Kick Ass Cowgirl Jackie Luffey Harris: Part 2

Yesterday you got to meet Jackie and learn a little about her mission. Today we’ll introduce you to her friends and her horse and tell you how riding for a cause has changed her life and her barrel racing career.

Will you have a hauling partner for the 2012 season?

My hauling partners will remain the same for the most part as we go to IBRA and Penn Ohio Shows. I haul normally with my good friends Jeanie Bowersock and Darenda McNeely. We always have a great time together and can tease each other like crazy and make fun of each other without getting upset. Natalie Davidson and I have discussed hauling together next year to the rodeos as Jeanie has a young horse not ready for rodeos and Darenda isn’t getting her IPRA card. Natalie and her horse Jeeter have been on fire these last few years so we are both excited!

How is this changing your outlook on life and barrel racing?

It is changing my outlook on life as I have realized how much I do have already and doing something for others has a certain level of pride and confidence that I carry with me now. I have always admired and respected people that did “pay it forward” with their successes in life. I feel really good about doing this for those I lost and for anybody out there that have lost the fight or who is still fighting. I also, typically am quiet, and would never be too outgoing if I did not know somebody. Somehow, with this, it is making me open up more to people I don’t know and is making it possible to make new friends.

As far as how it’s changed my outlook on barrel racing, I noticed that once I determined I was going to do this, I started riding harder. More aggressive, as I feel I am doing it for others. Therefore, I started to consistently have those 1D times. For me, it’s a hobby, it’s not how I make my living. So of course while I wanted to do well, place and succeed which I did, I didn’t have that aggressiveness or determination that I feel I have now. I look down at those crosses filled with names, and want to do each and every one of those names proud. To place as high as possible, win some money to donate, to help those organizations research and help find cures.

Tell us about your horse. (Age, name, breeding, running style.)

Sis (Watch Joe’s Lil Sis) will be 13, and came from Oklahoma. I’ve owned her since she was 4. We’ve had our ups and downs, as she can be quite the handful at times. She isn’t bred for barrels. She started training as a cutting horse. Her Sire is Mr. Watch Joe Doc, outta Mr. Watch Joe Socks, outta Watch Joe Jack and dam Charlies Glory, outta Scooper Lo outta Scooper Joe. Her running style is very close rimming each barrel. She can run so hard to the first barrel you don’t think you’ll wrap it, but she manages. Her first barrel is my favorite. I have to keep her going fairly hard to the 2nd and 3rd barrel, as she turns so close, that if she loses momentum, she wraps so tight, her hip hits them coming out. She’s very easy to ride, and a push style horse. She knows her job well, and never has tried me on pattern. She’s very honest inside the arena and works every time.


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