Long-overdue Check-in with Tana Poppino

We haven’t heard from Tana Poppino in ages, and that’s ALL my fault. Someone remind me to call Tana, would you?! She’s one of the best barrel racers in the industry to work with. In the meantime, here’s her latest update!

The summer season is coming soon. Rodeos here in the Prairie Circuit are in full swing. Congrats to Jeanne Anderson who won Abbyville last week. Next week is chocked full of rodeos in our region. Ft. Smith, Hugo, Ada, Bennington, Strong City, Licking, Mo, and Conway, Ar. Lots of opportunities for contestants. Both my horses seem to be feeling good, we just need to fine tune a little.

We have entered Reno already, that starts the summer run. So it is coming soon. As a director of the Womens Pro Rodeo Association, I have been logging many hours on the behalf of the barrel racers. We are making decisions that will affect the future of our sport. Hard decisions. Sometimes, new paths are scary. We have a great bunch of ladies who are looking at many options, and hopefully, we will come up with the best solution based on the information we have at the time.


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