On the Road with Dawn and Clea from the MVP Need for Speed Show

MVP Need for Speed – Wilmington Ohio April 13-15, 2012

Well the week started out with a busy start as usual. Just like everyone we are no different with a million things to do before we pull out of the drive. Thursday night it is about 9 and we are both surprised to have everything in order. Usually it is about 11 and we are both saying “Screw it lets go to bed, we will get it in the morning.” But not this trip… Hopefully this is a good start to the season.

Anyone who knows us knows we are about an hour behind wherever we go but this morning we would pull out of the drive with 2 rigs, 7 horses, 3 dogs and a whole lotta “time to get away from the daily grind good times are headed our way” feelings.

Betty is in the big rig and I am in the baby rig. Someone ask us who drives what, Betty replies, “We both can and do but she’s on the phone too much on a Friday to drive it.” Oh so true I think I was on it the entire 3 hours. But I was on the way to a barrel race and not in the office so I will take that.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone that is headed to the show. We pull in, unload and get parked. We are parked across from Diane and Loren Altma and they are always such great people to see. We chatted with them off and on over the weekend and saw some nice runs from these two ladies. We look forward to seeing them over the summer.

Our boy Brad Shirey and his girls were there to run the cans, The Whitesels, Doc, Donny and the Gruery’s were there. Kelly, Danielle and a new addition Henrietta their baby lamb graced us with their presence. The Penlands, Guidos, Sarah and the Stoneman’s were all out supporting the MVP gang.

Friday night would prove to pull good numbers for the MVP show committee. Over 175 horses ran through the gates trying to collect one of 35 checks for the night. Over 200 horses on Saturday and close to 190 on Sunday.

Trevor Pruitt and Brad Shirey would sit at the top of the leader board over the entire weekend. Brad’s horses were lighting up the arena and dialed in to make it happen. Walts Rock And Roll was as always doing that. Not to be left behind before the weekend was up is Sarah Boucher, Barbie Jimison, and Jimmy Bryant. At no point was there a for sure winner and it was by far a race to the end all weekend.

Jimmy Bryant would win the show on Saturday despite his trick riding to the 3rd, a broken stirrup and oh yes did we tell you we told him to tighten his saddle before his run… we are thinking a % is due us!  Congrats Jimmy!

Natalie Davidson and her great horse “Jeter” had a “would have should have could have” moment with a smoking 15.5 but a down barrel would have her leave the arena with a no time. Her grey horse would however proved to be a money earner for the weekend. Great Job Nat!

The other Davidson kids were not far behind with great runs and good times. Macie and her sister Annie made sure they kicked some butt in all 3 races. The kids are such a great joy to watch for us. Megan Sparks is one of the ones to watch in the future; she is hoping her palomino can carry her to the Best of the Best this year. The Henning girls would have a little tough luck this weekend but Morgan would show her true talent on Sunday with a clean run on Fashion. Kyle Stoneman pulled Tucker out of the field rolled into Wilmington, Ohio, and take home some money! It took them til the 3rd run to pull it all together but when they did to the pay window she went. Great Job Kids! Loved seeing you all

Our stand out for the weekend of the kids is Peyton Theado. We have had the pleasure of knowing Peyton for a couple years now and we see the hard work she has put into the sport. We watch her during exhibitions and all the thoughts she puts into it and finding her points on the wall for when she runs.  Making sure she knows the arena area and the situations around her. We could not be happier for her from the runs she had this weekend and the future runs we will be seeing her have. Great Job Peyton! You should be proud of yourself and the 2 horses you have turned into contenders.

The Dilbone sisters were at the race along with their mom. Mrs. Dilbone has committed some of her special mustard for auctioning purposes at the Best of the Best…. People save your money up for that. Health was there and telling us about his new organic diet. We were impressed… then we walked by the office window and much to our surprise we see Health and one of the Vansickle boys (not Aaron the other one) eating powered sugared, peanut butter chocolate covered chex mix we swear if they would have had a scoop shovel they would have used it. Heath has white powdered sugar all over his mouth, down the front of his shirt and as he looks up he has an, “Oh my God you can see me!” look on his face. Clea and I are busting a gut as he has apparently forgotten he is in front of a CLEAR glass window. He had a momentary relapses but he is back on track with his diet. Damn Pinterest recipes anyhow.

