On the Road with Dawn and Clea from Henderson Arena in Jackson, Ohio

Well Chels it started as a beautiful weekend at Henderson. We loaded up on Friday and hit the road with 4 of the horses, 3 dogs and we were off. We knew we were on track as we were running 2 hours late and couldn’t catch one of the horses we were taking for about 30 mins. Damn Yellow horse. : )

Betty Big Rigger has her foot to the floor to try to make up some time, and I am on the iPad searching the web. We get through Columbus and we always get a little confused headed to Henderson at 2 different areas on which way to go. Good Lord Betty hates that drive. All the stop and starting down 23. I don’t mind it as much as she does but it is a little tedious. Soooo to make it a little more interesting I decided I had to go to the bathroom and could not wait. (Genius idea for me to drink a huge thing of water while on the road.) So instead of stopping we decide there are enough lights along the way that I will jump out at one of the lights, run to the back and pee, then at the next light I will jump out of the trailer and back in truck.  OK soooo I get back there ok, and as I go to step out to get back to the truck–you guessed it–Green Light and there are no more lights. So of course Betty has to pull into the Marathon so I can get back in the truck.  For the record it would have worked with one more light.

There were a few people there for exhibition Friday night and stay overs for Saturday but most of the people came Saturday for the added money.

Joel Henning (you remember Joel from his fall down the stairs) brought the kids down for the exhibition only on the young horses as they were giving the open horses time off to get ready for the trip to Josey Junior World. Joel decided after exhibition he would come over to the trailer to visit a bit and have a couple brewskies and some of our special juice that is only at The Bloomer Bar. Well about an hour went by and he was still at Hotel Bloomer, and we ask, “Where’s Bobbie and the girls?” “Oh they are in the truck waiting for me.” We laugh and say, “They are going to kill you.” Just then Jessie and Kelly stop by to say hello, figuring we would be in bed. It was after 10:30 you know. They were not there for 10 minutes when knock knock – John Hanning rolls in to visit for a spell. That guy cracks us up. We just love him. About 20 more minutes go by and the door opens and Bobbie Henning says, “There you are!” She comes in and we visit and of course Bobbie gets the video out to show Jessie and Kelly. Oh we laugh laugh laugh. About 35 minutes later Regan comes in, “LETS GO GUYS!” Joel is now 4 sheets in the wind, Bobbie will be driving home and the kids will be sleeping like Joel before they get out of Henderson’s driveway.

Clea and I give Bobbie the “Wife of the Year Award.” Joel you are one lucky guy!

The Shireys were there with their trailer full of smoking horses and the most important one “Stevie the Pony” for Nina. We got Ninnner a little pair of pink cowgirl boots and delivered those to her. They looked so cute. Always nice to see the Shirey gang.

Saturday morning would bring a nice day but rain was in the near future. We got up early took care of the kids and relaxed watching a couple of movies while exhibition was going on. Ahhhhh those relaxing mornings at the shows, gotta love them.

Later we would venture up to sign up and visit with a few people. Doc Gruery was there with the grandkids and his lovely wife Bonnie. The devoted grandparents and barrel racers they are, Bonnie left early Saturday morning to go get Reagan from her ball game so she could run at the show. A 4 hour trip and well worth it the little gal did not disappoint she had some smoking runs.

John Hanning was lucky Doc was around for him this weekend. It would appear that John’s recent accident would leave him in need of pain medication – which John had- Had being the operative word here. It appears Johns medication (Vikes) dropped out of his pocket sometime Friday night and Doc found it.  John thinking that someone took it he immediately went to Kelly Meeks- for assistance in finding it of course, John so glad Doc was there for you.

Justin Theado was there and as soon as we made eye contact with him he said, “Well did you hear?” Not “Hello girls.” Not “Hi how are you?” We were like – “Hear what?” Well the Theados are leaving 4T Arena and moving to a new home in Mt. Sterling (I think). We are happy for them and sad for all the barrel racers that will have one less place to barrel race this summer. Thank you Theados for your time and all the effort you always put into the ranch for us to have a place to race. Just one more reason Clea and I think we need to have an arena at our place. – Build it and they will come – ummmmmmm. Justin could be seen throughout the barrel racing saying the same to all, “Well did you hear?” It was nice to see you too Justin. ; )

We ran into Barb the Tack Lady from Henderson we just wanted to give a shout out to her. She is one of the nicest people and always willing to help. Thanks Barb for your help over the weekend and we hope to see you soon.

