Watch Joel Henning Fall Down Some Steps

A little something extra from On the Road with Dawn & Clea to bring a giggle to your day and night and the next day and the next night…

So here we are on a Tuesday Night  I am getting ready to do some office work, Clea is cleaning up dinner dishes from our delicious dinner and we are chatting about the day, enjoying the evening.

Clea’s phone dings in with a text. It’s one of our favorite people, Joel Henning.  He sends us a message that says, “I sent my entries for Gifford to u today to send with yours and oh I fell down the steps this morning, of course no one checked on me but it was on FB before I was home from work.”

So we both pull up Facebook and sure enough there it is.   \His daughters and wife wasted no time pulling up the video from their home surveillance and putting it up for all to see. Of course before we hit the play button we say “ Poor Joel.” Then once we see he did  not lay in a heap we have not stopped laughing.  It is like a bad car wreck you can not help but watch it over and over again. Each time we either laugh harder or we see some little detail in the video that we didn’t see before.

Our first time – OMG OMG OMG giggle giggle He looks bald at first glance. blahahahahaha

Our 2nd time – blahahahahahahahaha

Our 3rd time – man good thing he grabbed the rail

Our 4th thru 10th – blahahahahahahahahah

Our 11th time- just like a true barrel racer he never looked back

Our 12th time- blahahahahahahahahahahahah

Our 13th time- Morgan sounds so evil.

Our 14th time- blahahahahahahahahaha

Joel now you know we love you and we only share this with all to see so you can lift someone else‘s spirits because you sure lifted ours.

Until next time – Be kind to everyone – Ok so maybe that is not a good sign off line for this particular write up…But it is a grand idea for all to be kind.

Clea & Dawn

On the Road with Dawn & Clea


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