We would find ourselves sitting by the Vansickles this weekend. Although we have had the pleasure to know them in the past in passing, this weekend would prove how we thought they were is how they are.  Piper and Peyton are 2 adorable girls. Connie–well you will be hard pressed to find a nicer person to talk to and the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree with Val. However we will have to give the “Super” award to Bruce. We have never seen such a doting grandpa than him. All weekend he made sure those little gals were taken care of and not because he had to it was because he wanted too. Val is a very lucky girl to have a dad like that and now a grandpa for her babies. Thank you Vansickles for a great weekend. PS Val go get ’em with those smoking horses you have… The Best of the Best is waiting…

Brent Puhl was there with his picture magic. Although I saw a couple of my photo’s and they needed a little magic. It was and always is nice to see him at the shows. It really isn’t a show without him.

We LOVE seeing Mouse Gibson and chatting with him. I want to thank him for the nice comments after my runs on KC Jane. Clea works hard keeping the horses fit and tuned up while I am busy with SunRise and I appreciate her, even more when they work the way they do when I jump on and run the drums. KC Jane ran 13th out of 230 horses her first trip out since Congress. We are hoping this is a start to a great year with this little gal – she is wanting in the Best of the Best this year.Friday night after all the cans were ran and the ponies were put to bed Dustin & Brandie Whitesel would stop by Hotel Bloomer with a few friends (total of 12 people) for a little weekend cocktail. Dustin’s friend Travis would entertain us with the same story over and over about his friend Bobbie the wanna be firefighter. It was funny every time too. Cara Mead would roll her Samsonite luggage through the door, Clea and I look at each other as if to say “She does know this is not a real hotel, right?” but then she reveals it as a rolling mini bar. It would prove to be an Ohio State fan type of night with Brandie helping Dustin break out the flagpole to hang some Big Ohio State beads for everyone’s viewing. OH-IO All of a sudden Travis’s story was not the topic of conversation. Thanks for all the laughs. They would all come back on Saturday but we would not be as inviting­–as a matter of fact I think we said “Get Out” : )   Good Times!

Now for the review

The Ground

The ground was safe. It was deep but it was safe and that is the most important. It needed a little bit more water on Friday but by Saturday and Sunday they got the hills and dales flattened out and the right amount of water on it. It was safe which is the most important thing. It got faster over the weekend but seemed to be pretty consistent during each race.

The MVP crew would have little control over the tractor drivers, as when you rent the arena they take care of the ground–which I might add is an added expense.

The Alley

There was no real shoot which we are personally not fans of. There is a safety factor involved and the fact that everyone ran out into the warm up pen is dangerous. Jimmy Bryant came very close to running over 2 people leading a horse. The little gal from PA who’s bridle broke and her horse ran bridleless into the warm up arena then into the barn with the concrete floor or the 2 horses that came running in from the warm up pen almost running over someone–Oh wait that was me…. Our suggestion would always be–make sure your alleyway is safe.

The Food

Oh is that a good place for food. The waffle fries and cheese sauce (for those of you wondering how we have gained the 10 extra pounds) wonder no more. It was nice not to have to pack a lot of food and be able to have good food there if we wanted. It is totally the opposite of Circle G. No more questions huh!

All in All

All in all the show was a success, at least from our perspective. MVP had a few issues in the office that delayed a couple things but all in all everything went well. For those of you who were complaining (we were two of them) about the draws not being posted (pre-draws were put in with the entries at the show) or the fact they did not have at least the first 50 riders up early. Or were you one complaining about the high stall fees? We got a little perspective when we saw the bill for the arena and the weekend. At that point here was our thinking.

We stepped back and as two gals putting on a show this year we thought…

1. They are taking a chance that their cost will be covered so WE CAN BARREL RACE

2. They are spending their money to put this show on so WE CAN BARREL RACE

3. They are taking their precious time to put on the show so WE CAN BARREL RACE

4. They may be making something on the show but it is not a living we will tell you that and all so


 So when we are complaining next time think about the above and if you are going to go just enjoy it!  After all it’s all so WE CAN BARREL RACE

What’s in the future

We are headed to Circle G this weekend for the Spring Fling and getting things out for The Best of the Best!

We love going to the shows and wondering who is going to be the qualifiers for the Best of the Best in 2012 – looking forward to see you all this year.

Until next time – Remember – Be Kind to One Another-

Clea and Dawn

On the Road with Dawn & Clea

We recently switched to Strategy and Ultium. In just a few short weeks it has made a huge difference.  The top line of the horses and the energy levels have been over the top. Sparks the yellow horse is running like him old self, all the kids have an extra hop in their step. Thank you PURINA IBRA OHIO Sponsor!  We would put or reps name in here but we forget it. J We will get you in the next one . Nicest lady came out to the farm and spent a lot of time with us and seeing what our needs were – THANK YOU!

Question for the week: What do you feed your equine athlete? 


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