Eddie Gibson was there with his grandson who placed at the show this weekend. Way to go buddy–make your granddad proud! As Clea and I sat in the bleachers watching Eddie enter the arena we both thought, “Did he get a new horse or is that Dan?” We saw no evidence of the plastic bat, the horse was walking in the arena, sure enough we thought he did. About 30 minutes later we see Eddie again in while the tractor is dragging and he is warming up his horse and with each circle the horse gets faster and faster and in our heads we hear Sawyer Brown’s song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EqzTFa9aLRY  The Race is On – just as we are watching and giggling Eddie runs that horse run to the fence and with an abrupt stop Eddie can now be seen on the wrong side of the saddle horn. He gets right back in the saddle heads to the chute and clearly he still has Dan as he clears the shoot on both side then heads up the shoot for 1 right turn, 2 lefts and a hurry home. Always entertaining that Eddie! We look forward to his church services this season.

The Review

The Arena was as always a great place for a show – this particular show was the 15th anniversary of the spring show at Henderson. The show committee did a great job. Double C Ranch and The Counts did a great job. The announcers and office staff were on top of their game. The show ran very smoothly.

The Ground was just right. There were no slips/falls and that is the main thing about ground in our opinion.  Ground will not always please everyone or suit everyone’s horse but as long as it is safe then we think it is good ground.

The Food – well this is Henderson’s people it is always great. It is not fast food – meaning you are not going to get it fast, but it is good food.

The Riders – Oh and were there riders! This weekend introduced us to Summer Schaffer. She is about 70 pounds soaking wet – she rides like a young Martha Josey and wins like a champ! Summer took first, second and third in the youth this weekend. And would show she could ride with the best of them in the Open. Summer Schaffer bought her horse High On A Stone from Tallmadge Green 1 year ago out of the great state of Mississippi. She is from Ironton, Ohio, and we are sure we will be seeing more of this name in the future.

Peyton Theado was a smoking little rider this weekend as well as her brother Justin. Peyton would be all smiles at one point in the weekend as she ended up 12th over all – all though she did not draw a check she was in the top 15 of the entire class. Look out Summer.

The open would prove to be the class to watch. With $800 bucks added to the class and over 180 horses entered it would be a true race to the finish. The leader board first lit up with Justin “Well did you hear?” Theado, then that would change with Brad Shirey and his horse Mission – they would hold the board for awhile but not long enough before Jhonda Cox would roll though the pattern with poise and style bigger than a supermodel. Jhonda would hold the lead until the 3rd to the last drag then enter Summer Schaffer- you remember Summer she was 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the youth. Well she would change the leader board one more time and she would change it enough so that you could hear an arena full of sighs as the hope for a 2- 3- or 4D check just went out the window. The girl went in there on fire and came out in a blaze of glory.

Clea and I are in the warm up pen as she still has our 4 year old to run so we talk a bit to Summer as she walks her horse off and collects her thoughts about sitting 1st on the leader board with only a few head to run. We tell her about The Best of the Best and let her know we hope to see here there. As the last drag is announced and the riders are getting in the shoot area Summer and her horse High On A Stone go to the rail to see if she will hold the lead with her 15.670. Clea and I are right there waiting as our Stud Muffin Brad Shirey is one of the riders in the last drag. As a matter of fact he is the last rider in the drag. – Did they save the Best for Last? Brad and Shrek would be the last team of the day. Right now this team is on fire no matter where they go. As he is on deck you can see Shrek getting his game face on. Brad would sit tall in his saddle with his long legs almost touching the ground as he holds Shrek back with enough pressure to tell him, “We are almost ready to go big guy,” then with a right turn up the chute they go as fast as they run in they run around the can Shrek gets by the barrel by ¾ horse length – Clea and I both let out a little sigh and say maybe not today then as if someone shot Shrek with a lightning bolt his speed went from 97 to 127 to the second barrel and then to the 3rd and as he turns the 3rd and bows out (that is how Shrek rolls), he is headed for home and with the crack of the whip Shrek digs in stretching his front feet further and faster than before. They would cross the timer line with a time good enough for a champion. They did indeed save the best for last. Congrats Brad and Shrek!

