On the Road with Dawn and Clea (Catch Up!)

The ladies have much to catch up on after a few months off (“off” sounds like they’ve been slacking, but that’s not the case). Check back throughout the week to get the full story, and for now, here’s part one!

‘Bout damn time huh!?

Seems like forever since we’ve been writing on the blog between getting ready for The Best of the Best and all the stuff after The Best of the Best that we finally finished the following.

We were at Vail Meadows in September as it was Stacy Hartman show, and because she allowed us to piggyback The Best the Best on her show Sept. 30, we definitely wanted to support her other shows. We sold Kisses and Clet’s puppies at Vail Meadows. I cried like a baby! But they all have great homes and we are happy about that!

The next weekend found us at the Hollow in Wooster, Ohio, at the “Wayne County Saddle Club.” Christine Scott and her sidekick Bob put on a great show; if you haven’t been to Wooster for a while by next year the ground should be awesome. They’ve done a lot of work to the ground and put countless hours in to the club grounds. It’s definitely worth going if you like a big outdoor pen. For those of you who used to run at Wooster and run the wee hours of the morning, I think that’s a possibility to have “that-days-gone-by  show” there again. It brought out a lot of different people, and they Calcutta’d which was something you don’t see to often.

Chase Marshall graced us with his presence. During his run going to the first barrel, we were screaming “All the way, all the way!” Sure enough he went all the way to the fence, and he came out laughing. We said, “Have you been schooling your horse to get past the first?” With a chuckle, he said, “Yes…” We say, “You are the first man who ever listened to us!”

Chris and Bob did a great job at the show and had a nice turn out. With all the hard work it should be a great place to show and bring back all the cowboys and cowgirls who used to run there. Keep an eye out for shows there in 2012.

The following day after Wooster we went to Simmons Equestrian Center. It was nice to see some old faces and visit a little with people we don’t see that often. We sold Homer so we delivered him to Lora White. Clea hated that horse LOL Melissa Kelly was there too I loved seeing her. She was asking about The Best of the Best and how that was going. Mari Guido was selling some of our T-shirts to help with The Best of the Best which we thank you so much Mari. It was a really good weekend. No to much traveling and home each night! Sometimes those weekends are great ones.

Next would be The Best of the Best weekend. Oh wait we went to Oklahoma for a weekend. We were headed to Jud Little’s for his barrel bash but with The Best of the Best weekend after being in Oklahoma we decided to leave the horses at home, bypass the Barrel Bash and just head to Oklahoma to pic up our new little gal “Classic High Hope.” We visited with a couple friends, got to see the quarter horse races and then headed on home. It was a good trip and honestly we now say, “Oh hell we can just run down to Oklahoma and pick that horse up!” LOL

Check back tomorrow for more on The Best of the Best! 



One thought on “On the Road with Dawn and Clea (Catch Up!)

  1. I really really enjoy this blog!!! Missed your funny stories and experiences on the Road as only the TWO of you can tell them. I am always in tears from laughing so hard!! So glad your back!! : ) Can’t wait for “The Rest of the Storys”!!!

    Deb Courtwright

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