I’m Sorry!

Hey ladies (and gentlemen out there who read this, too)!

I’ve dropped the ball lately around here. When I got done with my Spin To Win Rodeo and CINCH responsibilities in Vegas, I had zero energy left to get anything up here. (Did y’all see any of the videos we did? Let me know what you thought of them!)

For that, I’m sorry. But there are a few things I want to share.

First and foremost, I’ve got a post from the very fabulous Dawn and Clea I want to get up ASAP. Second, I’ve got an interview with Jackie Harris on her Kick Ass Cowgirls deal, and somewhere in my email is an interview I did with Brent Puhl. And when I say an interview I did, I mean Brent did the asking and for once I did the answering : )

Second, I am thrilled to say I got to be in the press room when Lindsay Sears came in after receiving her second gold buckle. I’m saying this because I want y’all to know: She’s the real deal. Lindsay is a reflection of every little girl who has ever loved her horse. When she talks about Martha, she reminds me of so many friends I know that have worked so hard to keep their horses sound, healthy, and happy. It’s a business for her, but not one that’s centered around gold buckles. It’s centered around her and that horse. She’s one of us up there, who gives glory to Martha before all else. I couldn’t be happier for her. Check out our January issue of Spin To Win Rodeo to find my story about her win and some quotes from her that will leave you impressed with what a young woman she is. I wrote before the Finals that Lindsay wouldn’t let Martha’s remarkable comeback be for naught…and I was right. Lindsay and Martha were on a mission those 10 days in Vegas.

Lastly, I miss you all and hope to see you while I’m home over the holidays. If you’re in Western PA, look me up! I’m in Apollo Dec. 23-30, and I’ll be a little bit of everywhere. Call me if you’re around!

I’ll get back on a roll shortly.



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