Cody Powell Takes Home Two Congress Championships

Cody Powell and Mo winning one of their two Congress championships this year.

Cody Powell and Moss Me Moe were perhaps the most dominating force in barrel racing and pole bending at the All American Quarter Horse Congress in 2011. The team took home the titles in the Senior Pole Bending with a smokin’ 20.087 and in the Youth Barrels 14-18 with a 15.108. We grabbed Cody for an interview as soon as he got home from his whirlwind week at the Congress, and he’s here to meet The Barrel Racing Blog’s readers today!  

Tell us about Mo. How is he bred, how old is he, and who started him?

Mo is a 9-year-old gelding. He’s got Easy Jet in him and had a lot of Thoroughbred in him which explains his height. He was started by Dave Eget in partnership with Tom Snyder of Blue Lakes Farm.

How long have you been running Mo?

I’ve been running Mo for 3 years going on 4.

About how long did it take before Mo started clocking like he did at the Congress?

It took me and Mo about 2.5 years to start clocking like we are now.

What would you say Mo’s running style is?

Mo’s running style is he likes to be driven hard to the pockets and runs hard. He’s pretty automatic but if you don’t ride hard, you won’t get a good run out of him. When I run Mo in barrels and poles, I try and give him as much free rein as possible. Hes pretty easy to stay balanced on.

What were your goals going into the Congress, and what do you think of how you ended up?

My goals going into Congress this year were to bring home the win since it was my last year as a youth at Congress. How I ended up was exactly how I wanted to! Two champion runs!

What has been your biggest win before the Congress this year?

The biggest win I had before this year at Congress was getting Reserve Champion in Novice Youth Poles 14-18 last year at Congress.

What bit do you run Mo in? Do you use the same bit for barrels and poles?

When it comes to running Mo, I don’t use a bit. I use a hackamore. He gets ran in it in both barrels and poles.

Do you have an pre-race routines or superstitions?

Before a race I usually practice the pattern a couple times but not that much because he gets too hot headed.

What feed/hay/supplements does Mo eat?

Mo’s feeding is he gets Natures Blend sweet feed with Dumor joint supplement. He also only gets first-cutting hay that we made this year.

Does Mo require any vetting?

When it comes to vetting, Mo only goes to the vet if he gets hurt.

Do you prefer running poles or barrels more? And which does Mo prefer?

When it comes to choosing a favorite between barrels and poles, I can’t. I enjoy them both. Mo on the other hand enjoys poles more I believe but who knows, I’m not a horse whisperer haha.

What does the future hold for your barrel racing and pole bending career?

My future in barrel racing and pole bending is to do well in the years to come. Wouldn’t mind being like the big-dog barrel racers and pole benders like Charlie Peoples, Troy Crumrine, and Jud Little, but I can live without being like them also.

What does the future hold for you and Mo, and will Mo ever be for sale?

The future for me and Mo is more racing and more bonding time as a great team. I doubt I will ever put him up for sale. If anything ever changed, the price tag would have to be able to change my mind into selling him. I like the horse too much to sell him cheap.

What do you do when you’re not barrel racing or pole bending?

When I’m not racing, I’m usually working around the barn or going on trail rides. I also enjoy hanging with friends.


8 thoughts on “Cody Powell Takes Home Two Congress Championships

  1. Its wonderful to see such a genuinely nice young man do so great with his horse. You and Mo are a great team Cody! Congrats again, you deserve it!

  2. Cody we are so proud of you, you and Mo have worked soo hard and your championships are well deserved!!! CONGRATS AGAIN, Karl, Jennifer, Megan, Karla & Sara Yurko 🙂

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