my second run would be faster than the first.

After your win in the Open , how was your confidence going into the Best of the Best?

Getting that first run out of the way really helped. My horse seemed to like the ground and the pen so I felt like I could just go out and have fun!

Walk us through your run, barrel by barrel. How did Jules work and what was each turn like?

It’s really tough looking back on my run because after I turned first barrel I knew I had a good one going; it was all about pushing her after that. She worked just like she always does, down in four-wheel drive position…but even this run surprised me. She really ran her heart out. I think she wanted the title as much as I did.

Did you think your time would hold?

It was really hard to tell. The competition was so tough, however extremely supportive. One good run can change everything, anyone that has ever ran a 4D knows that. So basically I just stood next to Hannah Shirey and Justin Theado and waited it out. It was nice to be amongst friends back there.

What was the best part of your win?

I guess knowing that we could do it. Anyone who puts time in on a horse knows that there is no better feeling than a win, a goal reached or problem conquered. And all the support from everyone.


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