All in all it was a great weekend. We decided to stay as the show was not over til late and it was dark and rainy – although Betty and I can in deed drive that rig wherever and whenever if we HAD to, but it is nice to have a choice to stay the night and drive in the daylight. We must say thank you to The Shireys for having a gas tank of fuel with them as we originally thought we would have enough in the generator for the weekend and we would be going home Saturday night but that was not the case. We asked Brad, “Hey do you have a gas can we can borrow to go get gas?” He said, “I have one but it has gas in it.” He finishes up with “Who’s your man?!” Clea says, “You are the man Bradley!” Thank you thank you!

On the way home I ended up with a dose of vertigo and just sick from of all things my tooth. Yes that damn tooth reared its ugly head again! I was down for a couple of days with it and it was a rough ride home. Oh and remember how I got out at the light on the way down? Well on the way home I was on the phone talking and all of a sudden I got a rush of sickness over me and we are in downtown Columbus in rolling traffic and I say, “Pull over.” Clea says, “What?” I say, “Pull over I am getting sick!” Clea says, “Now?” I say, “Yes!!!” So she whips it off an exit I am sick as a dog and she comes back to check on me I say, “You might as well keep driving for awhile.” She did and at the next rest stop about 20 miles up the road I am still sick as a dog but get up front – she gets me home and after a vertigo pill 6 hours of dead sleep I finally was alive again. Of course then my tooth got dry socket! Holy Hell it was a rough week. Clea is a trooper though she took right care of me and we are back to the norm.

The norm being that we are getting ready for The Best of the Best. If you have never been to the WB Ranch for a race you won’t want to miss The Best of the Best! Saddles, Buckles, Jackets prizes and fun for all.  This is all for a great cause. Team Marley and UCP! And this year we will be helping The March of Dimes as well. Not sure if you will like the arena – the ground – the food??? We think you will. You can do a trial run in June. WB Ranch is putting on a 3 day show with over $3000 added. See attached show bill!

Poles and Barrels. Remember The Best of the Best will have $1000 added Poles and $3000 Open Barrels and $1500 to The Best of the Best!

Are you on the fence about going coming to the 2nd Annual Best of the Best Charity Barrel Race? What would be the deciding factor for you to make the trip to WB Ranch? We want to know… we want you there we want to raise twice as much as we did last year for Team Marley and the March of Dimes.

If we get 240 individual comments on the question above for this post (it can be a smiley face that is a comment – no middle fingers please) by the 21st of May we will have an On the Road with Dawn and Clea “OW OW High Roller Beotches Watch!” as a give- a- way at the WB Ranch Super Show June 15-17th.  You can sign up at the show and win the Bling Bling! Drawing will be Sunday Morning at the start of the show- details will be by the entry booth! Watch for signs! For those of you who don’t know what this watch is – here ya go!

It’s got the name from the one and only original Skinny B%^#h.  Natalie Davidson!

The watch

Why 240! That is our magic number that we want in the open at The Best of the Best!! It is a challenge from a fellow barrel racer!

240 is our magic number for the Open $3000 (at press time) added barrel race!!  We are hoping to add more money and prizes as the show draws closer! We will keep you posted.

We hope you have all had a great month of May so far and this post finds you healthy happy and wise.

Until the next time – be kind to one another!

Dawn & Clea


9 thoughts on “On the Road with Dawn and Clea from Henderson Arena in Jackson, Ohio

  1. you two are always on top of what’s going on— someday you will be editors of a newspaper– not sure which one– but we will see– see ya this wkend!

  2. If you are planning on Expo Saturday morning get there early. We are going to do half our blocks and when they are gone thats it!!! The show will start on time I promise Clea!!!! 🙂

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