The Best of the Best in Ohio on the News!

Thanks again to our third place finisher Barbara Jimison for being an awesome PR rep and getting the Channel 13 news to the Best of the Best in Ohio last week! Check out the awesome video coverage by clicking right here

And now, here’s the second part of our interview with Anne Johnson! 
What does this win mean for you in your career?

This win gave me more confidence, and I plan on hitting some of the bigger shows next year. I’m even considering getting my WPRA permit and seeing how we can do on that circuit.

We hear you’re running the Sweepstakes at the Congress. What’s your gameplan for that pen?

The great thing about my mare is that surrondings and footing never really seem to bother her. I plan on just riding and working her as usual.

What bit do you run in?

I run and ride her in a hackamore. She is extremely well broke and sensitive so she responses to the slightest of pressure. And I believe in riding a horse in the softest bit possible.

What saddle do you run in?

I run in an NBHA trophy saddle I bought off of Dave Burgess about 7 years ago. I have had a whole bunch of other saddles but that one is my favorite. It’s really well made and fits perfectly. I finally won one of my own this year!

Does Jules need any tuning throughout the week?

No. She knows her job and does it well so the only riding I do during the week is to keep her in shape. We do a lot of trail riding so we don’t get bored.

Has she needed any major vetting?

Last September she got a really bad infection in one of her back legs. It swelled up to twice its normal size, and she wouldn’t stand or eat for days. We thought we were going to lose her. I really thought her racing career was over. I had picked out a stud and was ready to breed her. But my vet had told me not to give up yet. Around March it started to look really good so I started riding her again and took her to her first show at the end of April. We won by 5 tenths of a second! I have worked very close with my vet, Dr. Brandy Snedden of Flying Horse Vet Services, to keep her in tip top shape but other than those few months, she has never taken a lame step. She is one tough mare!


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