On the Road with Dawn and Clea from the Congress

Hello Columbus Ohio!

Well here we are 2 a.m. We are back in Columbus AGAIN for the 2nd time on this cold Tuesday night  (now Wednesday morning).

So we are thinking is we will be able to park about where we were last year, as this is a great place for the dogs and it is a little quieter etc… Well as we roll into the fairgrounds and stop at the stall office–where the pleasant people are–we find out that they have made changes this year and we can be in tents 1-7 but not the barns… Being the law breakers we are–break in the law break in the law…(oK that was a Bevis and Butthead throw back phrase)–we figure well we will at least look in the barns and see if we have someplace to park! That is a negatory! So we walk about 35 minutes deciding where we want to have the horses and then yes WHERE TO PARK THE BIG RIG!

It’s about 2:45 a.m. There are some people getting their steeds out to get them in the arena for a bit before the break of day. We start the hunt for the dreaded Congress stalls. You know findingfour stalls that have a minimal amount of poop and a huge amount of sawdust.. that you paid $150.00 for to stay 3 days!  Just a Reason to LOVE CONGRESS.

So we find a spot to park and we start to back into the spot, but we have to watch the tree on the left and the cement sidewalk blockers on the right.  Well let’s just say although the Dear Baby Jesus Prayer worked as we didn’t ruin anything but we did have to readjust that parking spot. At one point Clea says, “Can you move those cement things…?” I grab it like it is a piece of paper and get ready to move it and it does not budge.  I looked right at her and said, “AHHHH NO.”  We laugh and we both know we are so tired but we get the rig in without killing each other or anyone else, and it is now 4:30 a.m. and we are ready to drop. The dogs get out and we all get back in the trailer and hit the hay.

So Wednesday morning would bring a little drizzle and us getting up and about only to get numbers, checked in and then a nap of course for the day… Oh my we were exhausted.  We decide we are going to walk up to the store just outside the fair grounds to get ice then Becky Johnson to the rescue.  She said, “Take the golf cart.” So we roll on up to get the ice, and last I remember we were at Becky’s trailer and she was giving me a Sneaky Pete!  Let this gal tell you if you ever get a Sneaky Pete from Becky you may loose a little time the night you drink it. I lost about 3 hours but I will tell you I must have had fun, everyone the next day said I had a blast. Thank you Becky for the drink and the golf cart.

Kelly Bowser, I don’t think that I was really going to jump from the golf cart and on top of you like a spider monkey. Jesse Meeks I still do love your hair. Joel Henning well Joel at least you didn’t have to pay for the dance. Brad and Ryan what can I say! Cody Powell and Mikalya Conklin I am glad I could be your source of entertainment! LOL  I think I had fun.  Oh and to our Woot Woot neighbors thanks for being so fun.

Clea and I ran each day and although we both walked away with medallions we both were a little disappointed with ground over all. We all know that Congress is what it is and we all keep going back so we can only hope that next year if the same people are doing the ground they will learn from the 2011 year at Congress.

Matt and Becky Payne, Helen Chambers (Giddy Up), Becky Johnson and Hubby, Josh and Crystal, Shuggie, The Bouchers, Sara, Mari, The Meeks, The Shirey’s, The Whitesels, The Hennings, Doc Guery and his family and all the rest of the great people at Congress always makes the week in Columbus, Ohio worth going.

Chelsea had some great interviews with some of the contestants and we had great fun with a lot of friends at Congress.

We did want to say Thank You to the medic and all the people who helped get me out of the arena after Golden Boy bit the dust. Mari Beth Guido you are the best. Not only for trying to jump a 6 foot fence when you are 5 foot tall but for just being you. (Editor’s note: Hahahahaha.) Clea and I love you and thank you!

So Chels we have another blog following this that is the norm.  We are back on the road and cant wait to get to the next show.

As Always – Remember those pets  Let’s not over populate.

“On the Road with Dawn and Clea”

Clea and Dawn


3 thoughts on “On the Road with Dawn and Clea from the Congress

  1. Dawn you had a lot of fun in those three hours with the Sneaky Pete and you made a lot of people laugh which is a great thing!!!! Chels, you should have seen me trying to climb the gate and then the nice folks in the stands pointed out to me that the gate opened!!! ahhh !!! Never a dull moment! LOL

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