Top Barrel Racing Videos of the Past Year

I needed some inspiration last night, so I snooped around YouTube for some of our barrel racing hero’s best runs of 2011. I found some of the neatest barrel racing videos that sent chills up my spine, and I just had to share.

World Show Junior Barrels 

This video makes the list because it’s got some of the hottest barrel racing talents all in one clip. Check out the best up-and-coming young horses ridden by Lance Graves, Pete Oen and Kelly Yates. At the six-minute mark you can see Kelly’s smoking run on Fiesta Del Rey, the run that won her and “Wizard” the World Title.

Lance Graves and Seis So Sweet Congress Sweepstakes

After an unprecedented run off, this pair would become the Congress Sweepstakes champs.

Pete Oen and All Fame No Bull in the Congress Sweepstakes Finals

Oen and All Fame No Bull ran the fastest time of the Sweeps Finals and all the barrel racing at the Congress this year. They stopped by TBRB after their smokin’ week to answer our questions, so check them out here.

Carlee Pierce and Rare Dillion Setting the Thomas & Mack Arena Record

Eek. I have to say, I was here to see this in person, and I was lucky enough to get to spend some time in the press room with Carlee after she made it. Talk about flying high. This girl is as sweet as can be and deserves all the good that comes to her. People who buy great horses always get some crap, but it takes true talent to be able to get with a horse of Dillon’s caliber, and great determination to be able to keep him healthy and running this consistently in all kinds of pens. She’s sitting second in the WPRA world standings after a smokin’ winter.

Lindsay Sears Round 7 NFR Win

When Lindsay went into Round 7, it wasn’t quite decided yet that she’d be the champion of the world. Even after this smokin’ 13.56-second run, it wasn’t official. Sherry Cervi and Brittany Pozzi still had a shot. But as Lindsay ran home on Martha that night, I turned to my friends in the press room and said, “Nobody is going to catch her.” Martha was so on, so honest, so great. Lindsay rode her so well, the two seemed like the most perfect match in barrel racing history. And after her run, as always, Lindsay gave all the glory to the great mare, Sugar Moon Express. I’ve put the run and the interviews after on here, because they both need to be seen.

And Last but NOT Least…Anne Johnson Winning the Best of the Best in Ohio

Of course I’m not going to forget Anne Johnson smokin’ through the pattern to the biggest win of her career, topping some of the country’s best horses at The Best of the Best in Ohio Slot Race!


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