Benefit for Chardon Healing Fund at Blue Lakes Farms April 28

WOW have there been a ton of races to go to lately or what?! I’m jealous I’m not in Ohio or Pennsylvania to soak up the fun like you all are. (Because Lord knows FUN is the only thing you’ve been soaking up lately… I hear your weather has been rough! Ok, maybe y’all were soaking up some blue juice or purple juice or whatever it is that Shug and Sarah and Guido keep around.)

Anyways, I want to let you know about a great barrel race for a really great cause. The folks at Blue Lakes Arena in Newbury, Ohio, are hosting a $350 NBHA-sanctioned show to benefit the Chardon Healing Fund. I received this note from Amy Snyder on her race:

On 2/27/12, tragedy hit NE Ohio at Chardon High School as you know NBHA is made up of districts, Geauga County is the heart of my district where Chardon is located.  This shooting has affected a lot of my members, especially my youth members, and they came together and wanted to take our first show and turn it into a fundraiser. 
We will be having Krystal Dyer singing Amazing Grace at 1 p.m. before our cake walk, we are having a lot of the general public along with barrel racers supporting this event. It is open to the public. During the day we will be having a silent auction in our lobby, we have some great items already donated by Bar N LLC, Need for Bling, Cowgirls are Forever, Big Dee’s, Tommy’s Jerky,  All American Car Wash, Winking Lizard, Cortland Western Reserve COOP, True Belue Kristine Nagy and many more I don’t even know about at this time. 
I want to make sure everyone knows about this, so you can all attend if you’re around for this great cause.

Here’s the showbill:

An added note: the idea of running for $250 added in an open class with only a $20 EF boggles my little mind. Almost every $200 jackpot sanctioned here in Colorado by our main association has a $47 entree fee with a $5 office fee. Y’all are barrel racing on the CHEAP and I’m WAY jealous!


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